Chaos: First Game Played

Chaos - ExperimentThis past weekend I managed a small game with my Chaos Marines, yet to be named. I was playing a buddy of mine who has been in and out of the games since the tail end of 4th. We ran a 1,250 game and he was playing his 2nd game with his Tyranids. He also has Tau but recently picked up the bugs for an army that has viable assault capabilities and just plays different than Tau.

Here’s the list I was messing with:

* Daemon Prince w/wings, mark of Tzeentch, warptime, bolt of change
* Greater Daemon
* Plague Marines x 6 w/melta x 2, Champion w/combi-melta, fist + Rhino
* Plague Marines x 6 w/plasma x 2, Champion w/combi-flamer, power sword + Rhino
* Chaos Marines x 6 w/plasma x 1, Champion w/power sword + Rhino
* Oblits x 3

At this stage I’m just testing stuff out to get a feel for the army and I was happy with the results. I won the game by 2 KPs. He played well but he was too conservative with his army. It will take him some time to adapt to the different style of play that Nids have compared to Tau.

I found I really like the Daemon Prince. Having the Mark of Tzeentch paid off with the 4+ invulnerable. The only other mark I’ve considered is Nurgle. Having a T6 model is nice but with so many heavy weapons leveled the Prince’s way and wounding on a 2+ anyway, I’d rather have that 4+ invuln. If only I wasn’t dealing with Shadows in the Warp so much I’d have gotten to see Warptime really shine.

The Greater Daemon was fun. I know it’s not the choice of many Chaos players but since I have a model for it I figured why not try it out. He drew a lot of fire, was charged by Stealers and with the aid of some Marines cleared them out and then was dragged down in another assault by Hive Guard. All in all he worked out well.

Oblits are great but that goes without saying. The price tag is hard to swallow initially but once you get them on the field you can see why they cost a premium. They didn’t utterly devastate anything but they were consistent all game long.

Plague Marines have always interested me but I didn’t have much of a chance to see them do a lot, at least in terms of seeing that T5 with FNP in use. Not a bad thing they weren’t a target priority though.

This Wednesday I should be able to get in a 1,500 game with Chaos and I look forward to testing out more stuff and getting to learn the army more.

  • ming from b&c

    I love chaos….it smells like…victory….

  • Anonymous

    It’s always fun to start a new army.  I look forward to seeing what you do with them paint-wise.  I’m sure you’ll create another stunning army.

    • I still am not really sure how I’m painting these guys. I’ve got a few ideas but I really need to paint some test models.

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