Da Road to ‘ard Boyz 2011: The First Steps

'ard BoyzDespite my mixed feelings on ‘ard Boyz, I’ve decided I’ll be attending this year. It’s funny how your opinions and views change over time. Things you once swore you’d never do you find yourself considering and things you thought you’d always do you gave up on. Such is life.

The first thing I had to determine was what army to play. In the end it’s an easy choice, one made for me by GW. I’d love to bring along Sun’z Killaz (my Orks), but the problem there is so many of my vehicles are scratch built and therefore not usable as they aren’t 50% GW product(s). My Necrons aren’t even close to 2,500 points, so that leaves Fate’s Angels (my Space Marines). I do have a modeling problem with them too, my Drop Pods are scratch built, but I’m hoping to be able to borrow some for the day. Easier to borrow a few Drop Pods than a ton of Orky vehicles. That is if I use a list utilizing Drop Pods, which I probably will but we’ll see.

These decisions having been made, I’m left with working out a list. Lately I’ve been toying with Shrike based lists and having fun with them. Unless something significant happens between now and then, a Shrike based list it will be. It’s all in the details with a list and those details I can’t pin down just yet to show any potential lists. There’s some units and ideas I want to test out and evaluate from there.

I figured I’d begin this series to show the progress and process of a first time attendee of ‘ard Boyz, for better or worse. Naturally, as we get closer to the event I’ll update the series more. For now it will mostly be sporadic and probably more me thinking out loud than anything else.

  • Anonymous

    I think Shrike with 10 TH/SS terminators is a good starting point for a Shrike ‘Ard Boys list. That’s a headache for almost anybody.

    • Oh yeah, 10 Hammernators for sure. Just have to pick up 5 more hammers and shields between now and then.

  • Anonymous

    When is ‘Ard boyz anyways? I haven’t heard anything about it this year. Is there an official date?

    • I’m not sure. I haven’t seen anything either and I did some hunting before I posted this too.

  • Anonymous

    One thing to remember is that Shrike-Hammernator bombs rely heavily on the dice. Both to get the first turn, and to reach assault. The blogosphere is full of stories of what happens when you dont get the rolls you need, and your Deathstar gets Deathstarred. ;)
    It’ll be interesting to see how you progress, though.

    I’m not sure if I’ll bother with ‘Ard Boyz or not this year. I did the Boston Brawl last year instead, because the prior year’s Ard Boyz left a VERY sour taste in my mouth. Drew the first round, got smoked the second, and never got a third game because my opponent quit upon arriving at the table.

    It’s a very different environment than our monthlies, as even the nicest players get a tad testy and tense. When you consider that two of the top three prizes are typically LESS value than our monthly tournament prizes, and most players will not advance beyond the semis unless it’s hosted locally, the whole thing makes you shake your head.
    Of course, that’s my biased opinion and experience. ;)

    • I wouldn’t be relying on the Hammer-bomb. It would be an option if the situation arose but not the intended strategy. Shrike would stick with Assault Marines, maybe Vanguard, as the default option.

      Yeah, I’m mostly bothering with ‘ard Boyz for the experience, to say I tried. The atmosphere isn’t what I look for in a tournament but it almost seems a rite of passage. I may never do it again but at least I can say I did it once.

  • Joe

    Good luck I’d love a Shrike build to do well at hard boys

    • Thanks. There’s still a lot of things to work out but I enjoy that, the process of fine tuning something, of experimenting. I don’t normally play games at 2.5K so that will create a little bit of a learning curve. At that level it’s almost like toss down all the brutal deathstar units you can and go for it.

      • Joe

        agreed ive never been a fan of 2500 points always reminds me of field marshall hague in blackadder sweeping up his troops with a brush and dustpan i prefer 1500 for a battle of generals not codex’s

        • Anonymous

          There’s a learning curve to 2500. It isn’t so much ‘codex trumps’ but more that there is a new level of firepower an organization you have to keep in your head. It is difficult.
          The last time I did ‘Ard Boyz, I actually brought a ‘small’ army: I had Calgar in a razorback, Vulkan in a ‘Raider, Legion of the Damned, and Thunder Hammer Terminators. 3 Tanks, 2 Land Speeders, 2 Tactical Squads, and an Ironclad.
          I did this based upon the fact that I didn’t want to control a lot of models- easier on my head.

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