July’s 1,850 Tournament Results

TournamentAnother long and mentally tiring game of moving plastic models around a table and rolling dice. I didn’t fair poorly but I did not win the tournament and did not win any consolation prizes either, IE: best army, best sport and…there was another one. For the day I went 2-1, getting a massacre win, a minor loss and then a major win. Here’s the quick and dirty, oh and I was playing my Ork list that I mentioned here:

Space Wolves – There were five objectives, one center and two in each of our deployment zones. Hold the most and have the most kill points to win.The scary part of his list was two Thunder Cav units, each were six strong I believe. Unlike the cav units I’m used to facing, he didn’t nearly double their cost with wargear, they were pretty stock. The other unit of concern to me was a squadron of Land Speeders with multi-meltas and heavy flamers. I wanted to eliminate his speed to prevent last turn contesting.

I rolled damn well this game. My KFF (kustom force field), deflected every damn shot that came its way. The only reason I lost any vehicles was because he assaulted them with the Thunder Cav. He played aggressively and I let him, with me choosing to sit tight the first two turns. The Thunder Cav came to me, messed up two Trukks and then I removed them with shooting and a dual assault using ‘ard Boyz and Shoota Boyz. The other Thunder Cav unit was charged and removed by my Meganobz and Warboss, though I lost half them if I recall correctly.

From there I tried to finish off his Land Speeders, which I never did manage, and just pick him apart. Without the dual hammer of the Thunder Cav the rest of his list was manageable. It was a great game and I’m glad I finally got to play this person. In the end I took a massacre win by holding two of the five and him holding none.

Imperial Guard – An interesting game but not a very exciting one. The IG player was fully mech, so many tanks. We had two objectives placed in table quarters we did not deploy in, spearhead deployment. I put a few things in reserves to march on and keep him off one objective while I pushed every troop I had to the other, well three of the four.

So many tanks. Basically the game saw me hide three Trukks with troops in it while the other, Meganobz and Warboss, drew some fire heading for the other. Anything I had not out of line of sight was destroyed, Lootas, Meganobz with Warboss along with their Trukk, Kommandos after uselessly outflanking and later Grots. By turn #4 I raced my three Trukks for an objective and grabbed it. He later managed to contest it while I contested the one he was trying to hold. He took a minor victory because of kill points…so many tanks.

Sisters of Battle – This mission required holding a center objective while holding more table quarters also. Usually a good mission with my Speedmeks. His list was mostly on foot, which surprised me, but it was still brutal as I found out. I got to see Arco Flaggellants for the first time. I hope it’s the last time I see those things, good god. He had them upgraded to have the D6 attacks and those things just chewed through my units one at a time. Not that I was trying to feed them units but I didn’t have much in the way of shooting to put these things down.

Anyway, the mission played out bloody as hell. Sisters may not be seen by many as the most competitive army out there but when played by a good player they are a damn respectable army. At the end we both had very beaten and tattered units but I managed to hold the center and one table quarter to one table quarter he held, giving me a major victory.

So again, not a bad day really, at least to me. I really have a hard time trying to pull three massacres to win best overall, which is what you have to do more often than not. One of these days maybe. I did get to play three players I’ve never played, which was awesome. Congrats to everyone!

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