December 1,850 Tournament Report

Tournament: BearLet’s dive right in, shall we? So, I ran a this Shrike list I have been toying with. My first game was against ShinyRhino/Todd the Goalie. He was running a biker army with Khan in a Command Squad and a Librarian with Assault Marines. The mission was spearhead deployment with objectives placed in the unoccupied quarters. To win you needed more objectives and kill points. I got first turn and picked the quarter with a building to put my Devs in while forcing him into open terrain, though he had some walls to hide behind, which he did. I took up firing positions to be able to hit him as he came around the walls.

Early on I was taking a quick lead as Shiny had left about half his army in reserves, some to arrive normally with others outflanking. I was using my Ironclads to secure my right objective while slowly advancing a Rhino with Tacts to it and the left objective I had another Rhino with Tacts near it and Shrike with the Assault Squad near it also for support.

Things were looking good and then his reserves started arriving. Over a few turns he popped my Predator, my left Rhino and took out my Assault Termies guarding the right objective. I went on the defensive and began surrounding the objectives since he had some outflankers left to come in.

My Tacts on the right objective were charged by Khan and the remains of his Command Squad and destroyed. The last unit to arrive was his Assault Squad with the Librarian. They charged my Assault Squad who was bubble wrapping my Tacts on the left objective and put a good dent in them. I counter charged with my Tacts and began getting the upper hand in the combat. Meanwhile he turbo-boosted two Bikers on to that objective we were fighting near.

The combat on the left objective continued to the end of the game. The Assault Squad was dead but his Librarian lived. My Tacts were in range to the contest that left objective he had Bikers on and the right objective was unclaimed. He took a minor win by one kill point.

Second game was against Tau. This is the Tau player I played weeks ago who stomped me. I learned my lesson from that game and wasn’t intending to make the same mistakes. This mission had five objectives and to win you needed more objectives and kill points. We had spearhead deployment and I got first turn. I infiltrated Shrike with the Assault Squad on the left flank, hiding behind some terrain about 13″ from his large Fire Warrior Squad. He had Kroot he infiltrated but with me being so close he had to put them behind his Fire Warriors.

First turn my Ironclads came in inches from his front line. The Fire Warriors were reduced by about half and held their ground. The Kroot however failed morale and were off the board. The Assault Squad with Shrike charged the Fire Warriors and took them out.

From there the game was pretty well set. He tried removing my Assault Squad with shooting and reduced them to three, including Shrike. He then charged in with four Crisis Suits but I killed them off eventually. My Ironclads were immobilized and losing weapons, however I had gained the early advantage with the close podding and I was already in his back lines. Shrike later charged some Broadsides and took them out. My shooting thinned down more of his units and after my turn on round #3 we called the game, giving me a massacre win.

My final game was against Chaos, a Word Bearer list. This one was using my mission Target Priority, so modified kill points. Another spearhead deployment and he gave me first turn. His list was mostly Terminators, about 22 of them. I deployed castled up in my quarter but leaving him some room to deep strike behind my tanks if he was feeling brave. I was hoping he would try and mishap but if he didn’t mishap then I had enough fire power there to bring them down. He kept all his stuff in reserves, Termies to deep strike.

He got a good chunk of his army on turn #2. My Assault Squad was reduced by about half from his Defiler, otherwise an uneventful arrival. With focus fire I was able to thin down one Termie Squad that landed in front of my vehicle wall and then charge it with Shrike and crew to destroy it. His other Termie squad did land behind my tanks and were almost on top of my Devs who were hiding in a building. They were reduced to two from his shooting on arrival. I had intentionally ignored those Termies, hoping I could bait him to my tanks and leave the Devs alone. He took the bait.

Those Termies charged two of my Rhinos and a dismounted Tact Squad. The Rhinos blew up and I lost a few Tacts. The Tacts failed morale and ran. In return I was able to shoot down the Termies, securing my position, however my Tacts ran off the board. My baiting idea blew up in my face, quite literally.

I had some forward units: both Ironclads and my Termies, dealing with some Chaos Marines and the Defiler. My Termies managed to take out the Defiler in assault.

The other mistake I made in this game was moving Shrike and those left in the Assault Squad to aid my two Termies. At that point he only had a dismounted Chaos Marine Squad there and I knew I could take them in close combat. What I forgot was that he had another squad in reserves. I made it into combat and then the last Chaos Marine Squad arrived. That area turned into an orgy of close combat with two Chaos Marine Squads and later some Daemons assaulting what I had left there. The Termies went down and my Assault Squad was finished off. Shrike held up valiantly though through two rounds of combat on his own but was eventually brought down.

Our last turn had me one KP ahead and we were both trying to take what we could for points. Neither of us accomplished much and the game ended with me ahead by one KP but I needed four to take a minor win so the game was a draw.

What a day. Those were some of the best games I’ve had. I may not have accomplished my plan of going 2-1 for the day but I did go 1-1-1 which is a far cry from the 0-3 record I had last time I tried my Marines at a tournament. The winner of the tournament was RippedDragon with his Orks and Kamui took 2nd place with his Orks. The Tau player from my 2nd game took best sportsmanship.

  • Joe

    Sounds Like a good days gaming. Shrike leaping in to save the termies may have been a mistake but its very fluffy and in keeping with his character.

    They all sound like nice close games and there always the best

    • I tell you, if it wasn’t for Shrike in my Assault Squad then things would have gone against me all day long. My Assault Squad was rolling terrible and my only saving grace was Shrike in my combats. He was lucky too, saving multiple power fist wounds on him on several occasions.

      Definitely fluffy but certainly not my smartest move of the day. For some reason when it comes to kill point/annihilation missions I tend to lose focus of the overall goal. I know I need more KP but too often I give up points I shouldn’t have and don’t take the ones I should have. I desperately need to work on that.

  • Joe

    Yeah unfortunatly the assault marines arn’t the best and i sometimes feel that they are just ablative wounds for Shrike.

    I quite often get the red mist too when you know its better to run away with the remainder of your unit but instead divert other units for VENGENCE and a good old fashioned scrap. Happened to me a few weeks ago against orks which really is the best idea you can’t beat them at there own game

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the reasonable record my friend :) Kill Points are tricky to get the hang of, and that last mission sounded kind of wonky- I played a dude with 8 kill points once in a kill point ratio game where I killed 7.9 kill points (he had a single biker still alive) and he killed 2 of mine, and I only got a minor lol. 4 kill points disparity sounds like a lot to only qualify for a minor win when some armies only have 8. /shrug

    Kinda makes me want to use Shrike now, sounds like he was awesome for you :)

    • The 4pt disparity isn’t too hard to achieve since the mission was modified kill points, IE: an HQ was worth 4pts, most expensive unit was worth 3pts, etc.

      I was impressed with Shrike. I only managed a few games with him leading up to this so I didn’t have much to judge him by. My choice to take him was mostly based on the ability to set up an effective alpha-strike list. However, having seen the carnage he can cause I’m doubly enjoying him. He’s not the best close combat IC out there but he’s not bad and against things T4 and lower he cleans house pretty well combined with the Assault Squad.

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