The Raptors: Initial Thoughts and a Tentative List.

The RaptorsHey Everyone,

So, for the last couple of days, I’ve been scouring the internet and my own library of GW books for references to the Raptors Space Marines. Although GW scources are scarce, forgeworld has adopted the Raptors as one of their chapters. They were prominently featured in IA3: The Taros Campaign (which I own) and IA9: Badab War Part 1 (wich I do not own).

The Raptors are a second founding chapter formed from one of the battle companies not present during the Raven Guard’s disasterous involvment in the Istvaan IV drop site massacres. Originally, they sported blue, white, and yellow armor; but they have since changed to a camo green scheme after spending several years trapped on one of the worst Deathworlds of the Imperium (specifically Jemdaal). It appears that they have formally adopted the green scheme, and forgeworld seems to have retconned them to having green armor in the Badab War.

They appear to be tactically flexible, taking the Codex Astartes as a useful tactical tool and not a quasi-religious doctrine as some of the more… uptight chapters seem to take it. They also have been commonly documented sporting camo patterns appropriate to the worlds they are fighting in, most notably on Sancta Angelis or Operation Sedna.

Organizationally, they follow the codex, although IA9 states they prefer ranged combat and make heavy use of land speeders (they sport all patterns). they seem to prefer stealth based operations as they were the only chapter able to match the Mantis Warriors ambush skills during Badab War.

With all that said, I’ve decided that initially I’m going to focus on a mechanized force that makes heavy use of land speeders. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1500 Points Raptors:
Codicier Cardus Ashok – gate of infinity, null zone 100
Dreadnought Kaedus – 2x twin-linked autocannons 125
10 Tactical Marines – combi-melta, flamer, multi-melta 180
Razorback – twin-plasma, lascannon 75
10 Tactical Marines – combi-flamer, flamer, missile launcher 180
Rhino – 35
5 Scouts – shotguns, seargant w/combi-melta, melta bombs 90
Land Speeder Storm – multi-melta 65
2x Land Speeder Typhoon – typhoon missile launchers, heavy bolters 180
2x Land Speeders – multi-meltas, heavy flamers 140
5 Devastators – 3 missile launchers 135
Razorback – twin-plasma, lascannon 75
Predator – autocannon, lascannon sponsons 120

So it’s obviously a shooty force. The Scouts are in there for fluff and the potential first turn strike. Everything else is as “balanced” as I can make it. Although the force isn’t good at CC, each unit has at least something for taking on either infantry or tanks. Early days as yet, but I have the speeders and the razorbacks already along with all the infantry. All I would need to make this army would be 1 more speeder, the predator, dreadnought, and the librarian.

  • Organizational thing but swap the Razor and Rhino on your Tacts. You have your short range multi-melta in a Razorback when it’s better suited in a Rhino that advances and parks. The missile Tacts combat squad and you put the missile back to utilize the 48″ range. Just makes more sense that way.

    What’s the intent of gate on the Libby, IE: who is he porting around? I’m guessing he’s joining the Razor combat squad? I’d consider avenger instead. Gate is nice and is a cool utility power but how often do you see yourself using it with Tacts?

    • Anonymous

      It was more of a “oh hell, my AV11 vehicles got blown to hell and I’m way far from the objectives” kind of power. Also, I was initially going to throw up a 1750 list, but felt it was excessive at this point. I’m also considering dropping the Tac Razorback for a rhino and using the forty points for a power fist and some melta bombs.

      I think it’s pretty obvious where this is headed. Once ‘Ard Boyz rolls around and fluff no longer matters, it’s straight to the Space Wolf or Blood Angels codex for some Razorspam.

  • TheRhino

    First thing’s first. If you’re going to play Marines, you have to learn how to spell “sergeant.” lol.

    Overall, not too bad a list, especially at 1500. My ony concernis the relative fragilityof your troops’ mobility. You’re putting a lot of eggs in AV11 and AV10 baskets.

    You will also have to carefully balance your firing lanes, as you have several speeders that will need to be up close and personal with the enemy, lending them to short lifespans. The Typhoons, Rifledread, and Predator may experience hindered lines of sight when your MM/HF speeders go in for the kill.

    Your melta, while fast, is pretty much “one and done,” both literally and figuratively. Those combimeltas are obviously one-shot weapons. The tac squad sergeant won’t typically get his on target and still be in melta range. The Rhino/Razor is just too easy to shoot out from under him. The scout sergeant might get in there, but against a smart opponent, it won’t be taking anything high-value.
    The multimeltas are also 50/50 chance of having an effect. They either get in and blast something, or they get in and get shot out of the sky. 4+ cover saves for Flat Out on AV10 just isn’t spectacular enough.

    I think you might want to approach the game from a more Raptor-like ideal with this list. Instead of aiming for alpha strikes supported by long-range anti-tank, try flanking maneuvers and surgical strikes.

    • Anonymous

      I actually think I will be playing the scouts as an outflanking force unless I know I can get off a nice first turn alpha strike. AV11 and 10 does suck, but I don’t really want to do an all bike force (someone I know already does that :P). As of right now, I’m trying to stay away from special characters like shrike or khan so that leaves me with limited options.

      The other reason I went with a force like this is that I own most of those models already and alot of the models are basic to almost any marine force.

    • Marine troops only have the option of AV10 or AV11 transports, not counting Drop Pods. I mean, unless you’re filling up heavy slots to take Land Raiders and tossing Tacts and/or Scouts in there. If that were the only armor he was putting down then I could see the issue but he has no less than 10 pieces of armor in the list at 1,500, that’s pretty significant.

      It is sort of ironic that you have little love of the vehicle you take your online name from :P

      • Anonymous

        exactly, quantity is a quality all it’s own.

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