June’s 1,500 Tournament

Crossroad Games is holding a 1,500 tournament this month but it’s being done differently than usual. The store is hosting the semis for ‘ard Boyz this month and wouldn’t be able to also host the normal monthly tournament. So what they’ve decided to do is hold the normal tournament over a three week period on the normal 40K gaming night. You have to stick with your army but can change your list each week. Everything else is normal, army comp scores, painting scores, etc.

Last night was the kick-off of the tournament. I got there later than I wanted and when I arrived there were already 6-7 tables going! I had to wait a bit for a game to end and ended up facing a Chaos player who is just getting back into the swing of things after eight months off. The mission was one from last year’s first round of ‘ard Boyz if I recall, Drawn and Quartered. Each side deploys using spearhead and one objective is placed in the center of the quarters not deployed in. To win you need to hold more objectives and have more kill points, well for a massacre anyway. Chaos won the roll and deployed first. His list was something like:

* Abaddon
* Sorcerer
* Berserkers x 6 + Rhino
* Berserkers x 6 + Rhino
* Plague Marines x 5 w/power fist + Rhino
* Termies x 3 w/claws, chainfist & combi-flamer, autocannon & powerfist
* Termies x 3 w/power weapon & combi-flamer, power fist, claws

My list was:

* Big Mek w/’eavy armor, cybork, choppa, KFF (kustom force field)
* Lootas x 8 (2 Meks w/kustom mega blastas)
* Slugga Boyz x 11 + w/big shoota + Nob w/’eavy armor bosspole, slugga, power klaw + Trukk
* ‘ard Boyz x 12 +w/big shoota +  Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, slugga, power klaw + Trukk
* Shoota Boyz x 12 w/big shoota + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, shoota, big choppa
* Grots x 10 + Runtherd w/grabba stikk, slugga
* Wartrakks x 3 w/twin-linked rokkits
* Warbikers x 6 + Nob w/big choppa
* Kans x 3 w/rokkits
* Looted Wagon w/’ard case, plates, big shoota x 1, boomgun
* Battlewagon w/’ard case, ram, plates, big shootas x 4, kannon

He had deployed his two Rhinos with Berserkers to run for the objective to my north trailed by Abaddon. The Plague Marine Rhino was aimed to head to my east with his Sorcerer hiding in some ruins to my northeast. I deployed everything as close to the center as I could to be split in two halves. I was sending my Kans, Warbikers, Wartrakks and ‘ard Boyz to the north and Big Mek w/Sluggas, Shootas, Battlewagon and Looted Wagon to the east. The Lootas were set up centrally to fire to either objective and Grots were in reserve.

There really isn’t much to highlight in this game. This played out very much like the last time I played this same mission against another Chaos player. With my split forces I was able to deal with each half of his army. I had the advantage of speed and numbers. I took my time getting to the objectives with my Trukks, relying on my armored fire support to remove transports and then my dakka and assaulting to remove occupants. At the end of the game he had Abaddon left and an immobilized Rhino. I took a massacre win and got 2 extra battle points, giving me a score of 22.

A great start to the tournament and one of the few massacres I’ve managed in all the tournaments I’ve gone to. Now to see if I can keep it up for the next two games.

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