Fratris Salutem 2013: Mission Testing

Fratris Salutem 2013I’ve been working hard on the Fratris Salutem event for May 18th at Crossroad Games. Yesterday I got the master done for the winning team’s awards so now I can focus more on getting the missions completed.

Speaking of, I wanted to talk a bit about the missions. The big thing with the event that we’re doing is we’re creating a story driven campaign style event. Note I keep saying event because it’s not a tournament in any traditional sense. The goal of the event was never to have 40 players duking it out to see who stands above the rest. Instead it’s about creating a fun and dynamic day of gaming driven by a story. It’s an intended departure from our norm and one I hope players really enjoy.

Now, I can’t give out details of the missions but I did want to talk about them in a general sense. At this point we’ve nailed down two of the three missions. Over the past few weeks we’ve been play testing the missions, the judges (can’t have attendees getting an advantage). Honestly, it’s been a blast. The first mission sets the stage and leads into the second mission. The third mission will play off the second once that one is done. It’s not three independent missions, it’s all part of the story being told and they play out that way. Spectre Senence and I had an awesome time playing the second one last night. Without giving anything away, the battle was continually changing as a result of the mission and we were forced to change our approach each time. It’s not something you would want at a tournament, letting the mission itself effect the outcome of the game, but it’s perfect for what we’re driving for at Fratris Salutem. You could be up against the ropes and suddenly everything changes.

There will also be team wide events. Certain tables will have effects that can be gained and given to their team. This occurs during the course of battle instead of being something that gets carried into the next game. Judges will be calling out these events as they occur and that team will immediately gain that benefit as they’re playing their games. It’s another element to help foster the dynamic nature of battle and help tie every single player’s game together.

Lastly, a note about lists. The event does not score army composition. Talking about army composition is just beating a dead horse. We opted to have a hard comp system, meaning this is what you can’t do, period. The potential for someone to bring a really nasty list is there, no doubt about it. That being said, with the ever shifting nature of the event itself, those lists may not perform as expected. This isn’t a battle point slug-fest, the day just won’t play out that way, so while people could show up with net-lists they may find themselves disappointed with its performance.

  • JustHippie

    Netlists performing poorly? Count me in! Maybe we can see some cool themed armies on top in the end. This could start a really neat trend in the 40K scene and hopefully others take this concept and implement it in their area.

    • I wouldn’t say performing poorly necessarily but with how missions are done, and the team events that can occur, a netlist has to deal with influences outside the player’s control. Those unexpected influences aren’t what netlists are built for.

  • I’m really looking forward to this event. It is an interesting approach and sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Warren Falconer

    I can’t wait for the event guys, this sounds like it is going to be an absolute blast.

    • JustHippie

      Damn, now I know I have stiff competition for painting. :P

      • Warren Falconer

        You bet your ass you do ; ), though I am not sure if I am capable of de-throning that beautiful daemon prince of yours.

        • JustHippie

          We don’t re-enter our stuff so you’ll be seeing new stuff or at least stuff I haven’t entered at Crossroads before. I think I’ll be bringing a Slaaneshi force for this one, FAST and Fragile.

          • Eh, I’ll re-enter stuff that hasn’t won but never a model that has won.

            • I agree with Thor on this one. I don’t have any problem giving a model another chance to win. I would feel dirty re-entering a winning model at the same place though.

              • Warren Falconer

                I have to say I am kind of with the hippie on this one. If it was entered in and fails it goes out to pasture or gets bitzed, or handed to the toddler, a win though, he gets to go in the cabinet and relax for the rest of his days.

                • JustHippie

                  Well then, that Khorne prince of mine didn’t win so maybe I’ll touch him up a bit. :P

    • Glad you’ll be coming down for the event. Is Rob coming, assuming I recall his name correctly?

      • Warren Falconer

        Yes sir , I am going to try to recruit some more from up here but the scene for 40k is largely dead.

  • Jeremy Brink

    This sounds AWESOME. I love the concept of a non-tourney, where everyone is playing the same story but it isn’t “you win and move on, you lose and have to sit around watching others.” That also knocks out some of the intense competition, which makes the whole thing more fun for all (i would assume). I don’t suppose you guys are in San Antonio, TX, are you? Cuz that’s where I am (trapped) and I’d love to get in on this kind of fun.

    • Thanks. It’s been fun creating and I’m really hoping it goes off as planned.

      We’re all up in Maine but you’re welcomed to fly up :)

    • Warren Falconer

      As a Texas refugee (23 years, most of which was in your neck of the woods, Corpus Christi) I highly recommend not only a plane trip, but just going ahead and moving to Maine. Seasons are amazing!

    • Maine?! Wow, that’d be quite a trip. sounds nice though! I’m an Ohio native, so I definitely miss the seasons. Here they have two: hot and dry and then miserably hot and dry. Not a fan.

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