Tournament: Cruel Summer

TournamentTook the GK to a 2,000 point tournament at my FLGS. With one window AC unit cooling twenty 40K players and a handful of Magic players flipping cards at the front. It was bath water warm at best. Now I would like to take a moment to just go over some basic hygiene. Take a shower in the morning. Second passing gas in a room is rude, passing gas in a 90 degree room is disgusting. It lingers and it’s not funny. Enough said.

This was my list

2 Jakero
2 Servitors w/ plasma cannons
7 Psykers
Chimera w/warp stabilization field

Halberd and teleport homer
Warp Rift
Might of Titans

Storm Raven. w/ extra armor
4 DCA (Death Cult Assassins)
3 Daemon Hosts

1 Tech Marine w/ rad and psychout grenades

2 squads of 5 Warrior Acolytes w/ melta gun
Razorback w/ heavy bolter and psybolt upgrade

5 man Interceptor Squad w/ incinerator, 1 daemon hammer and 3 falchions.

1 Psyfelman Dread

10 man Terminator squad 2 psy cannons psybolt upgrade  and banner.

We played Thor’s missions King of The Hill, Battlefield Superiority and Target Priority.

I came out of it with a Draw, Minor Victory and a Minor Loss.

Mission One Daemons

Now I do not know anything about Daemons and this really hurt. I turtle up in the corner and The mission is King of the Hill. I know this is a bad idea but I’m afraid of the unknown. I figure I will make a run for the center of the board turn 5. The center objective is on top of a building with no clear way to the top and I know that I can get my Stormraven on it and summon the Chimera. This would leave no room for other bases and keep me safe from assault since I cannot be based.

Turn 1 set up and turtle in the corner. I put Coteaz and Interceptors forward so if he lands near me I will blast him or he will mishap. He deepstrikes in the center far away from me. Taking cover behind buildings

Turn 2 I move my Stormraven up and Summon my Terminators. I shoot his flamers off the board. They are the only unit I know and I know I do not want them to live. His turn the rest of his army arrives he holds them back behind LoS blocking terrain but he does assault my Terminators with some crab claw thing that has hit and run. My Terminators stand but I am going to lose this fight.

Turn 3 I send suppressive fire. Shunt my Interceptors forward and torch a squad of Blood Letters. I assault a Daemon Prince with DCA and slaughter it. He counters with a multi-charge from his Blood Letters and Blood Crushers.  He assaults my Interceptors with a Blood Thirster and they die. My Terminators hold.

Turn 4 I send suppressive fire. He knocks the crud out of my Terminators with the majority of his army and they die.

Turn 5 I move on top of the building with the Stormraven and summon the Chimera onto the building. I think I am pretty smart. Here is where everything went wrong. A small slanted roof coming off the side of the building that I missed and my opponent lands a Blood Thirster on it. Pulling the game to a draw. Sigh, so is life.

Now I will say my opponent was super cool and has provided me with a copy of the Daemons codex so I can study up. Thank you sir!

Round 2 I play a Tyranids in Target Priority. I play a really cool guy that I have played once before. So I know that the game will at least be a lot of fun. I decide I am going to be more aggressive this game but I take the time to point out what will really dink him over as he has never played GK and he is taking a lot of Mysetic Spores. He has a Swam Lord with 2 Hive Guard set up with lash and bone swords a Hive Tyrant with wings and a Trygon, 4 Zoanthropes and The Doom. 2 Squads of Genestealers and 2 squads of Gaunts make up his troops.

Turn 1 I move towards the center board. Leave summon my Terminators forward Unleash mind strike missiles on his winged tyrant and force 2 wounds. Then another 2 from Jakero.

Turn 2 I shoot the hive Tyrant off the board. He moves his Swarm Lord well out of my range and behind enough cover that I will never see him. His reserves  all of his Zoanthropes and Doom. Doom kills 4 Terminators. The Terminators break and run. The 2 Genestealers flank my left. His gaunts come in and he puts them between me and his Swarm Lord. He only gets one shot off from a Zoanthrope and Takes out a Razorback. I lose one Warrior Acolyte.

Turn 3 I shunt my Interceptors over to the closest Genestealers. I flame and blast and bring the squad to half strength. My Terminators rally and shoot at the same squad but I Yahtzee ones. Leaving My Interceptors to another death. I double tap Doom and my DCA take out a squad of Zoanthropes . I shoot the other squad to one. His turn he brings in the Trygon. He begins to move up his Swarm Lord. His one remaining Zoanthrope immobilizes the Stormraven. The Gaunts fire at my Warriors and the carapace armor pays off. I save them all.

Turn 4 I blast the Trygon, Zoanthrope and 1/2 strength Genestealers off the board. He shoots small arms at me from gaunts. I shrug off the damage and make my saves. He moves the Swarm Lord up he has lost both of his gaurds by now do to massive amounts of fire.

Turn 5 I blast the Lord down to one wound. Then he assaults my Stormraven and gets several big boom results. I am in a hurry to get in one more turn and we have ten minutes left and turn 5 only took ten minutes. I say “ok my turn” He says “well I hate to do this but you have to roll the result to see if you hurt the Lord” “no, no, its ok lets play!” :) “its the rules” :/ “ok ok your right.” I roll a 6 he rolls a 1 and looses his last wound to an explosion. Stealthy!

Minor Victory

Round 3

By now it was really hot and I was pretty fatigued. Dice started to blur together and I was more interested in setting down than anything else. My opponent was a kid that I had met 4 years ago at a different shop that has gone under. I like to play him just to see where he is at in the game. When he started he picked up Space Marines and they were very unorganized.

He just started playing nids and the list was really thought out. We spent most of the game kind of just playing and helping each other out. I ended with a minor loss do to some really big brain farts on my end. Plus I did not dink him over with warp quake when he scattered his Trygon into it and said why don’t you just land over here. I really just wanted to have fun.

Overall the Tournament was a blast. Ripped Dragon took first one point shy off taking a perfect day. Shiny Rhino took second and Amberclad took third. A Daemon player took 1st for painting with a bad ass Daemon army.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I dunno wtf that guy had been eating, but he was crop-dusting everyone repeatedly.

  • Anonymous

    I was getting blasted before game one. I was pretty sick of it by the end of the day.

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