Battle Review: Two More Games in 7th

Chaos Space MarinesLast night I got in two more games in Warhammer 40K 7th edition. As usual I was playing my Chaos Space Marines. For the first time I ran them as Black Legion though. The reason for choosing Black Legion was to get The Last Memory of Yuranthos, which increases a psyker’s mastery level by 1 and automatically gives him the Sunburst power. So, I ran a Sorcerer of Slaanesh with The Last Memory, Spell Familiar, Jump Pack and Sigil of Corruption.

The other thing I wanted to experiment with was a Daemon Prince because of the changes to FMCs. To run with the theme, and to do something different, I made him a Daemon of Slaanesh. With smash being dropped to a single attack I thought getting rending (via-Daemon of Slaanesh), would be handy. It also gives him fleet and lets him run an extra 3″; all good things with flight mode changes I felt. I gave him The Skull of Kre’ngar, which grants him Eternal Warrior and Adamantium Will.

My first game was against Astra Militarum at 1,500pts and we played a Maelstrom of War mission. This wasn’t much of a game sadly. The Basilisk just pounded my army the entire game as I worked to close the distance. The one chance I had to mangle his gun-line was sending in my Prince, which I attempted. I had lived through a round of being shot at, had two wounds and knew I could make the charge. I made the charge distance roll but two overwatching plasma guns hit, wounded and I failed the invulns and died. I have the absolute worst luck facing down overwatch in any game I play and this just cemented his win against me.

The second game was a 1K game. I played Tau this time and had to drop my Daemon Prince and Defiler and shave off a few more points. This was a much closer game. I came off strong early on and was actually able to make assaults this game. Warforce, my Sorcerer, was devastating. Between getting up Shrouded, when I remembered, for…well, shrouding, and his maledictions and witchfire powers he was causing havoc. I had some terrible luck as well. My Maulerfiend charged into Fire Warriors and died to EMP grenades. His Riptide walked around with a single wound left from turn #2 through the rest of the game. I just couldn’t get that last wound to stick. He clawed back but ultimately lost 8-5.

A mixed evening of games. My big take-away was how well a psyker can do in 7th. The psychic phase having no impact on other phases was pretty big. By that I mean I was able to use witchfire powers all over the place and not have it impact my shooting and assault phases, which is pretty big. Against Tau this was especially useful where they had no psychic defense. The low rolls on the Warp Charge Pool only served to benefit me more, leaving him just a few dice to try and Deny the Witch but rarely having enough to do so. The spell familiar was huge for me as well. I probably failed about 50% of my attempts to manifest powers but then had the spell familiar to re-roll it and in turn succeeded in around 75% of the re-rolls.

All-in-all some valuable lessons learned last night. Now I need to start honing in on my approach for 7th edition with my Chaos Space Marines. Of course, Orks are just around the corner too so my greenskins will start hitting the field again, which I’m really looking forward to.

So, what’s your experiences so far with the psychic phase? Good, bad, indifferent?

  • Epaminondas

    I was the IG player- My big take away was mobility is king in 7th. The cards were fun, but I drew really well. With the need to cross the table and react, mech infantry will be the direction I go.

    • Very true. Being able to sit in a transport and be scoring, Maelstrom missions requiring lots of movement and the fact vehicles are a bit more survivable now really pushes transport vehicles. Short of stripping hull points, you really need AV1/2 weapons to deal with vehicles.

    • TheRhino

      Those are some nice, new stripes you’re wearing :P.

  • Awesome man, glad you’re enjoying 7th! I remembered the other day – you were the one whose significant other picked up a bunch of chaos models at Goodwill a long time ago, right? Is your current army a continuation of that amazing find?

    Anyways, looking forward to the Orks as well – unlike some armies (Tau or IG for example), Orks are always fun to play against, win or lose. Somehow they make games fun – one of the best armies out there if you ask me in terms of enjoyable gameplay. Hoping GW doesn’t make them suck – they’ve been doing alright with the most recent codices, though there are the occasional duds :)

    • Good memory. Yep, my ever growing Chaos force birthed from a crazy Goodwill find by my wife.

      Agreed about Orks. It’s always a fun army to being playing, though the randomness (while fun), can be aggravating when it’s always working against you; though it tends to make for funny moments. The only time I’ve not had much fun playing against Orks is the infamous Nob Biker lists. Barring that, I always enjoy facing them as much as playing as them.

      Orks are the only army that’s going to get me out of my Chaos groove lately. When Necrons got a new codex I didn’t bother. Space Marines got theirs and I was feeling indifferent on playing them again. Orks though, the modeling, conversions, wonky rules, can’t wait.

  • Umbram

    Random 7th Edition question for those who have gotten some games in. Is what would previously have been forest area terrain now generally being treated as counts-as-Twisted Copse?

    • So far we’ve just been treating it as difficult terrain, so only getting cover if 25% obscured by it. I didn’t notice the twisted copse entry. Where is that?

      • TheRhino

        It’s in the Battle Field Terrain section. It’s basically rules for the Citadel Wood terrain piece.

        • Ah, I see it. I skipped over that section since we rarely ever use actual GW terrain.

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