Imperial Guard Allies for the Orks, first game

Hello all,

On Monday I wrote about my plan to add Imperial Guard allies for my Ork army.  On Wednesday night I had my first chance to try them out.  Thor and I played The Long Haul at 1500 points.  Thor reviewed the battle briefly but I wanted to go over how my army worked in the battle.  One game isn’t enough for a decisive analysis but it is often enough to get a feel for whether the parts of an army fit together.  So far the feeling it good.

First off, here is the army that I was using:

Big Mek Ro-Twang – KFF, Cybork

7 Lootas

12 Slugga Boyz; Nob with PK, Bosspole


12 Slugga Boyz; Nob with ‘Uge Choppa


12 Shoota Boyz; Nob with PK, Bosspole, Big Shoota, ‘eavy Armor


20 Shoota Boyz; Nob with ‘Uge Choppa and Bosspole; 2x Big Shoota

20 Slugga Boyz; Nob with PK; 2x Big Shoota

Boomwagon with ‘Ardcase

Boomwagon with ‘Ardcase

Company Command Squad: Master of Ordinance, 2x Grenade Launcher, Lascannon

Platoon Command Squad: Bolter, Plasma Gun, Lascannon

Infantry Squad: Lascannon, Flamer

Infantry Squad: Lascannon, Flamer

The first thing I noticed as I was building the list is that like Orks, IG can put a surprising amount of bodies into a smaller list.  One of the things I really like about Ork armies is that I can fit in a decent horde element and still have plenty of points for my trukks and boomwagons.  IG fit that model quite well so I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing on my core build principles for the army.

I merged the two infantry squads and put them toward the center of my deployment with the platoon command.  I had the lootas on my left flank with the company command squad on my right.  The two large mobs went in the front across the left to middle.  The trukks were all on my right flank and the boomwagons behind the middle.  Thor deployed after me and set up heavy to my right.

I moved some units forward to help dictate what he would hit first but I knew he would come to me with his assault units so I held back enough that he couldn’t reach me in one turn.  First turn was Night Fight so there wasn’t a lot of damage on either side.  Second turn had pretty much all of my units in shooting range so I let loose with everything I had.  I wrecked both of his rhinos, damaged the spawn a little, and killed a bunch of cultists.  He did a good job of staying in cover, and as the rhinos were wrecked he bailed out behind them.  I opted to leave the trukk boyz in their rides and force him to shoot me out of them.  The oblits, havocs, and cultists did manage to wreck two of them and the maulerfiend tore up the contents of one.  The spawn failed to make their assault on my large mob of sluggas so the bikes went in alone and won the first round, sticking the mob in place.

On turn three I put a lot of fire into the spawn and managed to kill two.  I tried to charge them with the large shoota mob but failed.  The boomwagons killed a bunch of the CSM while the smaller ork mobs continued to whittle down the cultists.  The company command squad landed a lascannon, krak grenade, and artillery bombardment on the maulerfiend without a single glance.  The platoon command squad landed a lascannon and plasma hit but also failed to glance.  The lootas put everything they had into the maulerfiend for one glance.  The bikers were beat down to one model which broke in my assault phase.  In Thor’s turn the havocs and oblits failed to take down the third truck but did knock off it’s big shoota.  The spawn charged into the slugga mob which had only lost around four boyz to the bikes.  The maulerfiend ignored the small shoota mob still hiding in the crater of their truck and joined the spawn instead.  Between them they knocked the unit down to two models and swept them.

In my turn four the infantry blob failed a “First Rank, Fire! Second Rank Fire!” order but managed to get both flamers into range and put a decent number of wounds on the spawn.  The large shoota boyz mob mopped up the rest.  The platoon command lascannon failed to hit the maulerfiend and the plasma gunner was killed by snake eyes to hit.  The lootas managed to take it down.  I put some fire into the cultists, killing a few more before charging the last trukk full of boyz into them.  Huron cleaned up the mob in Thor’s turn but was left to be gunned down in mine.

In turn five the boomwagons cleaned up one squad of CSM.  The infantry squad finished the other squad while the large shoota mob killed three of the havocs.  The small shoota mob killed huron.  Then the oblits pushed enough of the large shoota mob off the nearest objective for the remaining havoc to run in and contest it.  The game ended there giving us a draw on primary and secondary.  Thor took tertiary with Warlord kills, and I had two bonus points for killing fast attack units.

I still had a trukk left and had planned to push it into his deployment on turn 5 to take the secondary objective but completely forgot.  I also could have pulled my large shoota mob back to hold the objective nearer me, leaving the one closer to him for my smaller shoota mob or IG to take.  He wouldn’t have been able to push me off of both so I should have had the primary as well.  Thor did a good job of using what he had to take victory in the last turn but I had a huge advantage on him by that point shouldn’t have allowed him to do so.

The army performed very well for me overall.  I’ve been using the blob and trukks with boomwagon support for a while now and that element performed pretty much as usual.  The lootas are a bit newer to me and I’m getting the hang of them and they’re a well known performer.  I was quite happy with the IG allies as well.  The lascannons weren’t strictly necessary against this army but they did some good and didn’t cost much.  I still had all of the ork elements I wanted but with the addition of more dakka!  The guard units are just as good for sitting in the back as a grot mob but they can do a lot more while they are back there.  I also like the reverse combat squad ability of the infantry squads as it increases their versatility.  I forgot that the company command squad could issue two orders per turn so I didn’t get as much out of that unit as I could have.  The Master of Ordinance is questionable.  It could be devastating, and it did a good amount of damage in this game, but it’s far from reliable.  Combined with all of those ork mobs in close proximity to the enemy it’s a worse liability than the boomwagons.  Although with an alliance like this it is very appropriate for them to blow each other up once in a while I’ll probably skip the Master of Ordinance in most games.

Overall the Ork/IG combo fits very well into my play style.  The IG allies do a good job of filling the major weakness I’ve suffered with the orks without detracting from their strengths.  I’m really looking forward to playing with them more, and modelling some new units!

  • They really do synergize very well with Orks. IG are just so adaptable that you can get them to fit with whatever you do with the Orks.

    The lascannons may not have been as needed against my list but, as you pointed out, it was more bodies on the table and they still have lasguns. Definitely an upgrade from using Grots in the same task of hanging back.

    • They worked well in our match, which leads me to believe I’m not sacrificing too much in other areas to get the lascannons on the table. I’ll be happy they are there when I need them but won’t begrudge the points when I don’t need them as much, which bodes well for supporting a balanced list. This core opens up a lot of other opportunities as well.

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