Gaming Record: The Close of 5th Edition

5th Edition: The EndWith the close of 5th edition I wanted to see how I fared in my games. I’ve tracked my gaming record since I began in 40K 6-years ago. It’s not an ego thing, it’s a programmer nerd love of statistics.

Let’s start with how things went for me in 4th edition.

Orks: 2 wins, 9 losses and 3 draws
Necrons: 1 win, 3 losses, 0 draws
Total: 3 wins, 12 losses, 3 draws

As I’ve said before, when I began 40K I played a select group of friends and they didn’t go easy on me.

Now on to 5th edition.

Orks: 34 wins, 31 losses, 8 draws
Necrons: 9 wins, 12 losses, 2 draws
Space Marines: 56 wins, 62 losses, 16 draws
Chaos Space Marines: 28 wins, 27 losses, 8 draws
Total: 127 wins, 132 losses, 34 draws

Honestly, I can’t complain much. I’m surprised my Orks did as well as they did, especially considering earlier this year I ran them for a few months and took 7 losses with them and a draw with absolutely no wins.

My Necrons, as you can tell, didn’t see a lot of table time. Like many, when 5th hit my Necrons went on the shelf and I haven’t bothered to build them up since the release of their new codex.

The Space Marines, not bad but not amazing either. It took me some time to get used to playing a power armored army after so many years of playing Orks; far longer than I expected. I still think the codex is solid in the face of more recent codices. It takes a certain skill to use such generalists and face down the more directed approach codices but that’s the fun of it.

Lastly, the Chaos Marines. Their my most recent army and one I’ve come to love. I’m completely happy with how they’ve held up for me, all things considered. Like my Orks noted above, the last few months has been rough on my poor Chaos Marines but I still managed, albeit barely, to pull out a positive win ratio with them.

Like everyone else I’m anxious to see how my armies handle 6th edition and I can’t wait to start throwing dice. Part of the fun of a new edition is re-learning everything. I don’t just mean rules but also strategies and tactics. 6th Edition may completely change how I play any of my armies and I look forward to working through it and finding my groove.

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