Tactics: Breaking The Rock

Tactics Lately I have been thinking about my GK build. When GK was launched I saw an opportunity to make a quirky army filled with a variety of henchmen. I like to kit bash and collect minis from different ranges.

Now I am left with the challenge of how to make my sub optimal build work. So here is my idea

  • Tech Marine, Empyrean Brain Mines, Rad Grenades
  • Tech Marine, Empyrean Brain Mines, Psychotroke Grenades
  • Inquisitor, psyocculum, psychic communion, plasma pistol (this is just a build that is going thru my head at the moment)
  • Coteaz

Now I have four ICs that I can insert in to my army as I wish. Say I add them to this squad: 4 Death Cult and 4 Damon Hosts. Also I am going to take a Storm Raven because I need to get the charge off. My Target is a Group of Thunder Wolf. Paladins would be easier because I would go first psychout grenades. I move the Storm Raven into position and disembark in a way that one of the DCA is closest to the Wolf Calv and the Inquisitor is closest to the Wolf Lord. Then I move my Inquisitor in line with the Wolf Lord and be mindful not to base him with anything else. The rest of the ICs and unit I move into the Wolf Calv. If this was a Draigo Wing I would do the same and put the Inquisitor into Draigo. The Lord kills the Inquisitor but can not attack anything else this will mitigate damage on my small non-optimized DCA squad and allow my DCA to focus their attacks on the Wolf Calv. The two brain mines will hopefully limit the amount of attacks coming in on my squad. Their IC should survive the attack and hopefully be swept in my opponents turn.

This strategy of divide and conquer can be used with many of the codices and is a good way to even the playing field when your against a rock unit.


  • Good idea.

    I don’t think there’s a ton of codices that can take advantage of having a bunch of ICs to throw around like that though. Well, I can safely say none of the armies I play can at least :P

    • Anonymous

      one well place one may be all you need. 

  • Toddb012

    Cool idea. Sacking a cheap character can also help you kill off that enemy character in one phase due to a sweep or no retreat wounds.
    Just be very mindful of your distances, because if even one assassin can base the character and has no other baseable targets, he must base the character. No holding back because you want to!

    • Anonymous

      That is a very good point. You really have to think about deployment and unit coherency. Planning for where you want this unit to end. 

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