Chaos Space Marines: Forged in Hate and Bathed in Blood

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeIn just over 2-weeks is the 4th Standish Standoff. The Standish Standoff is a 24-player 40K tournament held at Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine. It’s a three game tournament that’s more hobby inclusive than your average big event played across the country. For the past month or so I have been play testing my list for the event and today I felt like running over my choices now that I have officially finalized the list.

I will be playing my Chaos Space Marines, the Disciples of Twilight (clicky if you like fluff). It’s my favorite army on the table and from a hobby perspective. It’s not the strongest codex going but I don’t choose my armies based on their power level either. I always enjoy playing with my Chaos Space Marines and having a fun day of gaming is the goal.

The list itself is this.

Chaos Space Marines – 1,650


  • Huron Blackheart
  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Wings, Power Armor, Mark of Nurgle, Spell Familiar, Psyker (M3)


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance,Meltagun x 2
    • Apsiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dirge Caster
  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance, Plasma Gun x 2
    • Apsiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino

Fast Attack

  • Spawn (5) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Heldrake – Baleflamer

Heavy Support

  • Obliterators (3) – Mark of Nurgle
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

As I mentioned the other day, I made a slight change to this list from what I’ve been running. I felt I needed to get my Daemon Prince to a mastery 3 psyker instead of mastery 2. In the game I played on Wednesday night that change was well worth it.

Time to break it down.

Huron Blackheart

I have always liked Huron and he was the first character I tried out when this current CSM codex came out. I favor an aggressive style of play and the ability to infiltrate up to three units is a huge asset to that style. His ability to infiltrate units is the primary reason I have taken him.

Infiltration aside, I feel he’s well worth his points. At 160pts you get a Chaos Lord in terms of stats who has a power axe and a S6 lightning claw with armorbane and a built-in heavy flamer. Huron is a mastery 1 psyker and every turns randomly gets a power from Biomancy, Pyromancy and Divination. He also comes with a Combat Familiar (+2 S4 AP- attacks),  4++, Veterans of the Long War and he’s fearless.

A well priced special character in my opinion. His use in my list has been to join the Obliterators for two reasons. One is to infiltrate them forward so they can lay waste to the enemy at close range. With a fast list (Maulerfiend, Spawn and Daemon Prince), this puts them into position to support those units. Huron also gives Obliterators Fearless, which is always handy to have on a unit that’s LD8 and rather pricey.

My experiences with him have been positive. Huron has proven to be a good support character with his psychic powers and general combat ability. I do have to choose my fights carefully though because T4 without Eternal Warrior can’t go toe-to-toe with just anything. Even when I do lose him during a game it’s not a huge blow as he’s cheap enough and his primary job has been accomplished, infiltrating units.

Here’s a paint in progress shot of my counts-as Huron.

Huron: PIP #2-1

Ghostwrath: Daemon Prince

I love Daemon Princes. It was my first draw to Chaos Marines and remains one of my favorite models. Flying monstrous creatures got a bit of a mixed bag in 7th edition but overall I feel they gained more than they lost

Ghostwrath is a Daemon of Nurgle and so he gains Shrouded. This means he is almost always jinking for a 2+ cover save. I roll his powers on Nurgle (because I have to), and Biomancy. As a result having to Jink doesn’t matter all that much.

Normally a single Prince doesn’t last very long but coupled with Biomancy powers and a list fast enough to support him, he’s proven resilient. I have learned the hard way that he should only be flying if I need him to Vector Strike an enemy flyer or to just save his own ass if he’s in rough shape. Leaving him Gliding, and still getting a 2+ from Jink, leaves him the ability to charge as needed since landing from Swooping leaves you hanging for a turn before you can charge.

Ghostwrath is a big part of my list, weighing in at 310pts, but he’s also not crucial to the list’s success. His job is simple, use his powers and do psykery things (yes, I made that up), and to get into the enemy lines and prove a threat. He’s always the latter and generally accomplishes the former. Overall he’s been a huge asset to my list.

Ghostwrath vs Knight Titan
Oh. Hi there!

Chaos Space Marines

Don’t worry, my long write-ups are pretty well expended now we’re into the more typical things in the list.

I was a bit concerned when creating this list with only having two troop choices but the Icon of Vengeance makes them Fearless, until I lose the icon anyway, and they have done very well in my games as a result. CSM get crapped on by the competitive community and I felt the same until I started giving them the icon. The icon can be lost, and with it Fearless, but rarely has that come up for me. Normally when it does happen the unit is done for anyway so it becomes moot.

With the speed of this list, my Chaos Marines are often left alone and so only having two units of them has not been a big detriment. These guys anchor my list and do their job, no complaints.

Chaos Space Marines


What’s not to love about Spawn, especially Spawn of Nurgle? It’s an extremely cheap unit when you factor in what they do. They’re fast, ignore terrain, are T6 with 3-wounds and S5. There’s few things this unit can’t tackle and the things they can’t tackle they can generally tie-up and remove it as a threat.

Spawn are always a favored unit of mine and their speed and toughness fits perfectly into the list.

Spawn vs More Grey Hunters


The Heldrake isn’t the threat it once was, and is now on the pricey side considering, yet still a very useful model. It’s still a flyer that has S7 Vector Strike and a S6 AP3 torrent flamer. As with most of my unit choices, he’s a threat and the idea is to present enough threats that something gets through.

Most games he’ll roast a unit or two and quite often I find myself hovering him to snag objectives. Getting objectives with a flyer who can hover is not what I took the Heldrake for but it’s been a great use regardless and probably what it’s been most effective at, other than scaring Marines.

Heldrake Toasting Marines


It’s hard not to love a unit that walks into a hail of bullets unleashing devastating fire power and charges in with power fists to clean up what lives. With Huron infiltrating them in I can get enemy targets into that 24″ range on turn #1. I find the 24″ range to be a great sweet spot for Obliterators since my favorite weapon option is the assault cannon. It also opens up the option for multi-melta, even if not at melta range, and twin-linked plasma guns on top of lascannons and plasma cannons.

I have always loved Obliterators and I have found Huron is a great compliment to the unit. Granting fearless is great but also Huron’s S6 armorbane lightning claw fits right in with a unit swinging power fists. If I get lucky and roll some good powers then Huron just lends his psychic ability to supporting the unit and/or making their job easier with Maledictions.

The Charge


I’ll be honest, the lone Maulerfiend is often not alive long enough to accomplish anything beyond being a threat yet a threat is what he’s for. It’s hard to not like a fast Dreadnought that has a 5++ and It Will Not Die. He’s only 135pts with the Lasher Tendrils (reduce attacks by 2 for anyone basing him), so his inevitable death is not crippling.

As stated, his task is to be a threat and his speed keeps him with the pack and draws fire. He rarely lives beyond turn two or three but he tends to live long enough to soak up some fire and that’s good enough.

Maulerfiend vs Command Squad


If you read all that then I commend you! Anyway, there’s my list and I have two more 40K nights to get in some more games and hammer home the lessons I’ve learned. I have low expectations of hanging on the top tables come game day but if I can run in the middle of the pack then I will consider that an accomplishment.

  • Interesting to use oblits more offensively. Generally people just sit them back and use them as expensive devastators. We tend to forget about those nasty power fists!

    • They are built to be used offensively. Even without the Mark of Nurgle, you still have a 2-wound Terminator. Sitting back just never works out in my experience. Plus, with cover generally being a 5+ now you have no reason to just sit inside terrain, they already have a 5++. You have a lascannon at 48″ and a plasma cannon at 36″, everything else is 24″ or less so you really need to be moving constantly. Once you hit that 12″ range you get to maximize twin-linked plasma guns. Get inside that 6″ range and now you get twin-linked melta at melta range, heavy flamers and twin-linked flamers.

      Getting 9 power fist attacks on the charge doesn’t suck. So yeah, if you’re sitting back with Oblits then the unit is just being wasted.

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