Kamui’s Workbench-Slacking on the pictures!

Hello all,

Here’s my second week without pictures to update you on my progress.  Things have been hectic, and I’ve been spending most of my weekends out of town the last few weeks.  For now I’ll catch you up on my progress and try to post pictures later on.

I’ve been working on pulling together my force for the April Assault, a hobby-orented event coming up at Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine.  The land speeders I posted a few weeks ago were an attempt to find something to replace the firepower of my Long Fangs with something more appropriate to the feel of an all drop pod army.  Land Speeder Typhoons seemed like the perfect solution.  4 missile launchers and 2 heavy bolters for a similar points cost to Long Fangs with the same weapons.  Between the extra points and loss of split fire I lose some efficiency of cost but the tradeoff is much better mobility.  It also fells more appropriate to me that the speeders would scout a landing zone for the pods or deepstrike in with them, as opposed to a bunch of old dudes walking to the battle to set up their gear and wait for the pods.

So that was the plan.  Then I got the composition rubric for the event and found out that my 5 pods would cost me 35 of 80 points.  Plus I would lose another 10 for having a second HQ and second Elite without taking any Heavy Support.  That put me at 35 of 80 points for comp, only 5 points above the minimum acceptable score for participation!  Tthe pods are out and the Long Fangs are back in (they’re the only Heavy Support I own.)  I’m keeping the speeders because I still need some Fast Attack but with the Long Fangs back in I don’t need the missiles as much.  I’ll probably run them with Multimeltas instead.  I also decided to throw in a Lone Wolf because I’ve been wanting to try one out and with my new list being primarily foot based he can actually keep up with the Grey Hunters.  Here’s the list I’m currently working toward:


While trying to decide on my new list I took a couple of evening out to build a decorative tray.  I’ve been wanting to for a while now and since it’s worth painting points at the April Assault now seemed like a good time.  It’s mostly steel plating with a couple of plascrete slabs.  I wanted it to represent a staging area on the Jotenheim and to match the deck plating theme of my army’s bases.  It’s painted enough to serve its purpose but if I have the time after finishing up the rest of the army I want to add hazard markings and such for better visual appeal.

I’ll be taking three or four terminators who are currently on bland bases so I’ve made four new deck plating bases to match the rest of my army.  I experimented a bit with different textures as I wanted them to match without being the same.  They’re primed and waiting for paint before the termies are remounted.

The speeders are primed and ready for paint.  I finished one Typhoon Missile Launcher before deciding I’d probably go with Multimelta/Heavy Bolter Typhoons.  I’m almost finished with a pair of multimeltas for that purpose.

The Rhino had a very basic paint job so I’ve started adding highligting and some accent colors.  I also added a Reaver with a storm bolter hanging out of a front hatch to represent the pintle mounted storm bolter.  He’s in the process of being painted.  After he’s done I’m planning to add a freehand icon on one of the side hatches.

I apologize for the lack of pictures.  I’ve been doing a lot of this work out of a shoebox in someone elses house so I haven’t had much opportunity to get any good shots.  Until next time you’ll have to use your imagination…

  • Still wrapping up some items myself for the tournament. Glad to see you’re finally doing a tray. So nice not having to scavenge for one at the shop and generally having something that lends a cool aesthetic to the army.

    • Yeah, the sheet of acrylic has kept me from scrambling for a shop tray but it really doesn’t add much to the army aesthetic.  This one also gives me a nice place to stage my army between games to get a better picture of what needs to be worked on.

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