Battle Review: My First Kill Team

Kill TeamLast night at my LGS we played a Kill Team tournament. This was my first experience with it so I was excited to see how the new system played out.

I brought a really simple list. Hell, any list is really simple I guess when you have 200pts and restrictions but that’s a good thing. My list was 5 Chaos Marines with one plasma gun and that plasma gunner had preferred enemy. I also had 5 Raptors with a plasma gun, that one having split fire, and the Aspiring Raptor Champion had rending. If past experience has taught me anything in Kill Team it’s that having bodies and a rounded force is the way to go.

My first game was against Tyranids and he had two Hive Guard (shooty variety), and a bunch of Gaunts. This game did not go well for my opponent. I put my Chaos Marines up front to rapid fire the closing Gaunts and then used my Raptors to counter-attack those that made it through the hail of bolter fire. I came away with 7-0 win in this one.

Next game was against Khorne Inquisitor who had 5 Flamers and the Chariot of Slaanesh. This was the closest game of the night. My opening did nothing and on his turn he dropped a few Marines. My return fire leveled the field a bit and then my assault put me ahead by a small margin. At this point I was ahead by 2-3pts and could have played it safe but what’s the fun in that? I charged my Raptor Champion at his Chariot hoping to at least tie it up. I had to break free my Leader, the Chaos Marine Champion who was in another combat. If things went well I might give up another kill point against the Chariot but save myself from giving up three if my Leader died. Things didn’t go well and I lost my Raptor Champion and the Chariot went on to take out my Leader, giving him an 8-7 win. The gamble was worth it though since I was there to have fun, not play keep-away for the sake of points.

Final game was against Eldar with 5 Warp Spiders and 5 Dire Avengers. Damn near everything went poorly in this game but I set myself up for it. I got the leader trait that lets you outflank models so I opted to use it on four Chaos Marines, one the plasma gunner. Early on the Warp Spiders made short work of most of what I had on the table and the trickling of outflankers was my demise. I did manage to net some points though but lost this one 5-2.

Despite going 1-2 I managed third place because we were using cumulative victory points to determine the winner since it was quicker than running a 4th round to find an undefeated player. I had a blast. The new rules are WAY better than what 5th edition put out, which were hardly rules at all. I was hoping to walk away from a game or two with some heroic tale to put into my fluff but unfortunately that did not happen but there’s always next time. I definitely recommend Kill Team if you’re looking for a quick fun game.

  • TheRhino

    Sounds fun. Wish I could have made it. I’d planned to bring a squad of 10 Assault Marines.

    • Yeah, it was a good time. Everyone seemed to have a blast.

      Jump packs usually do really well in Kill Team considering board setups.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Waay more balanced than 5th. Tons of fun to play and an excuse to run those silly units that aren’t min/max effecient or a chance to get a lot of practice using units that you rarely use. Some army books really need a very careful hand. Tyranids really have to use none-instinctive behavior units. I liked your choice of plasma. Some people picked melta, but I think I was the only one who took flamer units which were key. I think a great deal of my success was that the majority of my attacks were auto-hit. The chariot got 1 or 2 D6 auto-hits from hammer of wraith, the flamers had all template attacks.

    I also agree that jump packs are key in kill team tables with the dense terrain setup. A unit such as grey knight interceptors would have worked REALLY well i think. Given their access to equipment such as halberds, hammers, and fachions, the possibility of S5 bolters, jump infantry, hammer hand, and that 30″ shunt I think that they would have swept the competition.

  • Warren Falconer

    Looks like a blast I think I am going to poke around the bitz box for models to build into a kill team.

    • TheRhino

      I think that’s the best approach to the format. Build an actual kill team, instead of taking the best units possible. I remember there being a whole section of the 4th Ed BRB for that.

  • Sounds like fun! I’ll have to give it a try some time. Maybe I’ll dig out my Wolf Guard and see what I can put together for a team.

    • The last version of KT was terrible and we did a few tournies like this but it wasn’t all that much fun because it was easily abused and people went out of their way to abuse it. This restrictions on this version makes that abuse harder and I also think this time everyone just came to have fun.

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