“Blood Loss” Imperial Guard vs Blood Angels 1250pts Battle Report

Hello there fellow warmongers!  A timely break in the workload has resulted in me being able to get a couple of quick games in lately, so look out for more batreps to come soon!  The first was a battle with my Friend Adam and his Blood Thirsty Blood Angles and their Bloody handed Death Company.  Served with extra blood.  And blood on the side…

First off, let us give credit where credit is due.  This is a superbly painted blood angles force (his main army is Tyranids, which will be the subject of a later batrep), and I’m afraid my photos don’t really do them justice.  It is also a very themed list – that theme being ripping the guts out of your opponent with chainsword and power axes at extreme close range while possibly drinking their blood and collecting skulls for paperweights.  Now I’m afraid I don’t have the exact list but a rough approximation is as follows;

Baal Strike Force 1250pts


Librarian, Terminator Armour, Force Axe, Storm Bolter
Chaplain, Jump Pack


Tactical Squad (5), Plasma Cannon
Tactical Squad (5), Rhino


Death Company Squad (5), Jump packs, various CCW weapons
Death Company Squad (10), various CCW weapons
Death Company Dreadnaught (1), Blood Talons & Heavy Flamers

Heavy Support

Storm Raven (1), Las Cannons & Multi-melta


Bastion (1), Comms Relay


Having opted to field the Imperial Guard again, I have decided to try out the theme of one of my previous fluffy lists, namely that of the Planetary Defence Force (PDF).  Here is my list:

Imperial Guard CAD 1250pts

1st Battalion, Tarkadian Regiment of Fusiliers


Company Command Squad (7), Commissar, Master of Ordnance, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Flamer
Ministorum Priest (1), 25pts
Ministorum Priest (1), 25pts


1st Infantry Platoon
– Platoon Command Squad (5), Heavy Flamer
– 20 Conscripts
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3), Autocannons
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3), Lascannons
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3), Missile Launchers
– Infantry Squad (10), Grenade Launcher
– Infantry Squad (10), Grenade Launcher

2nd Infantry Platoon
– Platoon Command Squad (5), Heavy Flamer
– 20 Conscripts
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3), Autocannons
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3), Lascannons
– Heavy Weapons Squad (3), Missile Launchers
– Infantry Squad (10), Grenade Launcher
– Infantry Squad (10), Grenade Launcher

Fast Attack

Scout Sentinel (1), Autocannon
Scout Sentinel (1), Autocannon
Scout Sentinel (1), Autocannon


Proxies – Catachans are conscripts, Heavy Bolters are Autocannons, wyrdvane psykers are priests

So two super fluffy lists here – an elite, Death Company orientated Blood Angels force facing off against a numerically superior but in-every-other-possible-way-inferior Imperial Guard Force.  The Guard are probably traitors too, so can expect no mercy from the boys in red and black.  Especially the ones in black.


We decide to play Maelstrom before hand and rolled on ‘cloak and shadows’ from the BRB (AGAIN!), which is the one where you start with 3 objectives every turn but keep them secret from your opponent until scored.  The setting was a ruined Imperial Industrial Complex, blanketed in fresh snow and a bitter wind blasting down from the North.  Brrrr, get your scarfs on Guardsmen!  Objectives were fairly evenly spread around the map.


Blood Angles win the roll off and decided to go first.  They set up the bastion in the centre with good fields of fire, and deploy the Plasma Cannon Tactical team on the roof.  The Rhino containing the other Tac team starts out of LOS behind the industrial building. Everything else is in reserves.

The narrow deployment means that the guard are going to be a bit congested to start with – thank goodness there are no large blasts in the enemy forces!  In general, infantry squads and conscripts are further forward to move up the board and secure objectives, while the heavy weapons teams and platoon commanders are further back to give support.  Sentinels are outflanking, while the Warlord is up on the landing pad (which gives no save on account of it not being paid for in the guard list :)  Objectives 1 & 4 are immediately captured.


Guard roll to seize – and fail!  Hooray for the guard!

Turn 1:

Blood Angles hang tight, looking to draw the guard out of their defensive position while awaiting their reserves.  The Rhino stays hidden, while the bastion and marines manage to kill 6 conscripts from the centre squad, who stay put thanks to fearless from the priest


The Marines score nothing this turn, thanks to duff cards

The Guard surge forward, eager to engage the enemy (poor deluded fools…).  On the right flank, the missile launcher team move up to capture the building while two infantry squads flank.  In the centre, the conscript blobs move up accompanied by a priest each.

Not much to shoot at, so the heavy weapons teams try to destroy the bastion.  They manage two glances and pin the tactical squad inside, but the building survives.  The orbital barrage is called in by the master of ordnance, and it gets a very lucky hit on the hidden rhino.  It penetrates and gives a stunned result, leaving him stranded there for a further turn

Guard score 2 VPs for Capture Objective 1 and Psychological Warfare,  Score is 2:0 to the cannon fodder!

Turn 2:

Once more this maelstrom mission makes it particularly difficult to track you opponents objectives, so I apologise if it gets a bit sketchy at times.  One thing I can tell you though is that my opponent drew duff cards throughout the game.  His bad luck didn’t end their either, as even with the comms relay reroll the stormraven with dread, libby & 10 man death company squad did not come in this turn.  The 5 man squad with the chaplain did manage to arrive though, and went hell for leather right into the heart of the Guard Lines!  They killed a Lascannon team on objective 4, but the squad would hold.


With the rhino stuck and tactical marines pinned, it is once more a no scoring turn for the Marines

In sharp contrast, all three of the guards outflanking sentinels arrive this turn (hooray for the logistics corp!). Two come on behind the rhino, but fluff their shooting.  The other comes on the opposite flank, and moves towards objective 5.

The guard forward infantry continues to push up into the centre, while some elements remain behind to encircle the death company.  Masses of fire is directed at them, and they are reduced to two men with a wound on the chaplain.

Guard score 3 more VPs this turn (Capture Objective 4 and 2VPs for Supremacy) bringing the score to 5:0


Turn overview

Turn 3:

Stormraven belatedly arrives for the blood angels, flying right up the middle to make up for lost time. It also lets rip at the lascannon team atop the landing pad and annihilates them for First Blood.  The Rhino moves up from cover to capture objective 5, with the tacticl squad opting to remain embarked

The tactical squad in the bastion decide to join the push, using the escape hatch to come out into cover.  The decimated death company squad exact their revenge, charging the lascannon team and ripping them apart to capture objective 4.

This gives the Blood Angles 3 VPs this turn (Capture Objectives 4 and 5, First Blood) bringing the score to 5:3

Both conscript blobs move forward for the guard, ready to take on the units that disembark from the stormraven.  The rhinos charmed life comes to and end as the sentinels finally destroy it, dumping the marines out on foot.

Various snap shooting from heavy weapons teams puts a glance on the stormraven, while the sheer weight of lasgun fire finishes off the death company and chaplain. The guard them move in to re-secure objective 4

Guard score 2 more VPs (Secure Objective 4 and Overwhelming Firepower) to bring the score to 7:3


Turn overview

Turn 4:

The Blood Angels have a tough call to make here, and opt for the safer option of disembarking and assaulting the forward guard units (as opposed to moving flat out towards the guard back line and trying the risky ‘skies of fury’ disembarkation.  Given the blood angles luck so far, I don’t blame them!)  The Librarian strikes straight away, casting blood boil on a luckless guardsman in the command platoon and duly exploding his head.  The resultant blast also kills the commissar for good measure.

The stormraven kills two more in the command platoon, but they would hold.  The tactical squad on the right flank charge the lone sentinel, easily wrecking it with their krak grenades.  In combat the dreadnought annihilates one conscript blob with a combination of heavy flamers and good old fashion punching to death, while the large death company unit goes after an infantry platoon and destroys it, but leaving themselves exposed and out in the open next turn

Despite all the slaughter, the marines once more fail to score any points this turn

Containing this death company squad will make or break the guard today, so they surround it with as many rapid fire lasguns as they can and prepare to turn the flash lights up to eleven


Guardsmen on the right flank continue to push forward, while the heavy weapons go after the vehicles.  The dreadnought takes a glance from autocannon fire, but a lucky snap shot from a missile launcher takes down the stormraven.  The ranks of lasguns open up and kill 4 death company.  The conscripts then charge in to tie them up and succeed, taking heavy losses but just about keeping the priest alive.

The guard score 2 more VPs (Hold the Line and Behind Enemy Lines) to bring the score to 9:3


Turn overview

Turn 5:

Both tactical squads move up on opposite flanks, but whiff their shooting. The dreadnought fairs better though, wiping out the autocannon team on the platform with his flamers. The death company easily finish off the priest in combat, but are once again left exposed to fire next turn

Another bust on points for the Blood Angels – the cards just would not do them any favours in this game

The guard once more surround the death company with as many flash lights as they can muster.  They kill all but two, and put a wound on the librarian.  The dread takes another glance for his troubles, while on the right flank the advancing guard take the fight to the oncoming tactical squad, killing four

The guard score nothing for a change so discard an objective, leaving the score at 9:3


Turn overview

We roll to see if the game continues….. and it does!

Turn 6:

Yet more bad luck for the Blood angels this turn – the librarian once more casts Blood Boil on the command platoon but perils in the process.  He is sucked into the warp kicking and screaming, but not before sending the command platoon and a near by missile launcher team fleeing for their lives.

The remaining death company also charge and destroy a platoon command squad for good measure, consolidating towards the last of the guardsmen holding the line


Yet again no points for the blood angels, But they would at least pick some up during the guard turn.  The Platoon commander would fail to rally and run off the board, meaning both sides would pick up Slay the Warlord this turn.  The blood angels also picked up Kingslayer as an objective card, rolling another 2 VPs to add to their total.  However, that would be the end of their brief lucky spell as the dreadnought would go down to the last remaining autocannon, while on the right flank the emboldened guard would rush forward and finish the last tactical marine

We roll to see if the game carries on…. but it doesn’t, the battle is over!


Final score was 11:7 in favour of the Guard, who have managed to pull off a victory despite suffering horrendous losses (about 85%)

Decisive moment:  Turn 2 reserve rolls. Had the Stormraven come in when it was meant to, the Blood angels would have had an extra turn of munching through guardsmen and denied them a few critical victory points.  The jump pack death company would also not have had to bear the brunt of the guard fusillade alone too, keeping them in the game a little longer.

Guard MVP: The ubiquitous guardsmen.  It was weight of numbers that allowed the guard to win the day.  Low mobility was countered by the ability to cover lots of objectives at once in case the corresponding cards came up.  It also meant they were able to absorb a punishing amount of damage from the Death Company when they arrived without impacting the game plan greatly.

Space Marines MVP: Librarian.  Apart from arriving late and frying his own brain, he did single-handedly score 3 VPs which is not a bad return on points spent.  Also extra credit for going with the Blood Angel powers!


  • Having just lost a game last week because of bad reserve rolls, I feel his pain. It’s always a gamble, and one I lose more often than not. Still, he hung in there and gave you a fight. Great report.

    • iapedus

      Yeah, he did a great job to recover from that and stay in the game. That and the maelstrom cards, which were also very cruel ( it think he drew Ascendancy, Supremacy and Domination in the first two turns. Ouch)

      When talking about the game afterwards there was no real advice to give on how the reserves could have been handled differently (beyond not having any) as he did everything right in paying for the comms relay. The odds of it not coming in with a reroll were pretty low, but still sometimes the dice gods really hate you for no apparent reason (except for not being a disciple of Tzeentch that is. And even then…)

      • Yeah, it was the same with my game last week too. You can play everything right and have reserves just blow the game for you, or the cards.

  • ming2005

    Overall, great report – but watch them Angles! Were the BA’s 1250 plus the Bastion to get to 1500 also?

    • iapedus

      Ah no, that’s an error on my list – they were both 1250. Fixed now!

  • I hate those Blood Angles, they are so obtuse ;)

    Great report. That Blood Angels army looks amazing, plus the Guard and the board look fantastic too. Really nice photos.

    • iapedus

      Thanks Cormm – you’re right about his Blood Angels, but wait till you see the Nids in the next batrep! I wish I could say the guard are mine, but they are in fact the FLGS’s army. Unfortunately the store is moving across to the other side of the harbor next week so I’m not sure how many more outings they are gonna get :(

  • sonsoftaurus

    Thanks for sharing the report! Both armies look great and that table is fantastic!

    • iapedus

      Glad you enjoyed it! Our FLGS has a great selection of scenery and mats, always a pleasure to have games there. Its a real shame they are moving though, my games are in real danger of returning to piles of books and dominoes for walls…

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