Battle Review: Orks vs Chaos

OrksThis is more of a battle review than report as the game proved very one-sided. I had my Orks for my second game with them under their new codex and played against Khorne Inquisitor and his Chaos Daemons with Chaos Space Marine allies. In my continuing effort to stay focused on a list I ran this list, which is very close to my previous with some tweaks.



Orks: Speedmek – 1,500


  • Warboss – mega-armor, bosspole, cybork body, da lucky stikk
  • Painboy
  • Mek – kustom mega-blasta
  • Mek – kustom mega-blasta


  • Tankbustas (10) – bombsquigs x 3
    • Trukk – reinforced ram, rokkit launcha


  • Slugga Boyz (12)
    • Nob – slugga, power klaw
    • Trukk – reinforced ram, rokkit launcha
  • Slugga Boyz (12)
    • Nob – slugga, power klaw
    • Trukk – reinforced ram, rokkit launcha
  • Slugga Boyz (12)
    • Nob – slugga, power klaw
    • Trukk -reinforced ram, rokkit launcha
  • ‘Ard Boyz (12)
    • Nob – slugga, power klaw

Fast Attack

  • Deffkoptas (5) – twin-linked rokkit launcha

Heavy Support

  • Smasha Gun (5) – extra krew x 3, ammo runts x 5
  • Battlewagon – reinforced ram, grot riggers, rokkit launcha x 2

The Warboss, Painboy and a Mek joined the ‘Ard Boyz and jumped in the Battlewagon. The other Mek joined the Smasha Guns to boost their leadership.

Khorne Inquisitors list was very assault heavy so I knew it would be a slugfest. He got first turn and advanced and I mostly stayed in position and shot. My Smasha Guns got S9 for their shots and dropped his Predator. His Flesh Hounds charged my Smasha Guns and tore them up in return. I then disembarked mostly everything and charged into his lines, tossing up Waaagh! to gain fearless (warlord trait I rolled). It was then a fast decline for Khorne Inquisitor as his dice just hated him. It was one of those games where I was rolling amazing and he couldn’t get anything to work with his dice, which is really too bad. It sucks because it’s hard to take away much from a game like that. We called it at the top of turn #4.

I did learn a few things though. First, a Warboss in mega-armor with da lucky stikk is amazing. Da lucky stikk gives you and your unit +1 WS and allows the bearer to re-roll hits, wounds or saves. Using it to re-roll 2+ saves is of course amazing. He just ran in front and tanked everything coming at the unit. Backing that with a Painboy for FNP is the icing on the cake. It was so good I started to feel dirty doing it. Also, having WS5 ‘Ard Boyz was great as well. Boyz with a 4+ and FNP held up very well.

The Smash Guns didn’t get a lot of action, just a turn of shooting, so hard to make a judgement there but I think it’s a solid addition to the list. They are S4+D6 and AP1 with a 36″. Not a ton of range on them but for the cheap cost of 30pts a gun and the potential for S10 AP1 shots is great. Outside of the Stompa it’s the only AP1 shooting Orks have.

Deffkoptas are great and I finally used them appropriately as a harassment unit. They outflanked, immobilized a Rhino then went on to snag an objective. Ultimately they didn’t do a ton but their cheap, fast and perfect for zooming around to snag stuff and pop off shots where needed.

Again, it was too bad the game went the way it did but that’s usually how our games have gone between Khorne Inquisitor and myself, one of us will ultimately just have terrible rolling and it’s just a question of whom it will be.

  • Nice little roundup!

    You confirmed my suspicions on the mek guns. To use them properly, they have to be exposed to have line of sight to fire. If they are exposed, they are vulnerable to powers (anything that forces an ld check is mega bad for them), or assault. (pretty resiliant vs shooting though).

    I’d plan for a speed bump unit in front of them in the future. Maybe a group of normal gretchin. That way they can’t directly assault the mek guns and wipe them in one turn.

    Either that, or just run lobba’s with five ammo runts. Hide in the corner far far away, and drop lobba’s the whole game.

    That list does need some anti air though. Don’t know how you’d get it without sacrificing another unit…

    • In this particular game I wasn’t worried about the guns. He had one real threat for my guns, the Predator, which I got. I knew I would need Boyz more than guns in this fight so I used them as a sacrifice and bait. I do agree though, generally they will need to be screened.

      I do like the Ork flyers and I an see running a Dakkajet. That will give me some anti-air when needed and anti-infanry/light armor otherwise. Finding where to cut to fit something in is the tricky part.

  • JD Brink

    When you said it was pretty one-sided I expected it to go the other way! Wowzers.

    • Honestly, it was mostly all the dice. I was on fire while his dice hated him. He’s a fun opponent and took it in stride but those type of games aren’t fun for either player.

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