Chaos Warpsmith Experiences

I have managed a handful of games now with the Warpsmith and have had mixed success with the lists utilizing him. The Warpsmith himself has proven useful on multiple occasions. Being able to fix things is always handy. Shattering defenses at the start of the game, when I remember to do it, is always helpful. His machine curse has been great when I have managed to use it, which is less than I expected to. Really my only complaint with the Warpsmith is he’s a two wounder. He could stand to be a bit cheaper too but oh well.

The problem I believe I’m finding myself in is how I have chosen to approach list building when using the Warpsmith. I have not done well at all with my games. My lists have revolved around getting those fun mechanical things on the board and that includes, believe it or not, Helbrutes. I absolutely love walkers of any type. There’s something fun about putting down a big stompy robot. The problem is that they, at least the AV12 variety that are not venerable, do not tend to pull their weight. The less effective I find my Helbrutes the less I find myself enjoying them and I want to field things I enjoy.

It’s more than just Helbrutes being lack-luster. I think I got myself hung up on the whole fixing stuff element of the Warpsmith. If he can fix things then why not put down lots of things for him to fix! Of course the issue here is that it’s one model, the Warpsmith, and he can’t be everywhere and can’t fix everything. As much as I like mech heavy lists the problem with them is I find myself in short supply of bodies. My lists have been easily taken apart by dropping the two Rhinos I have with Marines and then whittling those units down to leave me with a few walkers on the board.

I need to reevaluate my approach. I need to put down more bodies and I need to use my Warpsmith in a more offensive manner so he’s cursing vehicles and utilizing his BS5 with his ability to fire two weapons a turn. This is something I should have seen earlier. I’m a very aggressive player by nature and the more defensive approach isn’t suited for me.

So, here’s to hoping to can learn from my mistakes and take a new approach and hopefully one that works.

  • The list I faced last time was a bit light on fast threats. A mauler fiend or helldrake would fit the warpsmith theme well and give you a little more mobility. Maybe you can swap one of your current walkers out in exchange.

    • My 1,500 has the Drake in it. While the Drake is fast and a threat, it’s also not capable of tying up units, just harassing them. The Mauler, however, is fast and can tie up units. The struggle I’ve also had is getting that type of element in there while keeping a solid fire base.

  • Lo and behold I was looking around the net for people’s thoughts on Warpsmiths and I came across this. Small world after all.

    • hah, yeah, I’m probably one of the few out there who cares enough to write about the Warpsmith.

      • I have plans in mind for a Tzeentch themed one, reaching out with his mind to mess with vehicles and repair others. Creating and controlling daemon engines.

        • Makes sense to me.

          You going to convert one up or use the actual Warpsmith model?

          • No idea. It is a plan for down the line for when I get a maulerfiend or heldrake etc… so like a long time.

            • Fair enough. I have a ton of projects like that which go into the some-day pile. If only time and money were not an issue…the things I would do.

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