Hobby, a Game & Chaos

I couldn’t come up with a great title for this post since it’s a conglomeration of things; a status update of sorts.


I’ve been showing the progress on my Chaos Lord with his Steed of Slaanesh but I have done some other work also. Nothing amazing but I did put together five Bloodletters. I still have to do some gap filling on them though.

I magnetized an arm on two of them to carry an instrument or banner as needed.

A 40K Game

Wednesday night I managed my first 40K game in a month. Life has interfered with my routine weekly gaming so it was nice to get out and play with my toys again. The game itself was very one-sided though. Let me show you why.


Thankfully my opponent is a cool guy and it’s the only reason I played against that and why I’m not going to piss and moan about the game. The results are as you would expect, I got destroyed. I gave it my best shot though. I had deep struck in two units of Obliterators and the Raptors behind a Knight and lit him up. It took all three units but the Knight went down (shot below). However, that was my only good round of shooting and it was downhill from there.

Chaos Space Marines

A bit of a mind dump here. Lately I’ve been playing my Chaos Space Marines instead of my Khorne Daemonkin. As much as I’ve praised KDK, I missed having that diversity of the normal CSM codex. I still think Khorne Daemonkin is a great codex and a ton of fun. However, with my need to buy kits to put together a reasonable list, and the fact that a Daemon assault based list has many issues in today’s 40K meta, I’m taking a break from it. As much as I enjoy Khorne, there’s so many great units in the CSM codex that I keep finding myself missing. Mixing and matching Chaos Gods is one of the things I really love about CSM.

There are rumors floating that we’ll see a Chaos codex next month and I’m anxious. Chaos Space Marines were the first 6th edition codex and has suffered for years now with its mediocrity. I love Chaos and I don’t think the codex is terrible but it needs some love. I’m not one to wish list and buy into rumors so I just hope for something on par with everything else in 7th. The last two Chaos codices have been on the bland side and there’s so much potential there.

Lots going on for me and I haven’t been able to focus on any one thing lately. With infrequent gaming it has affected my hobby motivation. A lot of my hobby drive is based on lists I create and things I want to try. No games means no lists to to build and paint for. Hopefully my gaming routine returns to normal and in turn my hobby work.

  • I’m really looking forward to a new CSM codex…as long as they match the current power levels. If they try to drop back down to AM or ork levels…shit gonna hit the fan.

    • It really won’t take much to get CSM back up there. Some point adjustments and wargear options will fix a lot of the problems. Toss in a CSM detachment and some formations and call it a day. The icing would be injecting back in some of the flavor they once had with legions of days past.

      • Thought should have separate legion chapter tactics. Then of course, the various ork clans should have had different rules so….

        • Completely agree. It’s been a complaint of mine forever. The Imperium gets all the separation/flavor/mechanics but Xenos and traitors are neglected.

          • They need to break up battle bro’s too. But that’s just me.

            • Break up?

              • Best tier of alliances should be allies of convenience.

                • Gotcha.

                  I like the mechanic but I do think it would be good to see each army only have one battle brother. Right now the entire Imperium is battle brothers with itself and that’s a large amount of armies and really gives an unfair advantage. It would make sense from a fluff perspective too. I mean, are Space Marines really battle brothers with Guard? They both work for the Imperium but I wouldn’t call them bros. Let each Marine chapter be bros with one chapter. Is the Inquisition really bros with anyone, ever, really? So forth and so on.

                  • Ya it just gets pretty harsh when you get into a situation where you start having 3 groups of guys, all able to stack powers and utilities on each other. Though I agree with your assessment, the easier and less time consuming solution is just to make AOC the best level.

  • ming2005

    I agree. The next Chaos Marine Dex’ should have chaos-related chapter tactics – with a flavor of formations/detachments making you diverge your lists largely into one “brand” or another. However, I always argue that the existing codex itself has been awesome, it’s just a matter of play style and practice.

    Better you than me in taking on those Knights! I pack a bunch of Melta, but not enough to deal with 4 of those guys…it gets bad quickly when they break out Hellstorm templates….

    • There’s nothing inherently wrong with the CSM codex, and I like it, but it just needs a bit of work is all.

      It was a close game the first two turns but by turn #3 the Knights started getting into my lines and I was done for.

  • Castigator

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Chaos Space Marine Codex. My contact, who is annoyingly correct on these things, says the latest rumour is hogwash. He reckons there’s a little bit Tzeentch stuff coming out with the odd rule for AoS and 40k but that’s it. When I suggested that it will be next year then, he said ” Well, there’s always a chance but not that I have heard…..There’s other crazier things going on.”
    Hopefully he’s wrong, although he never mentions specific dates, I can’t remember him being wrong before about what is coming.

    • I was surprised to see the rumor to begin with so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just that, a rumor and nothing more.

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