Fast & Furious 500pt Tournament List

Tournament: Fast and FuriousThe LGS is holding a 500pt tournament starting this coming Wednesday. Each game will be one hour and the following criteria is in place for the force org: HQ 1, Elites 0-1, Troops 1, Fast Attack 0-1, Heavy Support 0-1. You can have one slot be two choices except for HQ. This is pretty standard for us when we do small games like this and I enjoy how it works out.

I’ve decided to run my Marines. I wanted to do my Necrons but even with this force org it’s still a rather bland Necron list. I could do Orks but since I’m trying to improve my Marines, Marines it is. So, here’s my rough idea for a list:

* Librarian – force dome & vortex of doom

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer & missile
– Sarge w/combi-melta & power sword
– Rhino

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 7 w/flamer
– Sarge w/combat shield, power sword

I’m aiming to try and cover every angle. The basic idea is to most likely combat squad the Tacts, set the missile on foot and the rest with the Librarian in the Rhino. The Assault Squad is there to deal with…assault! Plus, I’m trying to work with this unit more since they’ve been shelved for many, many months until recently.

I took force dome on the Librarian just in case someone throws down something like Termies or Death Company. It probably isn’t going to turn the battle for me but should buy me some time. Vortex of doom is mostly to give additional threat to vehicles and maybe for the lucky bunched up unit, IE: deep striking Blood Angels.

The general weapon load out should be pretty balanced with AI and AV fire, plus a few power weapons for assault while keeping things relatively cheap.

As always, open for ideas and suggestions.

  • Anonymous

    Why a Rhino if you plan to combat squad out? A Razorback can hold them + Libby; you lose the fire point, but you gain a relevant gun (LasPlas would be my recommendation here, since it’s flexible and takes out one of your big worries, other heavy infantry.)

    For your Librarian’s powers, I think you’re aiming the wrong way. Failing the Vortex could severely hurt your army, although the Rhino does offer some protection in that regard. Force Dome is a decent power to protect the Rhino, but is otherwise rather lacking. Have you considered Null Zone? It’s an excellent power that insures your Missile shots can get through to the enemy a bit more consistently, and also the LasPlas if you run that as well. Bar that, Avenger is a nice thing to shoot out of a roof hatch and will make most other Marine players very unhappy. If you keep the Rhino, I think Force/Vortex or Force/Avenger are your best bets; if you go Razorback, Force/Null seems preferable.

    I think the Assault Marines are a middling choice- they just don’t bring a lot to the list that something else doesn’t do better. You already have a flamer and various infantry-killing shots, and Sternguard or such would do a better job cutting down a horde unit. A Land Speeder would be a cheaper and more mobile flamer (and, in many ways, more survivable), and Terminators or a Dreadnought would do a better job being an assault threat.

    Presumably you don’t use the prohibitions against 2+ saves, three-wound models, and vehicles with total armor > 33 that many groups do for 500pt lists? Otherwise the considerations for Terminators/etc are rather moot.

    Random Jerk List idea:
    10 Assault Terminators
    5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles, Homing Beacon

    • Only restrictions we have are the force org.

      All good points. My normal Librarian choices are null zone and avenger. I was toying around a bit. I did think about the Razorback, was a matter of working out the points. I’ll consider dropping the Assault Squad for something with more synergy.

      I don’t mind jerk lists but I couldn’t run that list without an HQ, still need one. Could toss down 5 though with a Librarian in termie armor to gate them around.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, you still have a mandatory HQ? That’s unfortunate, some armies are really crippled by that. (Hi, Tau!)

        Switching the Libby to Avenger instead of Vortex would be the easiest change to things. ASM aren’t terrible, I just don’t like vanilla ones very much because they lack most of the things that make BA ones useful (deployment options, AT guns, FNP/FC to make them good in a fight.)

        Running some Bikers instead of the ASM could work; like the Rhino, they can haul butt when needed and you have some good gun options as well as a survivability boost; however, they aren’t actually very good at assaulting, so you’d need to be careful there. But their TL Bolters actually end up being pretty good infantry-killing guns and the option of Flamer, Melta, or Plasma (plus an Attack Bike) is very nice.

        One other thought would be to use them as a delivery vehicle for a jump pack Captain (or Libby, even.) Pack, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor, and you have a guy who will chop up almost anything.

        • ming from B&C

          I’m in the same boat…


          Libby, avenger, null or avenger, might

          5 man tac, serg w/ PF, combiflamer, razor w/TLLC or LC/TLPG

          Exactly 500 points.

          • Hmmm. I may just have to change it up a bit just to avoid having two of us with the same shit :P

            • ming from b&c


              Tac squad, pod

              Ironclad pod?

              • Thinking maybe:

                * Libby
                * Tactcs x 10 w/plasma gun, missile
                – Sarge w/combi-flamer, power sword
                – Razorback w/las-plas
                * Speeder w/heavy bolter, multi-melta
                * Pred w/autocannon

        • Again, good options but I lack bikers at the moment. I’ll have to ponder on this a bit.

  • TheRhino

    I’ll likely be skipping this one. I can’t conceivably get there by 6pm, and just can’t see Marines being useful at 500 points.

    • ming from b&c

      I’ll be traffically challenged to be there on time, but the wee blue marines will be represented….

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