IG for Fratris Salutem: The Rebel Grots Go It Alone

Hello all,

My first Rebel Grot Veteran Squad is just a couple of ink washes away from being complete.  I might have them done in time for a mid week update.  Instead of posting pictures that will look almost identical to the finished ones I figured I would use today to talk about my plans for the Fratris Salutem in May.  First off, I hope to attend but until a date is set I can’t guarantee it.  May contains my daughter’s 10th birthday and my 15th anniversary so it’s already a busy month.  In either case I’ll use the Fratris as a deadline to push some progress.

The Fratris Salutem is a 1500 point event with limited allies (details not published yet.)  I’m planning to bring my Rebel Grots (IG codex) to join the side of Chaos.  From what I hear allies will be limited to Battle Brothers.  By that guideline I could technically ally with the Reavers (Space Wolves Codex) but I don’t really like the idea of that.  So the Rebels will have to go it alone.  I currently have 960 points of Rebel Grots painted to a tabletop level so I’ll need to finish another 440 points for May.  I’m planning to use the following list, which I played against Thor last week.

My HQ will be the Company Command Squad.  The squad has a Vox caster to help orders stick, a Regimental Standard to keep troops on the table, and a lascannon team.  The Commander also gets a bolter just for fun.  Most of the time they will hang back with the infantry blob to give them orders so the CCS can remain stationary to make use of their BS4 lascannon.  The squad has a Chimera which will often be loaned out.  The CCS is fully painted; their chimera hasn’t been built yet.

The first troop choice is an Infantry Platoon.  The Platoon Command Squad has four grenade launchers.  They are a cheap scoring unit that packs a little punch and a chimera makes them mobile.  I didn’t give them a vox because they are usually supporting the Penal Battalion (who can’t take a vox) or going alone.  Like the CCS, the PCS is painted.  Their chimera is partially constructed.  There are two Infantry Squads each sporting a flamer and a lascannon team.  One squad also has a vox caster.  They usually combine and hang back to take orders from the CCS and pick off big models from a distance.  If need be I could keep them separate to gain a scoring unit but I don’t do this often.  Both Infantry Squads are fully painted.

My second troop choice is a Veteran Squad with three plasma guns and a vox caster, mounted in a chimera.  They are a mobile scoring unit packing plasma death (for themselves as often as the enemy.)  The vox allows them to better take orders from the CCS when they aren’t camping in their ride.  The Veteran Squad is almost finished (as I mentioned in the intro.)  Their chimera is technically painted, but I want to put some more detail into the model and add some more paint.

Troop number three is a Penal Battalion represented by some Necromunda Gangers.  These guys are in for Grand Theft: Auto as they often steal the Commander’s Chimera.  When they are on foot the PCS usually supports them with “First Rank, Second Rank…” or “Move, move, move!”  This squad was painted a long time ago and could use a touch up but they’re good enough for now.

For fast attack I’m bringing a Devil Dog.  The Devil Dog sports a multi-melta and a melta canon (a multi melta with blast.)  It’s fast, so it can move 12″ and still fire both at full BS.  It’s also armor 12/12/10 so it can better afford being up front than the chimeras can.  Its job is to take out those really tough vehicles or 2+ troops and to push the front line while the rest of the army moves into position.  I have only used it once but I think it will be a nice harassment or assassination unit.  It hasn’t been built yet.

My second fast attack choice is a squadron of three Armored Sentinels with missile launchers and hunter killer missiles.  This gives them 6 krak missiles on the first turn to punch a hole in something I want to stop fast.  After that they can continue dropping krak missiles on vehicles or frag some troops.  They are armor 12 on the front so they can take a surprising amount of firepower and they’re great for tying up most units in assault.  They aren’t great at chewing through those units in assault but they can buy a lot of time for me to move everything else out of the way.  I’ve typically run them with Autocannons but I wanted to try out the missile/HK combo for better punch.  It worked well in the one game I’ve tried it but it’s also an area where I can scrape some points if necessary.  I have some sentinel models from an ebay auction that I plan to salvage.  In the mean time I’ve been using three killa kans as proxy.

In heavy support I have a Basilisk to rain death from afar and two Leman Russ Exterminators.  Against Thor I ran the Exterminators as a squadron and armed with the stock hull mounted heavy bolters.  I’m planning to split them into separate units so I can apply them separately.  Each Exterminator has a pair of twin-linked autocannons which have proven effective against almost everything.  These have been my primary anti-aircraft option and usually suffice unless I’m facing an airforce army.  In the Standish Standoff I ran them both with hull mounted lascannons for some extra punch, I might drop the hunter killers from the Sentinels to put lascannons back on these.  The basilisk is finished.  The Russes are basically painted but could use some more detail.

Last, and probably least, in the elites slot I have 5 Ratling Snipers.  These guys are pretty cheap and come with BS4 sniper rifles, infiltrate, and stealth.  I haven’t used them particularly well but they still seem to deliver every game by killing/wounding a few things then drawing fire from more important units.  As I get better with them I’ll be even happier with them.  Most importantly, I made some cool conversions to represent them so now they’re a must include ;)  These models are completed.

Overall it is a fairly mobile force with a decent amount of firepower and lots of armor to chew through.  In order of priority I need to build a Devil Dog, build a Chimera, finish a Chimera, and paint all three.  Then I’ll work on replacing the Kans with actual Sentinels.  The Kan mob isn’t a bad proxy but they can be confusing when I’m also using Ork allies.  If I get all of that done with time to spare I can work on improving the first Chimera and the Russes.

So that’s the plan.  I should get plenty of play-testing in between now and May so there may be some tweaking as I go.  I’m also open to suggestions.  I don’t want to deviate too far from the model plan since my collection is quite limited but I do have some leeway in which tanks I build since they’ll all be scratch built.


>>Note:  At the moment I seem unable to share my army list, I’ll add a link later on.

  • As I said last week, I think it’s a solid list. The biggest thing will be play testing and getting intimately familiar with the list. It’s hard to tweak even minor things without that knowledge. Playing a single game and making adjustments leaves you chasing your tail (I know, I do it a lot). Playing 10 games and making adjustments is grounded in experience and far more reliable.

    I’m setting up my plan very soon. I want to play test a list this week, based off last week’s list, and see where my preference is. I’ll then finalize my list and paint towards it. Thankfully I got a lot done for SS3 and for FS I won’t have a ton to get ready. Actually, you did as well.

    • I agree, the list is pretty solid. I doubt I’ll make anything but minor tweaks between now and then. One thing I want to change off the bat is to split the Leman Russ squadron. They don’t gain much from being a squadron and I don’t have a third Heavy choice so I’d rather have the flexibility to spread them out.

      Other than that the only thing I’m really thinking about is the Sentinels. They worked great in our game but I could swap their missile launchers for autocannons and upgrade a russ to lascannon. Three sentinels with autocannon and missile launcher actually have better odds against AV11 or 12, and I’d be gaining a shot overall.

      • Sounds like a good move, ACs on the Sentinels. You have enough other stuff, especially with this letting you add lascannons to the Russes, to handle the bigger stuff.

        • Yeah, if I didn’t have such easy access to lascannons and multimeltas I would be more tempted by the extra strength and AP of the missile launchers. As a generalist weapon the AC does a better job where I need it. It would still be a close match if they were the same price but I just can’t spend the extra points for ML over AC.

          The hunter killers, on the other hand, give me that extra first round punch that can make a big difference. I’m going to at least play with them for a while before I decide whether those points would be better spent elsewhere.

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