Crossroad Games 40K July Tournament Report

Tournament - DevilThis month was a 2K tournament at my FLGS and we were trying something new. We’ve been using a scoring system with massacre, major, minor and draw and opted to try a multiple objective format with primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. It’s a system I’ve seen used at a lot of other places and one some of us tried at an out of town tournament we attended and liked. The idea is to allow someone to always have the ability to score something and to allow for players with a bad game, as in they didn’t score a massacre, to still be able to stay in contention. I rewrote three of my mission to use the format and we ran with those.

The other change was my list. I’ve been running Shrike in my lists for a pretty solid eight months and lately I’ve come to realize that it’s just not working the way I want it. I’ll save you all the mental process that lead me to this decision. I opted to go back to basics with my list and play something untested and in a manner I haven’t done for probably close to a year. Here’s what I ran with:

* Cassius
* Libby (null zone, force dome)
* Command Squad (close combat loadout) + Rhino
* Assault Termies x 6 + Redeemer
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, las + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino w/HK
* Tacts x 10 w/plasma, MM + Sarge w/c-melta, homer, fist + Rhino w/HK
* Scouts x 5 (close combat) + Sarge w/melta bombs, homer, power sword
* Storm w/heavy flamer (Scout ride)
* Devs x 10 w/ML x 4
* Pred w/AC, las

It’s still an aggressive list as sitting back and shooting isn’t my style, but it’s more balanced than what I’ve been running and not always looking for first turn. Plus it gives me back combat tactics, one of the best abilities in a Marine army in my opinion.

My first game was against a Daemon player and we were playing King of the Hill. He got first turn so I set up with a Tact Squad and Command Squad left on the center line. Everything else was back a bit from the dead zone area, all able to mutually support one another.

He got his preferred half and dropped the Keeper and Fateweaver (if I recall which big guys it was), near my Command Squad and Tacts. He misshaped and lost his Blood Crushers. The rest dropped in and near what was his quarter. The lose of his Blood Crushers hurt him badly and I was able to eventually clear out my quarter, including some Flamers that arrived later, though they did finish off my Command Squad. Most of his army stuck to his quarter and the south one while I moved Termies to the center and boosted the Storm around with Scouts to eventually land on the center in what ended up being the last turn. I took the primary and tertiary and neither of us got the secondary.

The next game was against Amberclad and his Dark Eldar playing Target Priority. I got first turn and deployed back with lanes of fire to his deployment and covering my north where a building was that I figured he’d use as cover to advance on me. I was deployed from center to my left. He deployed in a refused flank on the right except for the Harlequins with Lelith and another named HQ I can’t recall on my left close to me.

The first few turns went well for me, taking out a handful of his vehicles. The Harlequins advanced into the building and waited while he moved up the rest of his army in a pincer move. With shooting I was able to thin down a unit of Wyches who made my left flank and eventually clear out in combat with my Command Squad. Focus firing on the Harlequins thinned them down some but I lost my Command Squad in a combat with them. On the right I cut off and eliminated some more Wyches with my Assault Terminators, blunting the pincer, but those Terminators were destroyed by Lelith and crew after. He got a Raider to contest range on one of my objectives in my deployment, the other in my zone I was not holding, and he held his when the game ended. It was a blood bath but he had a lead on KP and took the primary and secondary objectives.

Final game was against another Daemon player using the Battlefield Superiority mission. I had first turn and deployed all around the 12″ dead zone in the center. My plan was to get to the center to utilize null zone and be able to push out as needed from there.

He dropped in mostly north of me and got nowhere with shooting. I advanced my Redeemer with Termies north where he had a Daemon Prince and some Daemonettes. The Terrmies disembarked. My Command Squad also got out and surrounded the Daemonettes with the Termies. A good round of shooting saw the Daemonettes reduced to around three so I charged them with the Command Squad and my Termies were able to reach the wounded Daemon Prince. I won both combats and wiped them out.

The rest of his army arrived west of me and made a steady advance. I knew I couldn’t hold off the Blood Thirster and Blood Crushers coming my way so I retreated back and to the north quarter, aiming to work the objectives and force him to move further. By the end of the game his melee core reached the center where my Termies, through sheer luck, managed to hold up the Blood Thirster and Blood Crushers. That left me free to move about as needed and I claimed the primary, secondary and tertiary objectives.

At the end of the day RippedDragon took first, ShinyRhino got second, and Amberclad took third. My first round Daemon opponent also won the best painted squad by a landslide with his Fiend Squad.

Another great month of gaming and my last minute list change-up didn’t screw me, whew. The list I fielded wasn’t perfect but going back to basics was a nice change of pace and really suited me more than what I’ve been running lately. There’s no shortage of good opponents at the shop and the Shrike list was just wearing thin on shock value and it was just time to switch things up again. I think I’ll stick with a more basic list for a while and see what happens.

  • Amberclad87

    Try some of the other special characters that you haven’t yet. I know you have pondered Calgar in the past, but almost all of the special characters are good and can bring an entire new feel to a rather bland army.

    • I think I’ll do just that. When I originally looked at SCs I wanted to use ones that didn’t ditch combat tactics and then I got fixated on Shrike. Now I think it’s time to return to that original idea.

  • hippie

    Put that Librarian away and you’ll have points for a better SC.  hehe

    • I don’t use him 100% of the time. It just happens I seem to use him 100% of the time I face Daemons. Just your bad luck :)

  • ming from b&c

    Nice to read about what happened on the other tables!

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