Campaign Report: 2,000 for Week #4

Last night was another game in our ongoing campaign. It was a standard 2,000 game with the exception of being able to shoot to other tables from your table. You had to have range to do this, which naturally limited who could even bother trying. We played capture and control with spearhead deployment. I was playing Ming and his Ultramarines and I played Fate’s Angels, my Marines.

My list was a variation of one I used at a tournament in December. Ming’s list, in short was: Kantor, 2 x Sternguard (Razorback + Rhino), 2 x Tacts w/Rhinos, 2 x Predators, Land Raider w/Libby + Assault Termies.

My team got first turn, we had to synchronize turns to make use of cross-table shooting appropriately. I infiltrated Termies just over 12″ from him with Shrike and the rest was deployed to give cover fire to the Termies and cover the objective. Ming deployed defensively, castling up all his vehicles. First turn my pods arrived with both Ironclads but I had some bad scatters and they did nothing. I did pop a Predator with assorted shooting. My Termies advance and a 2″ run roll meant not reaching his tanks as I wanted. The return fire was pretty minimal, some shaken and stunned results.

The next turn I took a good lead. Shooting let me immobilize his Land Rider, which my Ironclad charged and blew up. My Termies dual charged two Rhinos but only managed to crack open one, the other moved 12″, so 6’s to hit. In retaliation my Termies went down between shooting and being charged by his dismounted Termies. My Predator was immobilized also, otherwise I was in good shape. I did get shot at from an IG player on another table that turn but nothing landed on target.

Turn three is where it all went ass up for me. I’ll summarize the rest of the game. The IG player next to us continued raining down artillery shots at me for two more turns and these ones were landing on target. First shot smoked 9 of 10 Assault Marines. Next shot immobilized a Rhino. More shots took out 5 Devs and around 10-11 Tacts between two squads. At this point I’m playing for a draw. Losing my Assault Squad was a kick in the balls, they were set to second wave assault Ming and contest his objective. I was effectively playing two players at this point, one I could see and shoot and one I couldn’t.

I held on as best I could and at turn five I was set for a draw but we rolled and the game went on. Ming was then able to contest my objective while firmly holding his.

Now, I’m not angry but the whole scenario wasn’t well thought out. I discussed it with the person who is running the campaign and he didn’t take into account that the cross-table shooting was going to be so limited or one-sided. Other than Ming’s orbital bombardment, the IG player was the only one who could do it, and do it regularly. A lesson learned, no harm done.

As for the campaign, this week my team took a solid beating. We had five games and we lost three, got a draw and won one. I’m not positive where the score total sits but I know we’re still leading, just not by how much. Next week we’ll wrap it all up in an Apocalypse game, 2K per-player, which will be about 8-10K per-side. Time to read up on Apoc and formations.

  • ming from b&c

    Hey, it was a nice game. Overall, I’ll take it as a win. Couple of reasons – even without the support you did not have the aggression needed to bust up my castle; I eliminated your terminators and shrike and dreads pretty quickly; and even at the end I had to walk over and contest your objective. Would have been a draw otherwise.

    As for the IG player, he pretty much did the right thing for the campaign and his team. He was getting Templared’ to death, and he used the artillery where he knew it would be best for the team. Eventually he was nearly tabled, and your side got its win for that game. Otherwise for the side I was assigned to would have fared a loss and a draw, instead of a loss and a win.

    Overall, am fairly happy getting back to my Kantor-based roots as Third Company.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing you or the victory. However, things obviously could have played out a lot differently.

      Losing my Devs was the other thing that hurt me. My plan was to open that Las-Razorback and get my Assault Squad in there. That would have tied them up for a solid turn and left you to support them to remove me. Meanwhile I’d have moved up some Tacts in their Rhino much more safely to contesting range of your objective. Turner took out the two units crucial to my plan and that hurt, that’s all.

      The list was pretty solid, your Kantor list. I think it’s a good base to work lists from.

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