Finalizing a Standoff List with the Rebel Grots

Rebel GrotsHello all,

With about a month left before the Standish Standoff I’m feeling the crunch to get my army sorted out.  It doesn’t help that I’ve got two trips scheduled between now and then.  I’ve got about three weeks of effective time left!  I’ll also need to submit my list by the end of this week so now is the time to nail it down and I’m out of time to be overly ambitious!  I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what to bring/build and I’ve even managed to get some play testing in.  From a tactical standpoint I’m reasonably happy with the draft list I’ve been working on but I don’t think I have the time to pull it all together.

One of the units I’ve been back and forth on quite a bit is the Sentinels.  I wanted to include them because I just think they’re cool.  I’ve played a little with both Scouts and Armored Sentinels armed with Autocannons.  They put out an ok amount of firepower and both have proven more durable than I might have assumed.  The Armored version are a great tar pit against units with a low ability to harm AV12 in close combat.  Though I’ve had my doubts I have actually been quite satisfied with them.  Unfortunately I don’t think I have the time to get them on the table, even though I have the models for them.  They’ll have to sit this one out.

Next on the chopping block are the Chimeras.  Like the Sentinels, these have served me well enough.  They are transports with good durability and nice built in weapons, and with five models allowed to fire from the hatch the passengers don’t have to decide between being effective and being safe.  I feel I need to keep the Vets in a Chimera to keep them safe, and to have a scoring unit with decent mobility.  The CCS is going to hang out with the blob most of the time anyway so they are losing their ride.  As with the sentinels this is more of a modelling driven choice than a tactical one.

I have two Chimera hulls built but they still need turrets, weaponry, and other details.  By pulling one from the list I gain a head start on building a Devil Dog to replace the Armored Sentinels in my Fast Attack slot.  It’s a 12/12/10 fast vehicle with a Melta blast so I’ve been wanting to try one out.  I think it will be a decent front line tank to help my infantry push forward.

With the remaining points I can fit in a second Leman Russ Exterminator.  The twin-linked double autocannon replaces the firepower I’m losing by cutting out the Sentinels and I’ve already got most of the tank built.  I even have the points to upgrade them both to have hull mounted lascannons for some extra punch, though I could also give them both sponson mounted heavy bolters instead.  8 twin linked autocannon shots plus 18 heavy bolter shots should give any infantry squad a bit of anxiety!

So here’s what the list looks like right now.  I have the lascannons on the Russes right now.  As I said, I could go with hull and sponson heavy bolters instead.  Or I could squeeze in a multimelta on the Devil Dog to complement the standard Melta Cannon.  In any case this list makes better use of the models I have in progress so I have much better odds of getting everything done in time.  I did make some more progress on the Ratling Snipers but I haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet.  Maybe I’ll put them up as a mid-week update.

Thanks for reading.  Any thoughts on tweaking the list would be appreciated, but keep in mind that my model options are a bit limited due to time constraints.

  • I think the changes will hold up well and the bigger thing will be getting in some practice.

    • I agree. So far my biggest issue with all of the IG lists I’ve tried has been mishandling. I don’t think I’ll get more than a game or two before the Standoff so I guess that will be my practice :P

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