Campaign Report: Second Week – Team Game

Campaign MysticHaving played our mega-battle the other week and teams now set, last night we played a team game for the campaign. Each team determined the players on their side who would pair up and then who they played was determined randomly. My Orks paired off with a Necron player (who normally plays Space Wolves), and we faced a Tyranid and Blood Angel army. The other game was Daemons and Space Wolves (my team), against Imperial Guard and Necrons (other team).

The match was with five objectives, one center and each team able to place two more, deploying with pitched battle. Our opponents placed one in their DZ (deployment zone), to our west and the other in their DZ center. We placed ours east in our DZ and also one in our DZ center, a mirror of theirs.

Our opponent’s decided to deep strike everything in except for a Librarian Dreadnought, which deployed to our west near their objective. We deployed by castling up around our east objective with a unit of Warriors on the center one in our DZ, supported by a Monolith. Since they had first turn and were deeps striking everything, we opted to not bother seizing the initiative.

We shuffled a bit on turn #1, nothing else to do, to further secure our DZ around the two objectives, preparing for their deep strikers. Turn #2 saw both Assault Squads show up, Termaguants in a pod and a Hive Tyrant. One Assault Squad, with Dante, landed inches from our front ranks. The other landed in front my Battlewagon and the Termagaunts behind my Battlewagon and Trukks. The Hive Tyrant opted to land to our west, beside some buildings and out of sight. Shooting saw my Battlewagon with Big Mek and Burnas blow up and that was about it.

We retaliated with my Kans dropping lots of grotzooka shots on the Assault Squad, getting 21 wounds but only killing 2-3. My Burnas flamed the other Assault Squad netting 23 wounds and only killing three. Feel no pain was in full effect! My Kans charged one Assault Squad and my Burnas the other. After some minimal losses both combats were still locked.

To summarize the rest since long reports get dull, the rest of their army ended up landing in our DZ on arrival, all but ignoring the objectives. We knew our DZ was going to collapse and I sent off two Trukks of Boyz to head to objectives in their DZ, getting the hell away from the enormous melee going on in our DZ. One Trukk kept on going and made the furthest objective in their DZ and the other I sent as a sacrifice to take out some Genestealers and also get in range to keep the last Assault Squad running off the board. The sacrificial Boyz did their job: Genestealers were down, the Assault Squad ran off the board and they then died valiantly to a second Hive Tyrant.

The game ended and my ‘ard Boyz held one objective and they held nothing, we removed all their troops. They had us beat on kill points, part of the win condition, but we held an objective, so we took a major win. The other game for my team went well and they also took a major win. That puts my team at 37pts so far in the campaign to 19pts for the other team.

Next week will be 1,850 singles games. We have a comfortable lead but it can all change next week if the other team takes some big victories.

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