Campaign Report: 1,850 for Week #3

Last night was out third week in the campaign at the LGS. We ran an 1,850 game playing my mission King of the Hill. We had 10 players last night, five on each team, and we rolled for random opponents. As luck would have it I got to play the other team’s captain, a brutal Blood Angels player.

I was running the list I posted here. I know, it’s not perfect and not fully optimized but it’s on 40K nights at the LGS that I tend to experiment. My opponents list was three Assault Squads (two dual flamer, one dual melta), each with a Priest, five Vanguard all power weapons (and a fist), Dante and a Librarian with an Honor Guard, all power weapons of various sorts. He took first turn and deployed his Assault Squads right around the center circle (spearhead deployment). I put my 10 Termies forward on the circle and the rest back for fire support with Shrike + ASM to my right having infiltrated behind some woods. My Scouts + Storm were outflanking. He had his Vanguard and Dante’s crew that were deep striking in.

If you haven’t read my KoTH mission, you gain 3pts for holding the center and 1pt for each quarter you hold at the end of each game turn. He started by moving one ASM squad to my left and back to get into that quarter. Another to my right and forward and the last stayed central. My Dread came in via-pod and I took some shots with my army, nothing major happened. I then charged the 10 Termies into the central ASM squad and wiped them out with me losing one Termie.

I knew full well the Termies would be counter-charged by both ASM squads but I had faith in the Emperor that they’d hold. Dante showed up near my Termies and his army took some shots with his three squads and I lost a Termie. Both ASM charged in, I lost two Termies and took out a handful of guys but both of his squads held.

I wanted to get into the combat with Shrike + ASM but I wasn’t quite in range. My Storm showed up, I chose the right edge where my ASM were, and I used the ASM to shield the Storm in case his Vanguard wanted to eat them. My Dreadnought meandered towards the combat but was also out of range. Shooting was uneventful as usual and the Termies won combat again against both ASM but again the ASM held.

Dante and Honor Guard charge my Termies and wiped them out. Both of his ASM squads were at about half but Dante and crew were in perfect shape. More useless shooting and Shrike + ASM moved up and wiped out one ASM squad. Vanguard arrived behind my Devs and charged in. He also retaliated by charging Shrike + ASM with his last ASM squad and Dante and his buddies. I was destroyed completely in both combats.

My plan at this point was use the Tacts to thin down some stuff, I didn’t care if they died, I was relying on the Scouts to claim my points, I just needed to deny him points.  I also needed to get my Dread into combat to bog him down. So, I moved some Tacts to fire at the Vanguard, the other Tacts forward to rapid fire the ASM while Scouts continue to turbo boost around the table to claim quarters. My shooting is largely ineffective and my Dreadnought is again shy of charge range. Then his Vanguard wreck my Rhino and his ASM and Dante + crew charge and wipe out my Tact Squad who rapid fired them.

I got lucky in my turn and my Drop Pod’s storm bolter pulled down two Vanguard who failed morale and bolted. At this point we’re tied on points and I have a full Tact Squad without a ride, my Razorback and Scouts in a Storm. He had Dante and a Librarian left and about six ASM. He had surrounded the center objective and in doing so was contesting each table quarter. Time for a hail mary.

My Dread moved up to the center, as did the Storm. Razorback took shots and got an ASM. Storm’s heavy flamer was ineffective. Again, my Dread was short and couldn’t charge and my Scouts charged the ASM. I took out two and I lost three in return but they held, took a wound from ATSKNF losing another Scout, but my pile-in moved me into contesting range of the center. The next phase saw the last Scout go down and my Storm. Game end.

I forget the exact score but the Blood Angels had taken the lead from the last turn. The conditions for the mission required 1.5 times more than your opponent for a minor victory, which he didn’t have, so we got a draw. I can’t complain about a draw against this opponent. He’s one of the top players at the shop and the fact I could keep up with him and not get ground into the dirt was good enough for me.

As for how the rest of my team did: one draw, one minor victory and one major victory for us. With our current lead from the previous week that put us around 30pts ahead but there was another game going on when I left though. Even if that game went horrible we’d still have a lead, just a matter of how much.

Next week we’ll be doing 2K. My plan is to work on the list I played some more, fine tune it and see what I can do. I have some ideas and I’ll probably get those up this week for some feedback.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, thanks for the report :) It’s pretty vital to make sure your ASM are able to counter-charge for the Termies- it makes both units vastly more potent. But I’m sure you knew that, those are the kinds of things that help you remember in a less laid back game (i.e. tournament). :-p

    Otherwise, looks like a close, fun game! He didn’t use any priests? (besides his Honor Guard priest)

    • “My opponents list was three Assault Squads (two dual flamer, one dual melta), each with a Priest…”

      My Termies smashed all three ASM Priests in combat though so by turn #2 they were gone. If it weren’t for cover saves then my shooting would have been much more effective once those Priests were gone. Ah well.

      Agreed on the ASM. I miscalculated by a few inches but that’s all it took to leave those Termies high and dry, though they did damn well considering.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, 10 Termies with TH/SS is always going to be a tough nut to crack. Like, exponentially tougher to crack than a squad of 5. I’ve been playing around with huge squads of termies in lists lately… nothing I’ve liked yet, but I’m getting close :)

        As to me not reading the lists correctly, sorry. I guess I just didn’t see their impact on the game (mostly because they died to the Termies so quick, likely). My bad dawg :-p

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