Mr. Fluffy Goes to Tourney Town Pt. 5 – Legion of the Damned

Hello there fellow warmongers!  I’m back with another of ‘Fluffy List for Competitive People’, and this time I’m going to try and build a Flaming Death Metal Band in Space! Legion of the Damned List!


Ozzy would probably regret biting the head of one of these as well…

The rules for creating the list are as usual – No Allies abuse / No Deathstars / No LoW or Flyer formations / No D weapons / No Spamming great units / No Formation abuse

Not the Legion we are talking about (Oh Lord, if only!)

List 5: Imperial Guard & Legion of the Damned List

Now the Legion of the Damned (LotD) only really turn up when some Imperial boyos are in serious trouble, so we will have to construct our list along this conceit to make it both suitably fluffy as well as aesthetically satisfying when it plays out on the table.  This inevitably means allies of some sort will have to be involved, as LotD are one of lose rare factions which will result in a T2 auto lose if you try to play them solo.

Nope, still not the douche bags legion we are talking about

There is obviously plenty of scope for allies abuse to make this more competitive – I once saw this played with an Eldar Wraith Host *suppresses internal shudder* – but I will be trying to keep it fluffy and combining them with some good old beleaguered guard!

Last Stand at Bunker 13
1850pts Imperial Guard & Legion of the Damned List

Astra Militarum Imperial Guard
Combined Arms Detachment

Company Command Squad, Officer of the Fleet

Infantry Platoon
– Platoon Command Squad
– Infantry Squad
– Infantry Squad
Infantry Platoon
– Platoon Command Squad
– Infantry Squad
– Infantry Squad

Imperial Bunker, Comms Relay, Tanglewire x 3

Legion of the Damned Detachment

Legion of the Damned Squad (9), Heavy Bolter
– Warlord, Power Axe, Animus Malorum
Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-melta, Meltagun, MultiMelta
Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-melta, Meltagun, MultiMelta
Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-melta, Meltagun, MultiMelta

Legion of the Damned Detachment

Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-Grav, Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon
Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-Grav, Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon
Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-Grav, Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon
Legion of the Damned Squad (5), Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Yeah Ultramarines! Put that in your smurf and, er, no, wait…


So if there is one thing LotD lists live or die by, it is their reserve rolls.  Key to avoiding a T2 tabling of your meager allied forces is not fluffing your 3+ reserve roll, and so some sort of reserve manipulation is in order.  In past versions of this list I have gone with a minimal Space Marines CAD + bunker with comms relay.  While good for maximizing points left over to spend on the LotD, it does leave you a bit light on any kind of ObSec worth a damn (usually only 2 bare bones scout squads).

Because of this, I think the guard give you a better bang for your buck.  A basic CAD will free up the all important fortification slot, while 2 infantry platoons will give you a good amount of cheap ObSec that will come in handy late game if it survives the first two turns touching its toes in cover. The Officer of the fleet will also mean you can bring them in on a 2+, as long as you get the order off and he survives – guess who is going in the bunker then?

Deployment will depend on your opponent and what he has on the table/in reserve.  Either spread you units around in cover and make them hard to take out, or if your opponent has a strong alpha-strike capable of taking out the bunker (+ comms relays + officer of the navy) then bubble wrap your bunker to stop them getting to close, as well as giving the bunker a 5+ cover save from the meat shield.  Another approach is to by 3 x barricades to go with the bunker and surround it, but I just couldn’t free up the extra  points to do so – hence the tangle wire for a 6+ cover save instead (5+ with night fighting).

Oh no, no, we saw it – that’s why we’re here!  Flaming high five?  Anyone?

When it comes to bringing the LotD in, target selection should speak for itself.  Melta teams go for the armour, plasma teams go after the MEQs & TEQs, flamer goes for infantry.  The Warlord squad’s role will depend on which trait you roll for him – and there are some real gems in the LotD trait table.  There are no bad ones (ok, the soul blaze one isn’t amazing) but ‘Aura of Fear’ (-1 LD for each LotD unit on table), Ethereal Bolts (Amrour bane bolters!) and ‘Never to late…’ (auto arrive on T2) are all equal parts hilarious and useful when played well.

The Animus Malorum is also a nice little relic that gives the warlord and his unit FNP (a nice combo with the 3++) which also randomly removes models from units within 12″ if they fail LD checks (see Aura of Fear above for extra hilarity).  Each model slain also improves the FNP by 1 to a maximum of 2+, which is why it goes with the Warlord in the largest squad possible.

And if you didn’t already know what makes the LotD so good, it is of course their ‘chapter Tactics’. Some people complain that LotD can be a bit expensive when compared to your average Marine (25ps compared to 14pts) with a similar stat line, but let me ask you this – if you could pay 11 points more per model to get 3++, Deep Strike (with reroll to scatter), Ignore Cover, Fearless, Fear, Slow and Purposeful and the chance to take a special and heavy weapon in a 5 man squad – would you?  Sure, an extra wound would be nice or something like toughness 5, but they are already a bargain at this price, and while they may come unstuck against a ‘Green Tide’ or ‘Termga-Horde’ they will hold their own against deathstars and grav spam on account of those all round 3++ saves (just as long as you can keep pulling them off that is)


About as fluffy as Ken Dodd’s feather duster, and twice as unpleasant to see across a darkened battlefield

Older Britfags will understand and rejoice (although Tommy Cooper was better)


Looks like Cheese, smells like Cheese, and will no doubt leave your opponent feeling like he was hit over the head with an Edam in a sock.  However the truth is it is actually a bit of a glass cannon, and while the special rules look great on paper it can really fall apart quickly if you are not used to its nuances.  Buyer beware!

Yeah, because what’s cooler than Flaming skulls, huh?!

What!?! Who shouted Lionel Richie?

  • I loved the Roadwarriors growing up. Hawk was the man.

    I don’t know much of anything about the current LoD, but I think they’re awesome. Points heavy, but they got the rules to back it up.

    Do you actually have all those LoD models?

    • iapedus

      Oh man, the Road Warriors! This TRULY was the golden age of wrestling…..

      I’ve got about 20 LotD models painted up which allows me to do 1000pt games with them as the main force, or use one LotD detachment with a larger Marine CAD. I occasionally just proxy Marines as LotD if I am using them as the main force with a Guard / Inquisition CAD, but it never looks that great on the table so I try to avoid it.

      I have been slowly gathering enough spares to fit out the other half of an 1850pts force and do a nice conversion job on the warlord + Animus Malorum – the original models for LotD go for a song online and rarely come up (especially the sergeant) but there are always plenty of spares knockng around when you collect marines, and the conversion is pretty simple. Alas it is a project that is just too far down my epic ‘to do’ list currently…

      • Best tag team ever. Was just Googling them and saw that Hawk had died in 2003. My night is ruined.

        Relatively easy to convert up some LotD, but like anything it takes time. I always liked the idea of them, and the aesthetic, but the codex came after I stopped playing SM. Maybe some day I’ll do an army of them, cause I need another project too…

        • iapedus

          Tell me about it – can you remember the last time the number of projects on your back burner actually went down?

          • Nope. I haven’t even managed to start on any.


  • Jack Shrapnel

    Really like this list. Cool fluff using the guard with the comm relay, calling for help to arrive at the overwhelming odds, then out of nowhere here comes the Legion! Very cool list!

    • iapedus

      Thanks! I’m going to try and get a game in with a smaller variation on this theme and post it here soon!

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