Chaos Warpsmith: Working Him Into Lists

Chaos WarpsmithI absolutely love this model, the Warpsmith. It’s too bad it’s Finecast but it’s a great looking model. Ever since I saw the model I wanted to work the Warpsmith into my lists. I did run him once, had pretty good luck, and set aside the idea for a while as I prepared for assorted events because I don’t own the model and could not represent him at these events. Now, however, as I’m working on exploring all the stuff I’ve wanted to try and have not, I’m looking at him again.

I’ve drafted up a few lists with the Warpsmith. I won’t share the entire list, that’s not my goal here. My goal is to see what you all think is the best place for him. The lowdown on him is that he’s basically a standard Marine statline but with BS5, 2 wounds, 4 attacks (2 from the mechatendrils), LD10 and a 2+ save. His abilities including fixing vehicles, cursing a vehicle (gives all weapons gets hot!), and shattering defenses where he can pick one piece of terrain at the start of the game and reduce its cover save by 1. His mechatendrils have a built-in flamer and meltagun which can both be fired or one of those and whatever ranged weapon he has on himself. Speaking of, he comes with a bolt pistol, power axe and frag & krak grenades.

Basically, the Warpsmith is a swiss-army knife. I feel he’s reasonably priced at 110pts when you factor his utility into the equation. It’s that utility that has drawn me back to him. When I ran him before I ran him with Terminators and basically dove at the enemy, getting into combat. He doesn’t do too bad in close combat but it’s not exactly what he’s built for either. That’s why I’m thinking through the best place to put the Warpsmith. To that end I have come up with a few considerations.

The first thought, and this one is more for fun, is to stick him with 3 x Mutilators and toss them into a Land Raider. All of them, Warpsmith included, will have the Mark of Nurgle. The Warpsmith will also have the Aura of Dark Glory to get a 5++. Boosting a T4 model to T5 is crucial on multi-wound models like this and it’s my go-to every time. The Land Raider is obviously a delivery system, one the Warpsmith can fix as needed. The Warpsmith’s meltagun will get some good use cracking transports for him and the Mutilators to assault or using the flamer to thin down a horde before diving in. He gives the Mutilators some needed support I feel.

The other idea is similar but with Nurgle Obliterators and no Land Raider. The Oblits play bodyguard to the Warpsmith and slog around slagging stuff and fixing stuff. The Warpsmith lends support to the Oblits, pairing up well overall on the shooting front, and being decent at close combat when the situation arises, as it always does with my Obliterators. This particular pairing just makes sense to me game-wise and when you factor that my Obliterators are painted as Dark Mechanicus.

What do you all think? I feel that the Warpsmith is often overlooked despite being a very solid choice and having a lot of utility. Do my ideas seem reasonable? What’s your experience with him?

  • khorneinquisitor

    The Warpsmith is one of my favorite characters. It’s just under the dark apostle in my mind. I think he actually has 5 attacks doesn’t he? 2 base, 1 for 2 ccw, 2 for the mechatendrils. I just wish that he could go on a mount or jet pack or bike or anything like the forge masters from the space marine book. However, he works super good against those nasty blast weapons because it can stop them from shooting, pity he can’t use it on the big nasty MCs.

    • Yep, 2 base, 2 for mechatendrils, 1 for two CCWs.

      No access to a bike or jump pack is what I find a lot of Chaos players take issue with; same with the Apostle. I agree, it sucks and it makes it tricky to find a spot for this guy.

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