Fratris Salutem 2014: Let the Planning Begin

PlanningI won’t be play testing lists just yet seeing as the event is six months out but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to enjoying creating lists. It’s an addiction of mine. I write so many lists just for the sake of writing lists. I can’t stop myself. So of course I’m already creating lists for an event six months out.

I’m not creating anything concrete at this point, more working out a direction for my list at this stage and things I want to try out. I don’t foresee painting to be a hurdle this time around since I have the core of my army mostly painted. I did well for the Standoff to play a list I wanted but painting did dictate some choices there; this time it’s free rein – I hope.

For those not familiar, Fratris Salutem is a seriously hobby focused story-driven event that we put on here in Maine. Last year was the first one. Basically, it’s a day campaign that takes place through three games. If you’re interested in what we did last year then you can check out the materials here.

Assuming that the Forces of Chaos continue to be the aggressors in the upcoming event, I want to field a fast strike force style list. It’s my preferred style of play and fluff-wise my Chaos Marines, the Disciples of Twilight, are a small warband so hit and run tactics is more their style. If, however, the tables turn and Chaos goes on the defensive then I would build a list accordingly. Hell, it would give me a reason to field my Defiler!

Soulgore: PIP #3-4
Soulgore in the process of being painted.

One thing I know I’m fielding regardless of story is my Chaos Lord Soulgore (Lord on a Juggernaut with Axe of Blind Fury). It’s a model I’ve been working on for a long time and he’s in the process of being painted. I enjoy creating characters and Soulgore is one of mine. It’s one of the things I enjoy about the Chaos codex, and all the newer codices are doing it as well, and that’s the ability to create amazing HQs from scratch. You no longer need a special character to get a great HQ choice and that is awesome. I also like having games help create the fluff and history for my characters like Soulgore and this story driven event is a prime spot for it.

Typically Soulgore runs with a pack of Spawn so there are good odds they’ll be in the list as well. I have considered other ways to put Soulgore on the field though because I hate being too predictable. Options are somewhat limited though. He could hang out with Bikes but then there’s the issue of combining his run with Bike turbo-boosting. It seems to be a gray area and I don’t want to create a big debate about it. The only other logical place I can think to put him is with Raptors. Movement is similar and both run, so no issues there. He’ll serve to keep the squad fearless, though I would also consider an icon of vengeance for the Raptors if Soulgore breaks off.

The plus side with Raptors is I have a squad with an armor save, unlike Spawn, and a squad that can take special weapons. The downside is I’m paying more for those 10 Raptors and their 10 wounds than I am for 5 Spawn and their 15 wounds. When it comes to melee Spawn are tougher, stronger and have more attacks, though they get hit easier at WS3. I think the choice will ultimately come down to whether I feel I need more special weapons on the field.

Another unit I want to play around with are my Bikers. I’ve run my Bikes as Khorne for melee goodness, Nurgle for resilience and now I want to give Slaanesh a shot. With the mark of Slaanesh and the icon of excess I’ll have I5 Marines that are T5 with FNP. At a reasonable size I think this is a unit that will prove to be a great annoyance to an opponent. Oh, with this idea I’ve considered an M3 Sorcerer on a bike to ride along. With a mark of Slaanesh he can do really well as a force multiplier for the Bikers.

Lastly, for now as I won’t make this a novel, I’m looking again at my Maulerfiend. It’s the model I love to hate. Prior I never had all that much success with him unless it was against a newer player. He would run up, take a melta shot or a few plasma shots and die. Since then though I have gotten a lot better with ensuring I have enough fast elements that some of it actually hits my opponent’s lines. He may still get picked on and dropped advancing but at least now I will have other units to plug to gap and keep advancing.

  • khorneinquisitor

    I would opt for raptors. No, they are not as tough, but 4 attacks at S5 on the charge is nasty. You could also include a power weapon. Moreover, it would give you a second character so soulgrore can’t get challenged out. Plus, the extra number of models means that while you have less wounds, those smashing MCs aren’t quite as scary.

    • Four attacks on the charge of I give them MoK anyway, which I probably would points permitting.

      I agree that body count has its own merits as well and no arguing that a second character would be damn helpful.

      Definitely something I’m going to test out. I tested out 10 Bikers with MoS and the icon of excess for FNP and they held up damn well. Expensive but a very tough unit.

      • khorneinquisitor

        That IS a pretty tough unit. It just depends on how you want to run them. The raptors can be split off and deepstrike instead of walking on. I think bikes of Khorne would work well. For turbo-boosting, you run Soulgore and must maintain coherency but it is simple.

        • But is it that simple? You move at the speed of the slowest model and need to keep coherency, that’s covered in movement but is that applicable to movement done in the shooting phase, running, turbo-boosting, etc? Is it that you continue to follow the rules outlined in the movement phase, as you’re saying (which I agree with by the way), or is there something we’re missing?

          The case I see some make is this: pg. 14 “In their shooting phase, units may choose to run instead of firing. Blah, blah, blah.” 

          Well, the unit has Bikes and Bikes can’t run so the unit can’t run; it says “units may choose to run.” So, because the “unit” can’t run then the model, Soulgore, cannot run.

          I don’t follow that line of reasoning though. Bikes state that they can’t run but “instead” make a special kind of move, turbo-boosting. So, I say Soulgore runs, Bikes can’t run so “instead” they turbo-boost.

          This is the thing I was hoping to avoid though at games, having to go over reasoning and rules if someone thinks my justification is crap. An FAQ entry would be handy for something like this…

          • khorneinquisitor

            it IS simple really though. The entire unit rolls a D6. Ok. That determines maximum run distance. Run distance for the bikes=0 because they cannot run. HOWEVER, they CAN turbo-boost. Bikes entry under turbo-boost makes NO use of the word “unit”. It says, I believe deliberately, bikes and jetbikes every time. THUS, sequence of events player-wise (although it occurs simultaneously in game time). Roll for run. Apply results if able. This precedent is set by if you have a unit of artillery with 1 crewmember and 2 guns. That one guy can walk around…he has to stay in legal location but he can MOVE, but the guns can’t. During the turn, the gun can’t move or run, but this in no way prevents the guy from moving or running to legal positions. The guns just don’t move because the GUNS specifically can’t move, not the unit. An example of something that makes an entire unit unable to run is slow and purposeful. Thus you apply the results to soulgore. THEN, you also turbo-boost the bikes ensuring that coherency is maintained.

            • TheRhino

              As mentioned on the forums, (for the readers who don’t go there) a unit can only declare one action in the shooting phase: shoot, run, boost, etc. Once you declare an action, all others are made unavailable. If you say “this unit is running,” you roll the dice, move eligible models, and are DONE. You can’t say “half of this unit is running, a quarter are shooting, and a quarter are boosting.”
              Each option is mutually exclusive.

              • khorneinquisitor

                ultimately it won’t matter. They will take one 7″ S D shot and die because no cover, armor, or invuln is allowed. GO CHEAP MAN! :P No, but really I think raptors and bikers are the best option. Bikers fit hit fluff and are tougher so the unit will be T5. Raptors will let an enemy rack up wounds on him at T4.

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