Imperium vs Xenos Campaign Concludes

Campaign Ass KickingIn hindsight I should have been posting about this as we were doing it, ah well. At the LGS over the past five weeks we’ve been doing a campaign that was the Imperium vs Xenos. Each week we’d have a scenario created by Dave, employee at the shop, and battle it out to gain points for our side. Our missions ranged from 2,250 games to Kill Team. The entire campaign was a blast and last night we wrapped up in brutal fashion.

The campaign had each side within 14 points, I believe with the Imperium having the lead. So, last nights mission was simple, annihilate your opponent, table him. The fun factor was that the winner of that game could take whatever units left alive to another table to aid your side by entering through a portal. The winner of the campaign would be the side left alive at the end.

Last night we had five matches taking place, me facing off against Dave and his Blood Angels. Dave’s 1,500 list had a Landraider with 12 Death Company (five power weapons and two power fists), being lead by a Chaplain. He also had another unit of Death Company with jump packs, 10 or 12 with the same weapons as the previously mentioned one, with Astorath and Lemartes. The quick and dirty on my list was a Big Mek with a kustom force field, 12 Lootas, 3 units of Boyz in Trukks, 3 Wartrakks, 3 Deffkoptas, 2 Looted Wagons with boomguns and a Battlewagon with a killkannon.

My list was an experiment. I have never fielded a full ensemble of tanks before and never a Battlewagon with a killkannon. The result was brutal.  I deployed far back to make use of my range while I could. In short order I had removed the jump pack Death Company except for Astorath and Lemartes, who did proceed to wreak some havoc. My plan was to bait in the Death Company and then spread out my army to surround them so they would not have a clear path through my army to smash it a unit at a time. In the end it worked but the Landraider pained me the whole game. Every shot was negligible against it and I finally opened it by charging in two units of Boyz for the Nobs to tear it open with power klaws. Once opened I just rained down pie plates from the tanks and cleaned it up. Game over.

I was left with my Battlewagon, a Looted Wagon (my 2nd was immobilized and couldn’t move on), 8 Lootas and 8 Boyz to carry onto another table. I went to help out a Chaos teammate matching off against a Necron player who was playing for the Imperium;  we were short on Imperium players last night. When I arrived my Looted Wagon took out 7’ish Warriors and my Battlewagon removed 3 Destroyers. My Boyz charged into a combat against some Wraiths tying up a Chaos Dreadnought and killed the Wraiths. Chaos was then able to finish clearing out some more Necrons and he phased out.

We both moved onto the final table still playing which was already Tau and Orks against Ultramarines to make it a 4 vs 1. The fight was all but concluded when we arrived and quickly ended with our entry to give the Xenos the win on the entire campaign.

The campaign was a blast. Throughout it I played on both sides but mostly for the Xenos. We could change up armies and sides as we played through but we all stuck to our preferred side when possible. The Imperium seemed to be continually short on players each week (surprising huh?), so my Orks did some Freebooting one week and my Marines made an appearance on another week. I’m glad I got to play for the Xenos on the final week and see us take the campaign. Time for some fungus beer!

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