Battle Review: Chaos Space Marines vs Eldar

Last night I faced off against Eldar with my Chaos Space Marines. We played a 1,600pt game and the Maelstrom of War mission was The Spoils of War where you hold three cards, can’t discard any cards for snagging objectives and you can score your opponent’s cards for getting objectives.

My list was as follows.

Chaos Space Marines – 1,600


  • Soulgore (Chaos Lord) – Bolt Pistol, Axe of Blind Fury, Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Mark of Khorne, Melta Bombs


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Icon of Vengeance, Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade
  • Berzerkers (10) – Icon of Wrath
    • Berzerker Champion – Melta Bombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Cultists (10) – Autoguns, Heavy Stubber x 1
    • Cultist Champion – Shotgun

Fast Attack

  • Spawn (5)
  • Heldrake – Hades Autocannon

Heavy Support

  • Obliterators (3) – Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War
  • Havocs (7) – Veterans of the Long War, Autocannon x 1, Missile Launcher x 3
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

The Game

MaulerfiendI had first turn and deployed my Maulerfiend and Spawn on my left, Havocs and Obliterators in the center and Marines and Berzerkers to my right with Cultists, and of course Heldrake, in reserves. His list was a Wraith list, no Wraith Knights though, and he deployed with his assault threats to my left and center, heavy shooting on my right.

My Havocs and Obliterators downed his Wave Serpent to get First Blood and score a point for killing a vehicle. The rest of my army advanced. On his turn he scored 2pts as well with objectives.

I threw my Maulerfiend at a Wraith Lord, figuring I’d down him to a single attack with laser tendrils, but the Wraith Lord smashed my Maulerfiend and took it out first. My Spawn and Lord charged Wraithblades, killing 4 of the 5. On his turn he gunned down my Obliterators and charged his other Wraith Lord into my Lord and Spawn unit. This is where things just went horrible for him. For 5 rounds of combat his Wraith Lord smashed my Lord to try to instant death him but every single time in 5 tries he rolled a 1 to wound. I wasn’t faring any better with my Lord. I was routinely getting 5-7 hits but failing to wound. Eventually though my Lord did take out the Wraith Lord.

There were various other combats going on as well. My Berzerkers were tied up with Wraith Blades, T6 being a chore to fight. My Chaos Space Marines were fighting Wraith Guard and having the same issue dealing with T6. With his Wraith Lords gone, and my Lord finally freed up from his challenge, Soulgore went on a rampage. My Berzerkers finally broke combat as well and moved on to remove his artillery unit and snag objectives along the way.


The game went 7 turns and I won, though I forget the exact score. It was an interesting game. My opponent started off pretty strong with my Maulerfiend going down and then my Obliterators. The combats just dragged on, to neither of our advantages in this case, and the points were close for most of the game. His Wraith Lord’s failure to put wounds in on my Lord was the game changer. Had he been able to remove my Lord then he could have used that Wraith Lord, and those Wraith squads in that combat as well, to break the stalemate combats. We both needed that combat in our favor and I got lucky and managed to come away with it.

As for my list, I’m finally settling into something. Like I mentioned last time, having fire support really helps. It makes sense of course but trying to find that balance of fire support to assault elements can be a bit tricky to get just right. I opted for Havocs because they’re cheap and it’s a unit I won’t advance with so perfect for holding objectives in my zone. I really like Berzerkers and they’ve proven surprisingly effective on foot. The Icon of Wraith allows them to re-roll charge range which helps offset them being on foot a bit. I took a Rhino with them for objective secured and used it to screen their advance, which worked out well.


  • Amish Jr.

    Wait, 1600pts? Damnit! I had 1500pts!!! I guess I was really out it that day! lol

    • You know, as I was typing this up I thought to myself, “I never said point level. I wonder if he brought 1,500?” I see my suspicion was confirmed. I’ve been doing 1,600 for the tourney and just assumed most were.

      Sorry about that; that does suck. We’ll have to rematch and see if the dice aren’t such a factor next time.

      • Thor, you cheating bastard! It sounds like it was still a close battle.

        • Normally it’s me forgetting to field a unit of my own or something to my opponent’s advantage.

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