FLGS Tournament: Quick Report

Greater Daemon of Slaanesh - 1Yesterday was a 2K tournament at my FLGS. Normally our tournaments are packed with anywhere from 16 – 20 players but yesterday there was just 7 of us. Guess everyone was busy!

So, I wanted to try Chaos with a strong Daemon detachment. Here’s the list I ran: . The big thing I was looking to accomplish, other than seeing how lash fares in the 6th meta, was trying out flying monstrous creatures. Chaos’ Daemon Princes are jump, Daemons’ Princes are FMCs (flying monstrous creatures), so I had the Lord of Change (if you’re doing a Tzeentch setup he’s so worth the points), and a Tzeentch Prince.

First game was against Space Wolves with a Grey Knight detachment. Details are fuzzy already so going to blow through these. There was a terrain piece in the center so I had opted to swing around that on the left to hit his army on that side as the other side was a huge firing lane. To that end I pushed my entire army that route and I was slowly losing the battle of attrition. A bad roll on his part, his Librarian getting perils and killing himself off, freed up my 3 Flamers from that combat. Those Flamers went on to roast 10 Purifiers, his last remaining troop, and I had a single Plague Marine holding a table quarter when the game ended. I had table quarters, just took kill points by 1pt, and tertiary (forget what that was), for a 29 – 3 win. A big win margin but I had 4 models left and he had around 8 left. It was a big slug-fest.

Next game was against Imperial Guard. We were letting people play Imperial Armor stuff and this player had two Vulchers with punisher cannons in his list. This game played opposite of my first. Where my first game saw me start out poorly and pick up late game, this game saw me take a strong lead and slowly lose it. I was de-meching him pretty well, explosions reducing the squads effectively, and advancing. Then Ogryn, lead by Yarrick, charged one of my Slaanesh Princes. Long story short here, those Ogryn, mostly Yarrick, held up the board center and I had to throw more resources at it. Meanwhile he was also advancing on my left flank. The final turn saw him take me off my objective with shooting and a solid win. He took this one 25 – 11.

Final game was against Daemons, the person whose models I was borrowing to run my list. It was a bit back and forth for the first two turns but ultimately he was taking the upper hand. It was almost a dueling deep strike deployment of Flamers. He got his and roasts, I get mine and roast, he gets his 2nd squad and roasts. He had more though and they pushed him into a strong lead with the rest of his army securing it. I, however, did manage to kill off all his troops. I knew I would not win if I went at him in my normal manner. I couldn’t afford to trade bodies. So, I focused on his small troop squads. That choice, despite me taking a pounding, managed to keep the game close and ultimately he won 18 – 15.

So, not a great showing numerically with 1 win and 2 losses but all the games were awesome and had their own cool moments. My comeback on the first game was a fucking miracle. Anyone who saw that table by turn #4 would have thought I was completely done for. Second game I had so many lucky shots and his tanks were going up like they were made of balsa wood but a game of attrition is one IG can afford and I just slowly watched that win allude me. The back and forth nature of Daemons vs Chaos w/Daemons was amusing. Just when you think you’re screwed you get more stuff and things are renewed, dice permitting. Definitely fun.

As far as my intent for the day, I was pleased with FMCs. Mine were shooty and I really like how that worked out. It allowed me to vector strike and still have good firing. I was able to swoop around and lend supporting fire. They just did well for me. I won’t say they were amazing. They do not hold a candle to flyers at all, however I found them worthwhile. You just have to curb that desire to throw them out there at everything and use them more like a scalpel.

The last end of my experiment did not go so well though. I, honestly, have never been super impressed with lash. I’ve had some games where it’s been amazing but more often than not I may get it off once and it tends to be lack-luster, the latter being the case in my games.

  • Turner

    It’s worth noting that your second game that one of the HQ choices was the “Grace Of Throne” battle tank which gave all of the chimeras (5 of them) and the hydras (2 of them) had the “Ace” upgrade from Armoured Battle Group. (+1 armor pen) so effective those multilasers were three shot autocannons, and the hydras were like missile launchers…. with skyfire and auto targeting.

    • Completely forgot about that. Not sure how though, it was brutal to face.

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