January 1,250 Team Tournament: Necron List

NecronWhenever we have a team tournament I can’t help but consider fielding my Necron army. I love these crazy robots and in a team environment I can hope to get paired with a partner that can cover the inherit weakness of the Necrons. Then again, I was once paired with Tau, definitely not covering my assault weakness, and we did well since we blasted everything before it reached us. Of course, it was a team of Orks and Space Wolves that finally did us in but we had a hell of a day regardless.

So, again I’m considering fielding these guys. It’s a toss up between them and my Orks. I’m leaning more towards Necrons just because I know we’ll have at least two Ork players anyway, maybe three, so no need to add more green to the day.

My Necron collection is lacking. It wasn’t long after I got them that 5th came out and sundered them. As a result I really haven’t put much into building them up as I’m awaiting the new codex before I commit more cash to the army. So, the below list is actually everything I own, well minus one Warrior and Scarab Swarm. Doesn’t leave me with any room to modify the list beyond the Lord’s wargear.

Lord w/resurrection orb, phase shifter, solar pulse, chronometron

Immortals x 8

Warriors x 11
Warriors x 10

Fast Attack
Destroyers x 5
Scarab Swarms x 8 w/disruption fields

Heavy Support
Tomb Spyder

I’m still tossing around the Lord’s wargear. I wanted the phase shifter for the invulnerable save to pair with the chronometron. That way if I do get assaulted and lose, the losing is a given, I stand a better chance of breaking away without being swept. Gaze of flame to deny the charge bonus would be handy also. I figure I can either try and cover some weaknesses with the Lord’s wargear, which probably is really a minimal effect anyway, or I could go with the orb and veil of darkness to gain some much needed mobility. I’ll probably go with the tried and true orb and veil but I can’t help but consider some of the other often neglected wargear choices too.

  • Todd the Goalie

    I’m thinking about going pure brick…two LRCs, two tac squads, a captain, and a 5-man Terminator squad.

    • The only thing is out meta has so much damn melta. That’s what has kept me from picking up a Landraider. It seems I hardly play a list with less than 6 melta guns these days.

      • Todd the Goalie

        My only other idea is a half-strength Master of the Forge list, with only three Dreads. Three Dreads just doesn’t seem like enough to get much done, though.
        I guess I could bring back the quad-plasma Command Squad for some Marine-murdering fun.
        Hard to decide at this point.

        • Yeah, the weak MoF list won’t hold up in a 2,500 game. Is plasma Command Squad on bikes? I think last I saw it they were on foot.

          • Todd the Goalie

            Yeah, on foot.
            1250 is really small to get a workable Biker force with any real kick to it. I’d skip Khan in a force that small, so I’d only be looking at about 170-190 points for my HQ.
            Although, I could run an HQ, and three 5-man Troops bikes for about 800 points, maybe 900. Then 350 points of ass-beating. lol. Either the LRC, or my Typhoon speeders and attack bikers.

  • EvantheNoob

    I’m thinking Gunline Tau. I know *shocking*

    Shas’el – AFP, plasma, fusion, hwmt, 2 shield drones 137
    Shas’vre Bodyguard – plasma, fusion, target array, hwmt 82
    Shas’vre Bodyguard – plasma, fusion, hwmt, target array, shield drone 97

    3 Fireknives – plasma, missile, mt, team leader w/ 1 shield drone 206
    3 Fireknives – plasma, missile, mt, team leader w/ 1 shield drone 206

    10 Kroot – 6 hounds 106
    6 Firewarriors 60

    6 Pathfinders – 72
    Devilfish – disruption pod – 85

    2 Broadsides – Railguns, plasma rifles, mt, team leader w/bonding knife, 1 shield drone, hwbsf 198

    Can you tell I’m expecting Blood Angels?

    • You really can’t go wrong building a list to crack open Marines. Thought you were going to start shying away from the gun line?

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