June’s Team Tournament Conclusion

TournamentThe team tournaments at the LGS are probably the most looked forward to events we have. It’s generally 1,000 to 1,250 per-player so beginners can generally make the points and having a partner always lends a different atmosphere to the games. This past Saturday was no exception for turnout with 20 players in attendance.

The partners are random and I was paired with Amberclad and his Black Templars. I was running my Marines, Fate’s Angels, with a list I completely revised from the last play testing on Wednesday. The list was good but I thought a bit too reliant on a good pairing so I threw caution to the wind and rewrote from the ground up. The result was a semi-MSU list that was fully mech. Taking my advice from my recent article on keeping things fresh, I opted for the mech list to step outside my comfort zone and just do something different. The list focused heavily on shooting with one semi-hammer unit for assault, mostly a defensive unit as on its own it would be overwhelmed.

The first game was against EvantheNoob and his Space Wolves with his partner also rocking Space Wolves. Their lists were very similar to ours so it would prove to be interesting. The mission was The Long Haul, modified capture and control using the short edges for deployment. We got first turn and took the side with lots of narrow fire lanes. They deployed most of their stuff pretty well hidden from view.

I’m going to cover these games in broad sweeps. Both sides spent the first three turns taking lots of shots and neither one of us really taking an edge in the shooting phase. Neither side could roll more than a 1-2 for damage results. Turns 4-5 saw both sides making moves for the objectives, both of us securing our own while trying to push through into the opponent’s objective. The Space Wolves’ Land Raider dumped off some Assault Terminators to tie us down in the center. We eventually won the combat but good positioning on their part, and some more bad vehicle results on our part, meant we couldn’t reach their objective. Meanwhile their Land Raider tank shocked the large Crusader Squad to contest our objective and a Vindicator hammered that bunched up unit. The game ended on turn 5 with them contesting our objective and holding their own, a minor victory for them.

Second game was against a Footdar list and Necrons playing Defensive Onslaught: 5 objectives, one centered in each quarter and one central. Again we got first turn and set our ranged fire power back in our quarter with the Crusader Squad and Termies up front. They deployed most of their stuff to use the Monolith as cover with Wraiths forward. There were some Eldar on the right flank with Destroyers. I had opted to outflank two squads, having Khan, so they wanted to block off one edge.

The first two turns we poured everything into a 6-man Seer Council with Farseer and dropped them eventually to just the Farseer who was later charged and destroyed. Our approach was to push a few units to the top left to grab an objective, the Crusader Squad to the right quarter objective while most everything else lent fire support.

One of the things that nailed our opponents was the thought that I could not move in my vehicle outflanking squads if the edge was lined. After checking the FAQ we found I could tank shock through but if I was stopped then vehicle and crew were dead. They had spent a few turns setting this up and that ruling bit them in the ass. In the end we held four objectives to none, taking a massacre victory.

The final game was against an interesting pairing, Orks and Grey Knights but the Orks were sporting a mostly Grot army. This mission was Special Ops with us going second. They deployed along the width of the board pretty evenly. We opted to deploy in a refused flank on the left. The missions we chose were holding the center as our primary and kill points secondary.

Grey Knights unloaded in the first round of shooting with conversion beamers and a Pysker Squad, killing off about half the Crusader Squad. We shuffled vehicles to give cover to the Crusader Squad but our return fire was ineffective. The Ork Trukk full of Nobz was coming down our right flank with some Kanz and despite putting three squads worth of fire on the vehicle, the best we did was immobilize it. Nobz got out, Waaagh!’ed, and crashed into the Crusader Squad and my Rhino. Now, this is where things got…uncomfortable.

The Ork player took our some Crusaders, the Crusaders took out some Nobz, but the Orks managed 17 results on my Rhino. The Ork player claimed that the vehicle results counted towards combat resolution. I knew this was false and was checking the rule book and FAQ to find what I needed. Of course since the game I found it, pg. 63 stating “In a multiple fight including enemy vehicles and other unit types, the result of the fight is worked out as normal against the latter, ignoring the vehicles.” I did not find this during the game though and we let it stand as stated by the Ork player. The Crusader Squad was fearless due to his Chaplain and then it was claimed that they’d need to make 17’ish fearless saves as a result of the vehicle results. Also, that because he had an IC in there that his fearless saves were made separately, meaning 17 all his own. Again, another bogus call but me and my partner had done what we shouldn’t have, we gave up on the game already and again went with it. Of course, the wounds are allocated on the squad as are any wounds. The IC is part of the squad once the combat is over, meaning during resolution he’s again part of the unit and would not make separate saves. The result is as expected, the Crusaders were smoked.

The rest of the game was a futile effort on our part to try and deny what we could but the result was still a massacre loss for us. The rules calls on that Crusader Squad completely destroyed any chance we had. Had we not given up on the game, forced the issue, then things could have gone very differently. I doubt we’d have won but the chance was there and at worse our loss would have been less severe.

So, all-in-all not a bad day of gaming. However, I’d be lying if I said that last game did not leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Oof, you got screwed in Game Three.  Two blatant rules breakages. Without having watched the game, I can’t say if it swung the whole thing against you, but those were some very egregious errors.

    • Indeed.

      It’s hard to say with certainty what the overall outcome would have been. Suffice to say not having 10 Nobz rampaging our back lines freely, IE: still tied up in combat, would have changed a great many things.

      • Anonymous

        I’d be sure to illuminate the Ork player on the correct procedures for both rules, now that the game is over and done. Otherwise, the idea may spread to other players at the shop.

        • Said player appears to be aware of it now.

          For the record, I’m not blaming the person of cheating. I’m disappointed at the situation and that neither myself or my teammate spoke up at the time.

          • Amberclad87

            Yeah, at least 50% of that blame lies with us thor. We both knew that rule was bogus and should have called it right then and there but I think we were getting overwhelmed in the situation and I stopped caring when I knew how the dice were rolling. Couldn’t destroy a freaking truck with every missile we had!! I’m a little ticked seeing as I was winning that combat before those rules shenanigans and could have run those nobz down and that would have put us in a much better position.

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