Four Armies and One to Rule Them All

One RingLike a lot of 40K players who have been in the hobby for a while I have more than one army. As the article title says, I have four of them. There’s an inherent problem with them all though, none of them are truly complete.

Now, I think it’s fair to say no army is ever complete but some armies are far more complete than others. Duke over at BoLS put up an article the other day talking about how he enjoys being a collector. I definitely consider myself a collector as well but the problem is my collections tend to stall out and my mind wanders with thoughts of starting another army. So, I end up with a reasonable assortment of choices in any given army but not a full-blown collection.

My largest collection so far is my Ork army, though I couldn’t even give a reasonable guess on how many points it is. I have one of nearly every unit. I think the only unit I do not own is Flash Gitz, oh and some named HQs. My next largest is my Space Marines. I’m far from owning every unit but I have a majority of them, barring all the named HQs again. Then I have Chaos, still at a starter size but playable up to 2K, and finally my Necrons. My Necrons are tiny and hardly worth calling an army at this point.

The one thing all these armies have in common is they are far from complete. I may own a fair amount of units in each army, except Necrons, but it’s rather hodge-podge. For example, I own one Predator and one Vindicator. My Orks have one Battlewagon and one Boomwagon. In short, I lack redundancy. When you only have one of something there’s only so much you can do. I often end up throwing in non-ideal choices because I have no other options. Sure, I’d like to field a second Predator but instead I have to settle on a Vindicator if I really want another AV13 tank on the field. As you can imagine it can lead to some interesting army lists that don’t always blend well.

I need to get one army truly built up. I need an army that has redundancy, an assortment of unit choices that actually work together and is large enough to be diverse. My choice for this is going to be my Chaos Marines. They’re my latest army and have quickly become my favorite army despite having an old and horrible codex. Of course the codex should be out soon and I can’t wait. It’s really waiting on that codex that has held me back on expanding the force I have now and creating a full-blown collection. It’s one thing when you have an existing collection and a new codex comes out, you roll with the punches. When you’re in the process of buying the army however, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

For now, while I wait on the new codex and new models, I need to wrap up what I have. I haven’t posted progress shots lately but I have been getting a fair amount of painting done. I’m actually over the hump and have more of my army painted than not painted, which is always a good feeling. The codex though will hold up some of the work. I have a converted Obliterator ready for paint but if the rumors are correct on them becoming shooting only then that means I need to redo it and remove the fist. That’s not so bad, it’s the three painted ones I’m not looking forward to possibly needing to remodel and subsequently do some touch-up on. I have a few such units like that, rumored to be altering, so I just need to finish what I know is safe, like the second Rhino I have.

  • stealthystealth

    I feel that my orks are complete. I am really happy with my build that I made for the Stand Off last year. When I started playing Orks I envisioned a crazy random mechanized horde coming across the field. The list does that and I feel that it encompasses the Orks featuring models from every edition scratch builds. I spent a lot of time taking pieces from my collection to make it random but consistent.

    Now with the new edition flyers and what not its up in the air but I still look at that build and feel a since of closure.

    • See, I have a set style I can run as well with my Orks, Speed Freeks, but the army itself doesn’t feel like a full collection. I couldn’t run a green tide, for example, just Speed Freeks. It’s built to one style of play and that’s a bitch when you need to change things up.

  • Lukas

    “They’re my latest army and have quickly become my favorite army despite having an old and horrible codex.”
    Same exact feeling happened when I began Necrons :P (when they were still using that old excuse for a codex)
    If nothing else Chaos has incredibly badass looking models, and with the painting capabilities you have it allows amazing art to hit the table.

    • The models are awesome and one of the biggest draws for me. I’ve always been a fan of the ‘bad guys’ in games, no matter what. The bad guys always have the coolest looking stuff.

  • Warhammer39999

    When I first read the title, I thought I’d become inspirational to you. Now, I know you are but a padiwan.

  • JustHippie

    I’ll never be done. There’s too many nice Forgeworld toys to add. I do have some options with Orks and Daemons but never as many as I want(3 soul grinders would be fun, 3 squads of fiends,etc)

  • BenitoSenence

    Well I’ve been at this perhaps too long but my Imperial Guard is pretty complete. Altough there are some missing units from owning everything in a codex I have made the redundancy feature too well for them. I’m pretty sure I can field over 8,000 points of them and can do any build except artillery which has been a thing I’m against for them. The Nids follow since I just built a brood of Raveners so their isn’t much I need for them either. I still own 2 I could add to but with two scary large collections I have resisted

  • TheRhino

    I only own the one army, and only a fraction of it is even assembled. I keep WANTING to start another army, but just don’t have the time. Plus, I made myself abide by the “paint what you have first, please” rule, so no new kits til every last scrap of Marine stuff is 100% complete.
    I fuond myself looking up ways to add some othe rmodels to my collection the other day while staring at some Kasrkin models I have on my desk. it started as a plan to add a small team of =I= stromtroopers (Henchmen) led by an Inquisitor, all in a matte black Chimera. Then I decided I didn’t want to be a counts-as Coteaz guy, so I went to IG with a Primaris Psyker (counts-as Inquisitor) and a 10-man Vet Squad, in a matte black Valkyrie. Funny how those thigns start to spiral.
    I ended up putting the Kasrkin models in a drawer so i wouldn’t have to look at them any more, lol.

    • haha. Your discipline is amazing. I’m pretty good about finishing things before moving on. I won’t start another army until the current one is complete, painting. But I had to break the ‘only field painted models’ stigma when I got Chaos. It’s one thing when it’s an existing army, it’s a whole other when it’s new to you. Plus, I just can’t spend the time painting a unit I’ve really not tried out and then find out it blows and you wasted your time.

      • TheRhino

        It helps that I have other things on which to spend my hard earned allowance. Between hockey, 40K, and shooting it takes some serious willpower to save up for stuff. I’ve been trying like crazy to save for a new handgun for a while now, but events keep eating away at my funds. When thinsg like that occur, the 40K budget is zero, which forces me to use what I already have.

  • ming

    I have a good collection of smurfs, and a messed up collection of unfinished IG. Best time I ever had was painting up and temporarily playing with somebody else’s chaos marine army. That was a good time…

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