Fratris Salutem: More Mission Testing

Fratris Salutem 2013Considering all I’ve been doing lately is related to Fratris Salutem, I may as well post about it, at least what I can without giving away too much.

Last week I finally made a push and got the third mission drafted up and we play tested it. No play test is without value but the game was so one-sided that the information gleamed was minimal. This week we played it again, with some adjustments, and the mission played brilliantly. The game itself was close, as of course we hope all games are at the event, but most importantly it was fun; at least I think most importantly.

Creating fun missions has been the key from the start. You can’t run a hobby/narrative event and use missions right out of the book. Even my missions I’ve written that we use for monthly tournaments don’t work for this setting either. These all had to be brand new missions, written from the ground up specifically for this type of event. From all the play testing we’ve done on all the missions I have to say that it has been successful.

With that monkey off my back, mostly, I can turn my focus on to something else we’ll have during the day, in-game events. These are things that players on certain tables can trigger that effect all the games going on, not just their own. The great part about these is not only does it make the games more dynamic, it also gives players additional goals in their match. You could be going neck-and-neck with your opponent and an in-game event triggers and gives you that slight edge to pull ahead. Maybe you’re getting the crap beat out of you so you decide to commit yourself to triggering the in-game event to at least better help your team out, becoming a martyr.

Once the in-game events are finalized we’ll be in good shape. I want to get all the details for the games nailed down early for more testing and to be able to set aside the largest task for this event finally. We’re getting there!

  • BenitoSenence

    Its been a,blast doing these missions, if you can sign up for this event we think you will enjoy yourself. The cool aspect is team bonus which makes everyone’s game important!

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