Fratris Salutem 2014: Disciples of Twilight Enlightenment

Disciples of Twilight EmblemThis year will be the second Fratris Salutem (FS), a 40K story driven event held in Maine. I won’t delve too deep into it now but it’s basically a three game campaign set to a narrative. Last year I was one of the organizers and of course wasn’t able to play, though it was way more fun to organize and run than I thought possible. This year it’s being led by TheRhino so I’ll get to enjoy a day of gaming. Story-wise, you can read about it here.

Once the Standish Standoff 3 concluded I began considering lists for this event. I want to make sure I’m not rushing to get units painted or bought last minute. I had some ideas, mentioned a few here, but wasn’t sold on anything yet. Then yesterday I was at a monthly tournament at an LGS and one of the regulars showed me his list he’s considering for FS. He decided to make a Blood Ravens force themed after the Dawn of War series. I had seen some of his models that Wednesday, he had a finished (I think finished), Gabriel Angelos model leading his game that day, and a Devian Thule model complete with a wrecked version and a normal version.

It was when he showed me his list that I realized I have approached my list the wrong way. FS is all about a really fun fluffy day of gaming. The day is run that way with the missions, the story itself and just how the event is organized. You’re not there to be awarded for kicking ass all day and the objective is to work as a team, Imperial vs the Forces of Chaos, and win as a team.

It finally clicked.

I need to approach my list in a full on fluffy manner. It’s not like I build dick-lists anyway but I do try to optimize my lists considering my collection. That is now out the window, at least on approach, and I need to create a list that would be fluffy for Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Marines. The fun part, and I mean that literally, is determining what that would be. Disciples of Twilight are my warband and I establish the fluff. There’s a lot I have not worked out yet but there is some that I have and so I need to start with what I do know so far.

Daemon Prince Ghostwrath
Daemon Prince Ghostwrath

Ghostwrath was the first of the Disciples of Twilight. Since becoming a Chaos Marine he has ascended to being a Daemon Prince. It seems fitting that he be present for this event. However, as a Daemon Prince it also makes more sense that he lead the battle by virtue of example and being in the thick of it, not commanding the Disciples of Twilight strategically.

Chaos Lord Soulgore
Chaos Lord Soulgore

The actual commander would be open to choice. I have Soulgore, my Chaos Lord. He’s the most known commander of the Disciples of Twilight, having led them in the Crusade of Fire campaign. As an aside, yesterday at the tournament it was awesome that everyone I played knew Soulgore. Nobody referred to him as my Chaos Lord, it was always as Soulgore. I just thought that was awesome.

The other options I have are pretty open for a commander. I have Maelstrom, my Sorcerer in terminator armor. I have a yet-to-be-named Sorcerer in power armor. I also have a Dark Apostle. Oh, I have the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord as well. Of course I could pick up any HQ I felt appropriate. This event is the perfect place for me to establish another commander; to create some fluff and background. For this reason I’m leaning away from Soulgore even though originally I thought for sure he would be included. I’m also leaning towards one of my Sorcerers since none of them are established and I use them way more than the Dark Apostle.

From there things get to be pretty open. Disciples of Twilight are an undivided group but do use cult units in their force in the form of mercenaries (best word I can think of though probably not the appropriate one). However, I tend to use cult units to bolster my list and that’s not the goal for this day. That means including my two Chaos Marine squads is a given. More than likely that also means including some Cultist units. I guess maybe I have the troops figured out.

The rest is much less decided and I probably won’t make any choices here until I determine my commander. For example, if I field Maelstrom (termie Sorcerer), then I will likely field Terminators as a bodyguard for him. If I use the power armored Sorcerer then I may take Raptors for him to hang with.

I have to figure out the commander to determine his retinue and see where points are after that. Regardless, each choice I make is going to be a fluffy one. The choices will be appropriate to the fluff I have established or intended to establish new fluff. This may be the most fun I’ve had making a list yet.


  • khorneinquisitor

    I like this. This really is the best way to army or list build in my opinion. I think you will get more out of Chaos Space Marines and the limited daemons you have with this attitude all the time, not just for FS. Traditionally, you aren’t the player to build the lists that stomp face at tournaments. Thus, might as well run three hilariously awesome games per tourney. I always want to try this, but when I run things such as possessed it IS frustrating to see such as awesome model and unit get obliterated under lasgun fire. I hope this works for you and further fuels your re-excitement towards the hobby that you have talked about recently!

    • It’s pretty much my goal, just build lists that are fluffy to me and help build up some fluff for my warband.

      I also hate seeing cool models go down. I find that more annoying than when I lose a model/unit that’s just there because it’s good and makes my list better. It’s why I get sad whenever my Maulerfiend meets an early demise; I really like the model.

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