January Team Tourney: 1250 Point Tau List

TauTeam tournaments are always fun. I like being partnered up with a random person. The idea of not knowing what half your army is going to consist of prior to entering battle is enormously challenging. Four generals combining and pitting brain power and list power over three games of Warhammer 40k generally results in a hilariously good time for all involved.

Since my Space Wolves are so many grey plastic pieces right now, combined with the fact that I hate playing unpainted minis in tournaments means I’ll be fielding my trusty (some would say cowardly) Tau in combat once again.

The format for the tournament is 1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 1-3 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, and 0-1 Heavy Support with a “floating” extra choice in one of 0-1 slots. For Tau, this usually means elite or heavy support. I usually ask myself the question, “What armies are likely to show up?” before constructing my lists for these team tournaments. The majority of our players are (unsurprisingly) MEq, but there is a very strong contingent of Orks and a couple of Necrons as well. When I look at the potential lists, I sense a very chronic lack of railgun. This, of course, must be rectified. Here’s what I’m currently thinking

Shas’el – Airbursting Fragmentaion Projector, plasma rifle, fusion blaster, hard-wired multi-tracker, bonded
Shas’vre Bodyguard – plasma rifle, fusion blaster, flamer, multi-tracker, 1 shield drone
Shas’vre Bodyguard – plasma rifle, fusion blaster, flamer, multi-tracker
279 Points
3 “Fireknife” Crisis Suits – plasma rifles, missile pods, multi-trackers
186 Points
6 Fire Caste Warriors
60 Points
10 Kroot and 7 Kroot Hounds
112 Points
5 Pathfinders
60 Points
Devilfish – disruption pod
85 Points
3 Broadside Battlesuits – twin-linked plasma rifles, multi-trackers
Team Leader equipped with bonding knife, hard-wired target lock, 2 shield drones
300 Points
1 Hammerhead Gunship – railgun, burst cannons, disruption pod, multi-tracker, black-sun filter
170 Points

I feel that Tau have some of the weakest troops, so I’ve skimped on them. Since I will likely be paired up with Orks, Marines, or Necrons, I don’t think it will bite me too badly. I’ve tried to bring as much heavy firepower as possible with as much “duality” or versatility as I could. The Shas’el and Retinue are capable of tackling hordes, tanks, or heavy infantry, while the fireknives and hammerhead are good all-rounders. My broadsides bring S10 and really excel at taking down Tyranid MCs and small, elite squads like Obliterators.

I’ve gone for an unbalanced list, because, so far, it hasn’t bitten me in the ass. Hopefully, I don’t find myself with another player who only took minimum troops or we could be in trouble.

Feel free to comment and rip this list apart.

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  • Vi13_d3c0n

    hey evan Hazzard here,

    like the list,i just hope not to be paired agenst it with what i’ll be bringing.

    • EvantheNoob

      well, what are you bringing? Chaos Again?

  • This changed from when last I saw it I think. It looks good though.

    Yeah, plenty of MEQs for sure. I know at least three of us are bringing Necrons and then there’s all the usual Marine players and possibly a few =][= players as well. It may actually be a bit light on Orks this time, though we may see some bugs.

  • Anonymous

    With the meat of the Tau codex in the elite and heavy support sections, I find myself torn between taking more suits or more railguns. On the one hand, 9 crisis suits is a lot of fun, but I feel like the big blast from the hammerhead is too good to pass up.

    The Shas’El and Bodyguard are my swiss army knife set-up. I find that with Tau, there are always compromises. You can prepare for hordes, mech, and marines; but you can only really tackle two of those at once. Take tons of plasma and railguns, and horde will eat your lunch. Take too many pulse weapons and flamers, and marines will have a field day. It’s a tough balancing act.

    With so many necron players materializing lately, I figure I’ll have a decent shot at getting paired with one. They put out alot of shots (especially your army Thor), so I decided to go anti-MEq/Mech heavy.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I personally like the Broadsides better than suits for team tournament sorts of things. The Broadsides can pop tanks better than any other ranged gun in the game, which will help *any* list you’re with.

      The Crisis Suits, while good, have roles that can be filled by every other army. The broadsides add something that no other army can.

      With that in mind, I recommend dropping the hammerhead and a couple other random things, and find room for three more broadsides. Let the army you’re paired with kill the guys inside :)

      • Anonymous

        I thought of that, but unfortunately, at our FLGS not all armies are created equal. I feel I need to bring a balanced army on the off chance I am paired with a sub-par army. If I did go for 6 b-sides, the list would look like this

        Shas’el – AFP, plasma, flamer, hwmt 99
        3 Fireknives – plasma, missile, multi 186
        9 Firewarriors
        10 Kroot – 8 hounds
        7 Pathfinders
        Devilfish – disruption pod
        3 Broadsides – plasma, multi. team leader w/bonding, target lock, 2 shield drones 300
        3 Broadsides – sms, ASS. team leader w/bonding, target lock, 2 shield drones 288

        more railguns at the cost of mobility, some flamers, fusion, and the submunition blast. I also only have one vehicle on the board. which limits the cover available for Jump-Shoot-Jump.

        It’s intersting – I’ll grant you that. If I’m paired with a decent Necron or Ork player, I could be all right.

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