December Tournament Report: The Chaos Induction

Tournament: KrampusOriginally we, myself and two other authors here, had planned on doing a joint battle report but that never came to pass. I had already written my portion of things so instead of wasting it I may as well toss it up here.

First up here my list: . I’ve run that HQ setup for a while and it’s worked out well for me. I figured at such small points, 1,225, that my monstrous creatures would really carry their weight.

My first game was against a Necrons. Between two rounds of night fight and my Obliterators completely failing me the game was an uphill battle. I lost all my big guys pretty quickly leaving me playing defense. I held out as long as I could but when the game went to the 7th turn it was game over for me. Had the game ended earlier I’d have done better but that’s how it goes.

Despite some bad luck my biggest fault was truly my horribly deployment. The game ended with me losing 30-4.

Second matchup was against Eldar. This was, I believe, really this person’s first match with Eldar. He’s a long time Chaos player and a budding Nid player too. This match was the opposite of the first in almost every way. First turn I removed half his fire power with my Oblits. The following turns my Oblits just could not fail and the game was well in hand by the end of turn #2. The rest of the game I chased him around a bit as he tried to survive and deny me what he could. The game concluded with me winning 32-0.

Final match was against Dark Eldar. This was one of those games where it looks like everything is well in hand and then it suddenly all changes. He managed to drag my Oblit squads into a protracted combat, severely reducing my ability to bring down his Ravagers. Ultimately that was what won him the game. I had made two big mistakes as well. One, I forgot to move into an objective on the first turn. In this mission you didn’t have to sit on them to capture them, you could capture them and move on. Failing to do this first turn cost me the primary mission. Second, not aiding my Oblits crippled me. I thought they had it well in hand and I could have jumped in there with Princes but didn’t. I lost this one 29-3.

A huge failing of mine is my forgetfulness, just ask my wife. This transcends into 40K games as well as forgetting to pick up milk. I map out a plan for each turn and ultimately forget something. Sometimes it’s minor and has no impact while other times it’s game changing. What I’m going to start doing is writing myself notes for each turn. If I can eliminate the problem of being forgetful I know I can do a lot better.

My Chaos army’s first outing did not go as hoped. The first problem I think really comes down to my list. I had a lot riding on the big guys, two Princes and a Greater Daemon. When those could be effectively dealt with I had little left to retaliate with. I feel I was relying on ideal matches more than anything with this list.

  • Vi13_d3c0n

    damn that eldar game was brutal. hence the Son’s comming back soon.

    • We both had the same type of day it’s just my one good game happened to be against you.

      • Vi13_d3c0n

        go figure right?

  • Anonymous

    I’m working on my battle report as we speak. Sorry! Busy holidays.

    • All good. I figured after a few weeks of it sitting in draft you were busy. I also had nothing planned for today so this made for easy content :)

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