Khorne Daemonkin: 1,850 List for Standish Standoff

With about four weeks until the Standish Standoff, a big local 40K tournament, I need to nail down a list. I need a list I can get painted in time, so that throws out my Possessed; just won’t happen. That means I can’t run the Blood Host and so I need to look at a Combined Arms Detachment. However, I thought I’d add in a formation to get even more fast threats on the board. Here’s the idea:

Khorne Daemonkin: 1,850 (CAD + Gorepack)


  • Soulgore (Chaos Lord) – Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut, The Skull-helm of Khorne, Collar of Khorne, Meltabombs, Power Fist, Lightning Claw
  • Herald of Khorne – Hellblade, Juggernaut, Exalted Locus of Wrath


  • Gorgons (Terminators) (5) – Combi-melta, Power Fist, Chainfist, Reaper Autocannon
    • Terminator Champion


  • Bloodletters (8) – Hellblade, Banner of Blood, Instrument of Chaos
    • Bloodreaper
  • Bloodletters (8) – Hellblade
    • Bloodreaper

Fast Attack

  • The Unbound (Spawn) (5)
  • Heldrake – Baleflamer

Heavy Support

  • Deathcry (Helbrute) – Power Fist w/Heavy Flamer, Twin-linked Lascannon
  • Hellscream (Helbrute) – Power Fist w/Heavy Flamer, Multi-melta
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

Gorepack Formation

  • Bikes (3) – Melta x 2
    • Champion
  • Bikes (3) – Melta x 2
    • Champion
  • Flesh Hounds (5)
  • Flesh Hounds (5)

One of the big things I want to work with is small units. Not only is it good for the Blood Tithe but should also make it really hard for my opponent to neutralize all my threats in a single turn.

I don’t think the list is particularly tough but should prove to be a nuisance. The Bikes are disposable suicide squads. Hopefully they crack a tank before going down. The Hounds will be used to draw fire and tie up small annoying units. The Gorepack is the first wave. Behind that will come the Spawn with Soulgore and the Herald, as well as the Maulerfiend. Of course, the Spawn and Maulerfiend could hit with the first wave as well depending on my opponent and the game’s objectives. Hopefully reserves are nice and my Bloodletters don’t linger in the warp too long and they hit the enemy lines with wave two or wave three. The third wave will be the Helbrutes and Terminators; hopefully doing cleanup and supporting the previous waves in combat.

A game always changes and no one strategy works the same in every single game but that’s the general idea. I’ve learned that to make an assault army work in 7th you need to stagger your assaults. When you hit them in multiple waves you get to see how they react and then use your later waves to counter it. If things go well you have units bouncing in and out of combats every turn to tackle new threats.

This list only requires me to build and paint three Bikes, and the Bikes are mostly built at this point. I’ll write a variation of this list just in case I can’t manage to get the Bikes done in time. The variation, which is not written yet, will mostly be the same list but without the Gorepack. I will either move the Hounds or Bikes into Fast Attack on the CAD; likely the Hounds. From there I’d probably grab a CSM squad to get some more special weapons on the field. The list wouldn’t be as fast but it would be a bit more rounded.

As usual, I have no expectations of playing on the top tables in the event but I at least want to stay in the middle of the pack. With it being a hobby-centric event, soft scores are added into your battle points for best overall. As long as I’m a good sport, have a well painted army and stay off the bottom tables then I have a shot at Best Overall. Maybe it will be Khorne who finally leads me there…

  • Good luck with the list man, I should really see about forming an army out of my lot. Not idea what to actually run them as.

    Also do hellbrutes come with heavy flamers as standard on power fists?

    • Forming a KDK army?

      Nope. You have to pay 15pts to get the heavy flamers. Most of the time I don’t bother but when I have the points they are handy to have. Can’t go wrong with a heavy flamer really.

      • Oh no, not a KDK. I will leave that to you World Eaters ;) I just mean an army in general. I am just making things at the moment but not forming an army of them.

        Ah right, gotcha cheers. No wonder I didn’t see them on my Mayhem Pack.

        • Loyalist Dreadnoughts come with a storm bolter but the Helbrute comes with nothing; you have to pay for anything added to the fist. It’s annoying.

          • They come with a stormbolter and four attacks now and all. We fight up hill brother.

  • ming2005

    Pretty interesting list. Any different choices from the Gorgons? Unless you can get them FNP pretty quick, they may be the weakest link and largest point sink. It is a nice variety of chaos terminators (for modeling and painting), but they don’t seem focused. I don’t know how you can arm them better from your codex, but it might be worth a tweak, plus or minus bringing in some options. For example, dual multimeltas? Dual autocannons? Dual heavy flamers? Hey…I also have a old metal chaos-like terminator that I’d painted up for a failed project that (awesome, hooded, demon-like bolter weapon, some sort of crozius – might have been a chaos chaplain if there ever was such a thing) I’d consider trading for a whirlwind turret if you have one…you know me, I’m always dishing off chaos stuff when I find it in my collection…

    • I have to go on a bits buying spree to arm them differently. I’d like to get more combi weapons but they’re hard to come by for Termies, at least that aren’t way too much money. Only one heavy weapon per-five, so just the one reaper autocannon.

      I’m afraid I have no Whirlwind turret. It’s one of those tanks that was on my shopping list at the time that I never got around to buying.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        I agree with Ming, the Termies are the weak link. Not fast enough and not hitting hard enough on deepstrike. 5 Combi-meltas would give you a chance against a Knight on deepstrike, but this mixture of weapons is not focussed. Could you run 2 lots of 3 termies, one 3x combi meltas and one 3x combi flamers?

        The two Dreads seem unfocussed too. Would it be better to give both lascannons for some long range shooting? Or both multimeltas so they can move into midfield together? I would drop the flamer on the lascannon one at least and give him a missile launcher as if he is there to shoot he shouldn’t be getting into a fistfight.

        You also have a spare FA slot, so why not split the spawn into two groups, even if its a lone spawn and 4 spawn. Lone spawn are great.

        One thing I have found awesome as an addition to an assault army is a pair of Vengeance Weapon Batteries. They are cheap, (170 IIRC for two with battlecannon), AV14 all round, can hold objectives, act as deployable cover, can’t be stolen off you. Give them the battlecannon. Never fails to earn its points back. They give you some long range shooting and backfield presence.

        • The Termies are intended to start on foot. Basically, they’re a mobile reaper autocannon who can assault heavy armor to crack it. I want them on foot so I’m not holding too much in reserves: Heldrake and both Bloodletter squads as it is. I don’t have any more Termies or any other bits to swap in for arms. They are what they are for now.

          One Dread is the DV one, so he’s stuck as he is with the MM. The other I would have to build another arm for to change up the lascannon. I do have a missile arm for him but it’s the same as the lascannon, so can’t do both without work. It may be worth turning him into a gunboat though. I’ll have to see where I am with time after getting my Bikers ready.

          The Lord and Herald will join the Spawn so I want all the ablative wounds in one group I can get. If I could make them Nurgle and get that lovely T6 I’d consider it but at T5 I don’t want to risk losing my HQs early.

          At this stage I’m short on time to pick up new stuff to get ready in time. I do need to look at those cool toys though, like the Vengeance Weapons Batteries.

          • It’s actually really easy to convert the DV Helbrutes to a Reaper or TL Lascannon with a bit of tubing and some of those gargoyles that come on the CSM Vehicle Sprue or something. Much more useful for anything outside of a Mayhem Pack.

            • This one is all painted and done though, which is a reason he’s in the list :)

  • The Terminators and Helbrutes are definitely the weak links here, but the rest looks fairly solid. Termies really want a couple more Combi-Meltas, but I do understand the bits issue, and those are the hardest Combis to convert.

    I really need to get around to making a JuggerHerald. The Exalted Locus of Wrath is so great for DK. I just wish there were some way to get the Aura effect like from the Skull Throne while still being able to keep him relatively safe in a Unit. I really want the benefit for my MaulerFiends, but if I do go that way, it pretty much just guarantees that the Skull Throne is getting taken out very first thing.

    Also, taking an Instrument on just one Daemon Pack pretty much guarantees that Murphy’s Law will kick in and the other one will come in first every time ;)

    • The Termies and Helbrutes are slow moving anti-armor. They should largely be ignored because of the faster units and then fall into combats with those faster units a turn or two later. Alternatively, people focus on them and let my fast units get in their face; either way I’m good with it. I find it works out well if you have enough fast threats. Worst case it’s just more points for the Blood Tithe :)

      I like the Herald on Jugger. I’ve thought about the Throne but I feel the same, it would be target priority #1 to most people. Still, the Herald on Jugger with that setup is only 125pts; so cheap for what you get from him. In this situation he also gives me a character to take challenges as well so my Lord can smash the unit.

      Yeah, that’s how instruments or icons go usually. It wouldn’t matter if I put an icon on the second unit if I already rolled the first one though since you can’t pull in a unit who has already rolled.

  • Looks like a pretty fun and functional list. I really like the fact that you bring some less obvious choices and resist spam. The Gorepack is solid, brings a huge footprint to the table (hounds on 50 mm is massive) and a decent punch too. You got a good mix of speed and range. I think the terminator will work out ok, especially once FnP kicks in. Good luck!

    • Thanks.

      Unfortunately I haven’t re-based the Hounds to the 50mm yet. I have the bases, just haven’t had the time :(

    • I was running a pack of 16 Hounds that I got rebased a couple of weekends ago. It was epic. With 5 more to round out the back, I was able to screen the entire rest of my Army with them as I advanced. In another Game, they resulted in a multi-Combat that stretched over 4 feet, and eventually involved a total of 11 Units. At one point there was a 14″ gap in the middle, but it was still one Unit, since there were Flesh Hounds from the same pack left in both halves :D

      • 50 mm is a game changer. The foot print is enormous. I would prioritize rebasing, but that’s easier to say than actually find time to do.

        That multicharge sounds epic. :)

        • I was actually the one getting Charged, and then counter-charging in. My Opponent totally underestimated how much killin 24 Flesh Hounds take

        • I have the bases and know how I’ll do the re-basing. Soon I hope. The annoying thing is I’ll have to setup a new foam tray for them as they won’t fit in their current one once redone. Worth it but another time factor.

      • That’s impressive.

  • Berman

    I think your really going to like Having the Gorepack in you list. Two smaller suicide bike squads with the Hounds should really help you screen and threaten. Hope I draw you for a Round at the Standoff. I’ve yet to play against the Khorne Demonkin, come to think of it I don’t know that I’ve ever played you Thor. Would be a fun game I bet.

    • The list got smoked against Eldar last night and has me seriously rethinking what the hell I’m going to do. The whole MSU thing in the face of a very shooty army just isn’t going to pan out and it’s not just Eldar that can do it. Seeing as Tau are getting a new book soon I fully expect to see it in force at the Standoff. It’s just very, very hard to make an assault army work, try as I might.

      • Berman

        Yeah the Eldar Dex is gross. Tau is apparently the same codex with just the three new units plus formations and a decurian detachment thing so they are what they are already. (Basically everything new is being done in the new campaign book so it’s either get that and use the old Dex or the new Dex that compiles both)

        Its just hard to do Chaos Marines/Khorne Daemon Kin without getting spammy. I would suggest a game against some vanilla marines or Dark Angels to really see if you just had an Eldar effect or if you really need to re tool.

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