Feast of Blades Qualifier Report

Feast of BladesSaturday was the qualifier for Feast of Blades in my area and I attended with my Space Marines. By the time I had arrived there were only 7 tickets sold for the event but a bunch of people made it last-minute, quite literally, and we ended up having 11 players.

It was a pretty small event obviously. Our normal monthly tournaments run in the ballpark of 16-18 players but there was a lot of discontent regarding the Feast of Blades format. In short, as I could make a whole article out of it, the mission format was harsh in only awarding the winner any points, unless there was a draw. Others just felt the event would bring the douchebags out of the woodwork, which thankfully was not the case. However, there were some seriously tough lists.

I’ll keep this short. First up, here was my list. So, first game was against a Grey Knight player, Mark, sporting a Draigo-wing. He routinely plays at another shop in the area. Anyway, he was woefully short on units and mobility so I just held back until I took down his 3 Psyfilemen Dreadnoughts. I then threw my Hammernators at a Paladin Squad, the one without Draigo, and took them out. A lucky shot with a plasma gun saw his Stormraven go down, leaving him with just Draigo and his accompanying Paladins. The only thing that remaining unit managed to do was smash my Scouts but it still left him behind on kill points and I controlled 3 of the 4 table quarters giving me a 25-6 win.

Next game was against Luke’s Necrons. He had 3 Nightscythes, 3 Annihilation Barges, 2 Ghost Arks and Wraiths with a Destroyer Lord. Of course the Scythes and Arks had Warriors and Immortals. It was a brutal list that left me routinely moving to avoid the Wraiths and Lord. I managed to luckily down 2 Nightscythes but that was about all I accomplished the entire game. By the end I had the remains of 2 combat squads left and he took a 28-5 victory.

Final game was against Andrew and his Space Marines. We had very similar lists, though his was a bit more shooty than mine. I gave him first turn with the primary being objectives but I seriously paid for that choice. With his list having better range than mine I knew I couldn’t trade shots with him so I tried to close the distance. His dice would not fail him and every turn saw the destruction of something of mine and in turn the mobility I needed to close that gap. I was too far behind on kill points to try to dig out of that hole so I made some desperate attempts at taking the secondary, objectives. A few bad choices on his part allowed me to pull off the secondary and after we factored in the battle point modifiers we had a draw with 16-16.

A good day of gaming, though not a great showing on my part. Sadly, going 1-1-1 for the day is the best 3 games I’ve had in 6th edition yet. I’ll save my woes for another day though. The winners of the qualifier was Steve M. and his Daemons tying for 1st place with Luke’s Necrons. The 2nd place/3rd place went to Amish and his Eldar.

  • Lukas

    I haven’t been so impressed with a single unit since Thundercav. Wraiths with the DL are sickening. Double force org you could be staring down the barrwl of 6 Annihilation Barges ;) anyone against double force org yet?

    • Even without the Lord they are a threat. That unit really made the list. Without the threat of assault I could have worked on downing vehicles, how successful is hard to say, but having to constantly be moving greatly reduced my shooting output and made your life easier.

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