Disciples of Twilight: Battle Review & Workbench

ThorLast night I played a 1,750 game with my Standoff test list. I made a few minor changes to it. I freed up 15pts to get a Bloodreaper in with my Bloodletters and got him a lesser gift. I figure it will give that unit a little more of an edge and they need all they can get from my experience.

I played against a Daemons of Nurgle list, a pretty nasty one too. He had the Great Unclean One, Mamon, 2 x Nurgle Princes w/wings, 4 x Plaguebearers, Nurglings and Plague Drones. I’ve faced his Nurgle list a few times and each time it’s ended the same, me not being able to put enough of a dent in his army to matter and losing the game of attrition.

We rolled up a book mission and got Big Guns Never Tire with 4 objectives. We placed them basically center board line strung down the length of the board. The quick and dirty of the game: melee orgy in the center of the board. He threw his Princes forward (he had 1st turn), flying and I grounded one and tackled it with Flesh Hounds. I maneuvered to cover my weak Rhinos while leaving my Spawn to bubble-wrap the area. Basically the game turned into a huge fight at board center, as noted. I did hold back a few units though to make surgical strikes. My Tzeentch Prince ignored the big combats and went after Plaguebearers on an objective. My Bloodletters came in and I deep struck them in his deployment zone. Those Bloodletters performed better than I ever expect to see again and were easily my MVP. Over the game they went on to destroy 4 Plaguebearer squads (one of those being from the Portalglyph). In doing so they took him off an objective and grabbed it for themselves at the end. That unit won me the game hands-down.

By the end of the game I had 3 of the 4 objectives and he had none. He did get first blood but that was it and he had the Great Unclean One as his remaining model. My list having so many tough multi-wound models let me drag out combats. Once that center combat got going it lasted until turn #6 when it finally cleared out. I used that time to position my troops on objectives and, as mentioned, used other units to tackle his troops and steer clear of his monstrous creatures. The monstrous creatures I downed with massed bolter fire, dancing that rapid fire range.

I’m continually impressed with my list. The big thing I need to do now is face off against a shooty army, which I know will be my achilles heal. I’m hoping though that I have enough fast threats that something will live through a few turns of heavy fire. Of course smart positioning will be key here as well.

On the hobby front I’m getting close to having my list fully painted. No pictures but tonight I’m hoping to wrap up 3 WIP Chaos Marines and then move on to the Champion. That will finish off that unit and then I need to get 10 Flesh Hounds painted. I got the Hounds all assembled yesterday so I need to clean a few more mold lines and do a little gap filling. I don’t think the unit will be too time intensive and I should get them done with plenty of time to spare.

  • JustHippie

    You sound like me with regards to those ‘volume of fire’ lists. I would rather set up across from any other list. I’m pretty sure I’ll get tabled against Eldar/Tau but I usually hold my own against IG. The Grimoire might be the key, having a PITA 2++ Tzeentch unit ruin their day stomping about taking no damage. Hmmmmmm

    • Just for the sake of discussion regarding the grimoire. First, I give up one greater reward and that’s where I’m getting my model’s survivability. Second, I need to free up 10pts to get it and the only spot I see that is removing my Bloodreaper’s lesser gift. That’s not a huge deal but it is nice having that extra punch in there.

      So, the Keeper gives up some defense, or offense depending on those greater rewards, for the chance to make a unit better 66% of the time I try. Then 33% of the time I bone that unit. The way I look at it is I’m paying more for something that’s going to harm me 1/3 times I use it. Now, it goes off 2/3 times and I get the boost. Is that boost worth enough to offset when it fails?

      I don’t have the answer but those are the things I keep considering when I look at it. Now, if my list was getting creamed each time I try it then I would definitely look to getting that exalted reward. However, things have gone well as is and I can’t help but wonder if not having the grimoire is why. I’m not banking on it working to push a combat, I’m also not fearing it will fail me and see a unit go away. Ultimately it’s one less factor for me to worry about when planning my strategy.

      It’s the same way with invisibility. I keep rolling for it and I’ve gotten it maybe 1 in 4 games. Still, I’ve learned to play without it and do not rely on it and instead focus on other things.

      • JustHippie

        You’ve got plenty of time to give it a try. You could drop one Hound or one CSM to have the 6 pts needed. I’d keep the greater gifts on the KoS and put the grimoire on the flying prince. He can then even use it on the KoS as well as Hounds, Letters, or CSM prince. Also remember if you play against an army with Daemons you can just elect to drop their save by 1 with no rolling and no Deny the witch.

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