Let the Bodies Hit the Floor – CSM vs Blood Angels 40k Batrep

With Fratris Salutem looming on the horizon, I wanted to work out a 1,500 Chaos Space Marines list to bring along if I need to play as a swing player. I’ll be running the event, but it’s a small one, and so playing won’t be an issue. Plus, I can’t have a bye round for a player who paid money to play.

The list is a simple one. I wanted to keep to Warpsmith theme I’ve run lately, but something more balanced than what I’ve done. I also need to use all painted models, so that rules out the Knight, or doing something fun like the Mayhem Pack. The list is one I’ve run a handful of times with reasonable success.

Chaos Space Marines: 1,500pts


  • Grimtech (Warpsmith) – Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, Mark of Nurgle, Aura of Dark Glory, Blight Grenades, Melta Bombs


  • Deathcry (Helbrute) – Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher


  • Vengeance Squad (CSM) (10) – Icon of Vengeance, Plasma Gun x 2
    • Rhino
  • Redemption Squad (CSM) (9) – Icon of Vengeance, Meltagun x 1
    • Rhino
  • Cultists (10) – Autoguns, Heavy Stubber

Fast Attack

  • Heldrake – Baleflamer
  • Spawn (5) – Mark of Nurgle

Heavy Support

  • Devastation (Obliterators) (3) – Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

I got paired up with Brian and his Blood Angels. He had a formation, forget the name, where the guys who Deep Strike cause hits to those in 6″ of where they land. He was also using the Shield of Baal detachment, if I got that right. His list was: Librarian, Priest Dude, 2 x Tactical Marines (5) w/Razorbacks, Death Company (6’ish), Assault Marines (8’ish) w/o jump packs and w/Drop Pod, Assault Marines (5) – some sort of vets or Command Squad, Assault Marines (5), Assault Marines (10). My brain fails me, but something like that. I need to start taking pictures of my opponent’s army before the game. That’s a damn idea!

The Game

We rolled up Cloak and Shadows (secret cards), and I got side choice, as well as deploying first. Brian only deployed the two Razorbacks with the 5 Marines inside. The rest would Deep Strike.

First turn was quick. I moved up the Maulerfiend a bit, and advanced the CSM Rhino with Grimtech (Warpsmith). Deathcry (Helbrute), shot at a Razorback, but it made its cover save. I wanted to keep my army together for all the Deep Striking. I did get 1pt for holding 3 objectives.

The Drop Pod arrived with the packless Assault Marines. They ran to an objective. Brian shuffled his Razorbacks a bit and they opened up on Grimtech’s Rhino. The Rhino exploded and four CSM died in the explosion. Ouch. Brian got an objective and First Blood, so 2-1 Brian’s lead.

My Obliterators arrived, and I Deep Struck them in his backfield on an objective I needed. The Obliterator firing was lackluster though, and they only put 2 hull points on the Razorback in front of them. Grimtech’s squad moved and fired on the Assault Marines. With the aided fire of Cultists, the squad was wiped out. Deathcry popped open the Razorback on the left, and then the Maulerfiend charged into the squad. A few Marines went down with no damage in return. This fight would last until turn #5, with both of the Maulerfiend’s Power Fists being removed, and having only a single hull point left. I think I got a point this turn.


The fun began. The Librarian with retinue arrived, as did the large Assault Squad and the smaller one. Those units didn’t do much as Brian wanted to run them, and spread out, from fear of my Heldrake arriving the following turn and roasting whole units. The Razorback near the Obliterators unloaded the unit, and between it and the Marines, took out an Obliterator and wounded another. Brian got a few more points and was ahead.

Blood Angels Reinforcements

Then things got very messy on both sides. My Spawn charged into the Librarian’s squad for Slay the Warlord, and a card I had to kill a psyker. That combat dragged on for a while, but eventually the Blood Angels won out there. However, later Deathcry would take out the Librarian with his Missile Launcher. Grimtech and his squad shot another unit off the board, but a Deathwind Launcher off the Drop Pod took out Grimtech and most of his squad. Bad luck there. Rolled a 2+ save on Grimtech, rolled a 1. Rolled a Look out Sir! for the next wound, a 1. Rolled the armor save, another 1. Ug!

Brian’s large Assault Marines squad went on to destroy my Cultists in combat, and subsequently get whittled down by my Heldrake, and Helbrute, the following turns. Brian was short on models, and I was gaining board control, yet he still had a lead. I brought the game to a tie on the end of turn #5, but Brian would get Line Breaker if it ended. We rolled turn #6. I managed to get 3pts that turn, and Brian none. We rolled a turn #7 where I got 2 more points, Brian another 2pts. We both got Line Breaker with a final score of 14-11’ish.


A damn close game. Brian had the lead for most of the game, and had it ended on turn #5 I would have lost by 1pt. The following turns let me snag some easy points, and pull off a victory. A rarity for me these days.

Deathcry was on fire this game, and really my MVP. Yep, a Helbrute did well. He took out two Razorbacks, a few Assault Marines, the Warlord and a Drop Pod. Seems the shooty Helbrute is better choice these days.

I’ll end up sticking with this list for Fratris if I need it. I don’t have time to really pound out a fine tuned list. Plus, I’m a swing player, and this is a fluffy event, so I have no need to create a big tournament list.

Now, time to get everything wrapped up for Fratris in a few weeks…




  • Well played man. I am thinking of trying to put together a shooty helbrute myself.

    • I’ve love Dreadnoughts in general, but they’ve always had a tough role to fill. One shooting weapon, and a few close combat attacks, isn’t amazing. Well, unless you play SM, then your Dreads get a ton of attacks. Helbrutes are mostly relegated to smashing a tank or something, if you’re lucky, or maybe destroying a vehicle with shooting, again if you’re lucky. So, two guns on it makes for a relatively cheap fire base, and most people won’t pay a ton of attention to it.

      • Twin lascannon and missile launcher is our best bet isn’t it?

        • It’s the setup I like because I usually need more anti-armor. The Reaper Autocannon is a good cheap option, and you could pair it with missiles for lighter armor duty. I’m just a fan of lascannons for range and the AP2 – having a chance to one-shot a vehicle.

  • Berman

    Never give up! Never surrender! Love sticking it out to the bitter end. Seems like you had a few rounds of poor luck that really knee capped you at times. How a forgefiend doesn’t just clock out an assault marine squad is beyond me. Sounds like a great game though.

    • Yeah, games that go the distance are way more fun. Everything hinging on a few rolls is much more interesting.

      The Maulerfiend is only 4 attacks on the charge. So, going up against Marines with good LD, and ATSKNF, it can be a tough fight.

  • Awesome. Real glad to see your helbrute doing well. They are such cool models, but it is a shame their rules are pretty pants (and tbh all types of dreads except contemptors are the same). Sounds like you had a fun game with a good list. Good luck for the tourney :)

    • SM Dreads don’t have it bad now. More attacks and the same price tag as before. It really makes Helbrutes that much more meh.

      The tourney will be fun. I haven’t had to play in it yet since I always had a swing player lined up. This year though it’s just me, so maybe I can play in my own tournament for once ;)

  • Congrats on the win! Well played.

    But I thought you would be all over the Daemon Engine Pack formation. It would be excellent for Grimtech. A BS5 Forgefiend with Hades Autocannon will cause immense amounts of havoc.

    • Thanks.

      I love the Daemon Engine Pack, but I have to build my 2nd Mauler/Forgefiend first. I won’t have time to get that done for the event since I’ve still got a lot to get ready for the event itself. So looking forward to a BS5 Forgefiend though.

      • I thought you had a Forgefiend too. Let me guess, magnets?

        I’m currently going over my bits to see what I got and how to build a mad mutated daemon engine of shooty death. At least I got the two Hades cannons. It’s a start.

        • Yep, magnets :)

          If you have the Hades then the rest is “easy”. I find representing the right weapons harder than representing the model itself.

          • You make it sound like the thing will build itself. :) I have a hunch that this will not be the case. But I’m looking forward to get cracking.

            • No, they don’t build themselves. It requires a Warpsmith and Sorcerer to create the daemon engine ;)

  • Nice report, the only downside is I’ve had that song stuck in my head ever since seeing the title.

    • But is that really a downside? ;)

  • ming2005

    Hey, with the addition of the SOD supplement, I’d play you again after I add in some flyers! I need a way to deal with Hell Drakes (or other flyers now)! The Drakes’ just keep toasting up anything with armor 3+! (Maybe I should just ally them in myself as unbound renegades…)….

    • We’ll probably see a few more flyers around the shop, but I don’t think anyone is planning on going nuts with the addition of SoD. If you get yourself that new Marine flyer, the Storm Talon variant, you could pretty easily deal with a Heldrake.

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