Chaos Space Marines: 1,500 List Idea with Possessed

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeThis month is a 1,500 40K tournament at my FLGS. With the holidays having kept me busy, I have not had a lot of time to consider lists for the tournament. Yesterday I managed to get in a game, the first in about three weeks – which is a loooong time for me, and I got destroyed. The list I was working with was an experiment and thrown together quickly. I took away a few things from the game that I’m applying to this version of the list.

I was hoping to get some feedback on the list to see what you all think. The big thing I’m working with is Possessed. Possessed from Crimson Slaughter are troops and get, arguably, a better random table for abilities they roll on each turn, Slaves to the Voices. This is a unit that I had never fielded and have always wanted to. So, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Chaos Space Marines (Crimson Slaughter): 1,500


  • Warforce (Sorcerer) – Psyker (Mastery Level 3), Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Prophet of Voices, Mark of Tzeentch, Melta Bombs, Balestar of Mannon


  • Possessed (10) – Mark of Tzeentch
    • Possessed Champion
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster
  • Chaos Space Marines (10) -Meltagun x 2, Icon of Vengeance
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster

Fast Attack

  • Spawn (5) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Raptors (5) -Meltagun x 2
    • Raptor Champion

Heavy Support

  • Obliterators (2) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Obliterators (2) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

Most of this is pretty straight forward but to explain a few things. The Sorcerer has the Balestar of Mannon. That relic gives him access to Divination and can re-roll failed psychic tests. The other relic on him, Prophet of Voices, grants him Daemon, Fearless, Fleet and he gains the Slaves to the Voices rule. This means he effectively becomes a Possessed and can only join Possessed. The point of it being he gets all the random effects the Possessed do, plus being a Daemon means he comes with the 5++ and there’s no need to buy it separately. So, I can get him to a 4++ with Mark of Tzeentch relatively cheap. The Sorcerer joins the Possessed and does his psyker stuff to support the unit and help ensures their survival.

I love this artwork.

Speaking of, when I played my Possessed last night I ran them with Mark of Nurgle. It worked out well but I do want to try the Mark of Tzeentch on them since it makes them a 3+/4++. I think the thing with these guys, as they’re on foot, is surviving to get into combat. Having T5 from Nurgle helps there too, but with the meta where I play there’s no shortage of AP3 – and better, weapons that will unload on them crossing the board. Ultimately I’ll have to run them each way a bit to gauge what works out better.

The 5-man Raptor team is an experiment as well. It’s a cheap way to get fast moving melta into the list and I can deep strike them if needed. I love Raptors but running them at 10 strong all tooled up just never works out as well as it should considering their cost.

What I want to ensure is that the rest of my list supports the Possessed, be it directory or indirectly. That Possessed unit is 310pts and the Sorcerer is 185pts. That’s a lot to tie up into one unit at 1,500 points. I don’t mind point heavy units so long as I can support them and use them well. Goes without saying, but I will anyway, the list is not intended as really competitive. It’s intended to be fun and let me try out a unit I think is cool. That being said, I’d like to have a successful experiment :)

Thoughts, comments, suggestions and feedback welcomed!

  • sonsoftaurus

    Don’t they still have the problem with mixing gods? ie can’t put a Tzeentch sorcerer in with Nurgle possessed? Also if plan to run him with them, should you reduce the squad to nine so they can fit in the rhino, or do you just run behind it?

    • Correct, no mixing of gods. In this list both are Tzeentch. My last list had Nurgle Possessed though but no Sorcerer.

      The Rhino is simply for mobile cover and a cheap objective secured unit. I’d use it if I could charge out of it though.

  • Gary marsh

    I’m not keen on the Possessed with Mark of Tzeentch, 50pts is an awful lot to spend on something that is obsolete a third of the time. Crimson Slaughter Possessed are pretty good at getting across the table, I run mine with MoS (fluff thing) and it’s a rare day that they struggle to reach the other side of the table.
    I’m not sure that the Sorceror needs the Mark either. I get that it increases his save to 4++ but I think it curbs his effectiveness. It forces him to roll a Tzeentch power, so if I’m reading your game plan right, that’ll be one Summon power, 1 Divination & 2 Tzeentch powers. I think he’ll be more effective with the summoning and two rolls on the Divination table. Personally I prefer 3 rolls on Daemonology or two if I get Cursed Earth and a roll on telepathy.
    Overall I like the list, I just think you’ve spent too many points on Marks & Wargear in a 1500pt list.

    • I thought about summoning but I lack the Daemon models to do it effectively and could roll a power I couldn’t use as a result. I also considered going without a mark. A 4++ is nice but he’s also not someone I’m going to throw into bad situations where I’m relying on it either. Probably worth dumping his mark.

      I’m not really concerned they won’t reach the other side, the question is with how many. When I ran them as Nurgle it was for that same reason you mentioned, 33% of the time they get a 3++ anyway. It’s a valid consideration but at the same time, 66% of the time they are at a 5++, or a 4++ if running Tzeentch. That’s why I want to run them both ways a few times to really determine which approach works for me considering my opponents.

      I appreciate the feedback!

  • I’d reconsider not giving the Possessed the option to embark in their Rhino. There are so many things that can shoot over the Rhino and obliterate them before they even have a chance to move. Basilisks, Thunderfire, etc. Do you lose any options by dropping them down to 9, just for the option to be able hide in the Rhino in the early going?

    • I lose nothing by going down to 9. Definitely worth considering.

    • This also raises an interesting point, and a reason I was not considering getting into the Rhino. The Possessed have a 33% chance to roll up an ability for a turn where they change their unit type from infantry to bests. What happens when you’re already inside the Rhino and roll that? There’s no FAQ of course.

      • There’s nothing in the rules that prevents them from becoming Beasts while embarked, nor anything that prevents them from disembarking if they change while inside. The only thing clearly outlawed is that they can’t get in after they’ve become Beasts. I like to think that most folks at the shop are reasonable enough to realize that.

        • That’s my take on it as well and I can’t really seeing anyone take issue but you never know.

  • JD Brink

    I think i agree with most of the comments here. It’s a nice list but doesn’t seem like you’re getting many models for the cost. I see a lot of people kit up all their squads and spend a lot of points on upgrading what they have, while I usually go the other way and try to get an extra unit or two for those points while keeping them basic. don’t know which is more effective, but I’d suggest going down to 9 possessed so everyone can ride along if needed, maybe drop the marks and some of the expensive bling, and either add another unit of somekind (like a cultist squad to sit on an objective in the back, or a 5 or 6 man basic CSM babysitting squad), or use the points to bulk up other units (like adding a model or two to the raptors). It seems to me that having extra units all rolling dice (like shooting or fighting) is better than enhancing the dice rolls of just a few guys by just a few percent.

    • There’s a few spots to shave some points but, for the most part, it’s not super heavy in wargear. You should have seen my test list that got destroyed. It was so, so heavy on wargear and had less units. This is progress!

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I don’t think possessed are great as they are too expensive and slow to get into combat on foot and a land raider is too expensive.

    If you are set on them though I would also go with Nurgle possessed to give them some protection from small arms since they must be on foot. Also your Sorcerer is very expensive and not really making the most of the Crimson’s Laughter rules. Why not give him the Daemonheart and a Palanquin, PF and LC (he can choose which to use and gets the bonus attack for extra weapon) and MoN? Daemonheart gives 2+ armour and IWND, he’ll have T5, 4 wounds and an extra attack. Almost unkillable except for S10 weapons, and he has LoS and a 4++ invulnerable to have a chance against those. Its quite good if you get some good powers on biomancy. Running with the possessed he can tank some shots for them.

    If you are happy with a Lord rather than a sorcerer a juggerlord with Daemonheart an sigil, plus LC and PF is a death machine, and can run with some spawn. Not as lethal as Axe of BF, but more reliable.

    Speed is really of the essence these days and so my current Chaos list has Khorne hounds with Skulltaker on Jugger, Juggerlord, spawn, bikers, deep striking oblits and fearless blobs of chaff to slow down the enemy and hold objectives. It would have maulerfiends too if I had any.

    • Remember, Crimson Slaughter Possessed have a 33% chance to roll beasts, so a 12″ move. They also have fleet for re-rolling runs.

      I’d argue that the Sorcerer is in fact using Crimson Slaughter rules. He has the Prophet of Voices relic as well as Balestar of Mannon. The Prophet of Voices is crucial on him being with Possessed so that he gains all their benefits. Without it he could get left behind, if Possessed roll beasts, and he would lack fleet and in turn the unit would lose it. Balestar of course gets him Divination access, having Prescience is damn handy in close combat, and re-rolls for failed psychic tests.

      Your suggestions are more geared for having the Sorcerer as a combat monster. I love Daemonheart but is having it worth giving up the tools that make him effective at supporting the unit he’s with? The Palanquin is a good suggestion but I can’t see giving up those support tools to buff wounds and gain an attack. Again, it’s more centric on him leading the charge and less on him supporting the squad. I do like the idea of a Palanquin but only in addition to the tools he has, which of course raises his cost even more. If only points weren’t an issue…

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        is there a reason he can’t have Daemonheart, palanquin and Prophet of the Voices?

        Daemonheart is awesome, especially the IWND part combined with the extra wounds of a Palanquin or Juggernaut.

        • No reason at all. That setup means he loses out on Balestar of Mannon though for Divination access, which is manageable, but I’d then want to buy the Spell Familiar at least – which Balestar comes with. So, it would increase his points by 60pts with your suggestion plus the Spell Familiar too.

          Still, I do like the idea of the Palanquin and even without Daemonheart it’s not bad. I agree, Daemonheart plus a mount for extra wounds is awesome, but it’s more suited for a Lord I feel than a Sorcerer. I feel that a Sorcerer’s points are better spent on what he does, casting powers, and less on trying to become invincible in combat.

  • Berman

    Something else in favor of the summoning side. As a Deamon he will only peril on double 6’s instead of any double.

    • Good point. I’d do it if I had some Heralds but I don’t and if I rolled that summoning power I’d be boned.

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