Khorne Daemonkin vs Blood Angels – 40K Battle Report

Another Wednesday evening and another game in with the Disciples of Twilight, Khorne Daemonkin. As I mentioned the other day, I wanted to try out a list idea. I explained in that article the concept so I’ll just jump to sharing the list again.

Disciples of Twilight: Khorne Daemonkin – 1,850


  • Daemon Prince – Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs
    • Rhino
  • Bloodletters (15) – Banner of Blood
    • Bloodreaper
  • Cultists (9) – Autoguns, HeavyStubber
    • Cultist Champion – Shotgun

Fast Attack

  • Raptors (10) – Icon of Wrath,Meltaguns x 2
    • Raptor Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword

Heavy Support

  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils
  • Land Raider – Twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Dozer Blade

Brazen Onslaught Formation

  • Terminators (5) – Combi-melta, Heavy Flamer & Assorted Power Weapons
    • Terminator Champion
  • Bloodcrushers (3) – Instrument of Chaos
  • Bloodcrushers (3)

Game Setup

We played the Maelstrom of War mission Contact Lost. That’s the one where you generate a card for each objective you hold. Dave, my opponent, got to setup first. He split his Assault Squads on each side of the board – Dante in one. He did the same with his pair of Vindicators. I put my Maulerfiend on the left side with the Land Raider toting Terminators, and everything else center to right so I could focus on on side and let the Maulerfiend tie up the other. Dave then infiltrated Scouts mid-field on my right and the Calledius showed up right in my backfield behind my Raptors.

Blood for the Blood God!

I failed to seize the initiative and the Calledius promptly started kicking my ass. She only killed one with shooting and charged in. She destroyed a few Raptors, made all 8’ish armor saves and then ran down the Raptor squad who thought they should run. A Drop Pod of Marines had arrived right near her, Tactical Marines with Mephiston. They had shot up my Cultists pretty well, leaving me with three. First Blood to Dave and he scored an objective, 2-0.

The Fight Begins
They came to us!

I was now in a situation I don’t like with Khorne, playing defense. Most of the objectives were midfield but I couldn’t leave Mephiston and the Calledius running around either. My Daemon Prince went for the Tactical Marines with Mephiston, killing off about half the Marines. On the left, my Maulerfiend charged the Vindicator and destroyed it. My Bloodletters moved forward towards midfield to get in position to drop in Bloodcrushers later off their icon. I managed one point for something, 2-1 Dave’s lead.

Me hungry.

The Calledius continued to ruin my day. She shot and killed off six Chaos Marines, charged and smoked them. The Assault Squad on the left managed to shoot and destroy my Maulerfiend. A Dreadnought came in with a Drop Pod on my left back line, near my Land Raider with Terminators but whiffed its melta shot. The Prince combat continued but this time in a challenge with Mephiston. Think we both put a wound on one another. Dave had drawn, I believe, three cards that turn and pulled another two points, 4-1 Dave’s lead. Unfortunately I did not hold any objectives and drew no new cards. My Bloodcrushers failed to come in. Rough turn start. Blood Tithe I went with Feel no Pain. Terminators jumped out of the Land Raider and charged into the Assault Squad with Dante. I lost two to Dante but killed off roughly seven Marines. My Bloodletters charged the midfield Assault Squad and destroyed them. I did lose all but four in the process though.

My two remaining Cultists charged into the combat with Mephiston and my Prince and I tried something. I did a Heroic Intervention with my Cultist Champion. Yup. Cultist Champion decided to “save” the Daemon Prince and fight Mephiston. He succeeded in the initiative test and Mephiston, of course, destroyed the Champion and also the other Cultist for 2 Blood Points. My Prince finished off the Assault Squad being freed up for another Blood Point. Yep, silly move in terms of killing stuff but perfect for Blood Points :) No Maelstrom points though. Now the rest of the game. Dave couldn’t pull any cards. Mephiston finally died to the Prince but my Prince died to shooting after, Slay the Warlord. My reserves arrived and both Bloodcrusher units deep struck midfield. I had also summoned more Bloodletters to grab an objective. I finally could pull cards again. Bloodcrushers killed Scouts and a Vindicator. Terminators died, along with the Bloodcrushers that went to help them, to Dante and the Priest that remained. I summoned more Bloodcrushers for another objective. I had the field at this point, turn #5, and Dave had little left. I did get two more points but the game ended on turn #5 to give Dave a 6-3 victory.


Extremely fun and interesting game. Having a turn where I couldn’t pull cards hurt a lot. I later managed to secure the field and objectives to pull more cards but I needed another turn to capitalize on it. Dave had five models left and I had two Bloodletter squads, two Bloodcrusher squads and a Land Raider. Yet, Maelstrom missions don’t care about body count and Dave played it well. I really liked the Brazen Onslaught formation with the Terminators and Bloodcrushers. It gives +1 attack when outnumbered and that gives 5 attacks a Terminator on the charge – when outnumbered, same for Bloodcrushers. Being outnumbered was a given in every combat too. In taking the Bloodcrushers I initially overlooked their base strength of 5, making them 6 on the charge. In turn, I found the Bloodcrushers to be a good unit. I can definitely see running that formation again. My losing streak continues but at least I had a fun game trying out some new stuff that turned out to be rather effective.

  • The culexus can’t assault after infiltrating or scouting. Considering that massive abuse of a super powered character, you really held your own!

    • Shit, you’re right. The person I played doesn’t play a ton and I just assumed it might have been a rule of the Celexus or something. Damn. Yeah, that would have changed things A LOT.

      • Haha ya, that really stopped any momentum you would have had. You would have just shot her off the table, and proceeded to gain all your bloods :)

        • *sad panda*

          Yeah, she ruined my day. Chewed through two squads, over 400pts of models. She died though to my Rhino’s combi-bolter :)

          • And now you know! And knowing is the half the assassins power! :) Always enjoy your bat reps. You’ll get um soon Thor!

            • Just remembered it was the Callidus, not Celexus. Either way, she was nasty to deal with.

              Thanks. That’s how it goes with gaming. I started off great, was like 5-1. For once in my 40K career I had a winning record! Slowly the losses crept up and have overtaken the wins finally.

              Still, I don’t mind as long as the game are good, like this one. I lost but I had great board control, had a good chunk of my army left and he had little. He played smart (barring the mistake), and beat me. It’s the games like my previous two that hurt where I just put models down to remove them constantly without doing much in return. Losing is fine, being destroyed and hardly getting to play the game, that sucks.

  • Very enjoyable as always Thor :). You have a good style of writing these that I am going to try and borrow from. I have a few reports to write up for my blow wars games but I am struggling to find a way to write them without sounding too dry.

    Shame you lost this one but if the units and tactics you were trying was successful then it is onee step closer to getting a list you are happy with, and can start taking skulls for the blood god :)

    • Thank you.

      I write reports the way I’d like to read them. I’m not a fan of the blow-by-blow reports, too long and more info than I need. I try and focus on the flow of battle and less on the precise details of it. Basically, the way I’d explain how a game went to somebody in person. I’m certainly not going to spend 30 minutes telling it :)

      I was really happy with the list. It’s the most I’ve had left on the board in a long time and also the most damage I’ve caused. Not getting reserves on turn #2 really hurt in this particular mission but it’s something I just have to better plan for. I might finally be on to something…

  • Gillbilly

    Always an Awesome read. Thanks for the Report!

    • Much appreciated! The only thing more fun than writing these is playing the game itself :)

  • Cheers for the write up man and sorry to see ye lost another one. Don’t worry the streak will break soon.
    How did you find the units you used though? Anything that will make it into a regular list? Those termis having five attacks on the charge was painful.

    • I really liked my list overall. The Brazen Onslaught formation worked out well and didn’t tie up most of my list to use it like the other formations. I definitely plan to run that some more to see how it does against other opponents. All those attacks is just great. I just have to see if the units live long enough to make all those attacks in other games.

  • JD Brink

    Sounds like a fun game. I don’t know squat about the Daemonkin rules but I like the summoning thing. And I really like the picture coming from behind the bloodletters here — nice job.

    • Thanks.

      It was a fun game. You managing to get in any yourself?

      • JD Brink

        Sadly, no. Haven’t had time to spend on hobby anyway, but the only guys I’ve found who would play are always on an opposite shift as me, so if I’m home they’re at work. Though you have made me miss my Chaos now…

        • That’s too bad. Maybe one of these days you all will find a day to play.

          I do love me some Chaos. Khorne Daemonkin has been fun. Still working through the kinks of it. Everyone who tries Chaos finds it hard to resist the call.

  • Very cool using the Brazen Onslaught formation. If nothing else, these new elements to the game make for a lot more interesting army builds.

    • It’s a good formation but I think it would shine more in smaller games. Bloodcrushers are so expensive and at this size (1,850), the units should have been 4-5 each for survivability. That of course means more points there, less points elsewhere. Doing 3 each would work in a 1,500 game or something I think.

      Still, experimenting is fun and keeps things interesting.

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