Khorne Daemonkin vs Blood Angels – 40K Battle Report

Things continue to be very busy getting ready for Fratris Salutem next week but every Wednesday is 40K night at my FLGS. Even when I have no hobby updates, I at least have a game to report. On that note, I can’t wait to have some hobby time for my stuff again…

Anyway, we played a 1,500 game. We played Maelstrom of War, at this point that’s just assumed here, and got Cloak and Shadows. That’s the one that starts with six cards and decreases every turn. It’s aptly named as well considering how that mechanic plays out.

Ah, my list. First up, I’m not making excuses here but with so little free time these days, this list was slightly tossed together. I need to get a list ready for Fratris Salutem in case I need to play as a swing player. To that end I need a list that’s fully painted. I have a lot of stuff I really like to use that’s not quite fully painted and couldn’t be used. Most of it’s close but with no guarantee on time to finish stuff I wanted to play it safe. I also really had a desire to use some models I really like that have proven to not be all that great, namely the Defiler and a Helbrute.

Khorne Daemonkin: Disciples of Twilight: 1,500


  • Soulgore: Chaos Lord – Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption, Power Fist, Lightning Claw, The Skull-helm


  • Gorgons: Terminators (5) – Reaper Autocannon


  • Vengeance: Chaos Space Marines (9) – Meltagun x 1
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade
  • Redemption: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Bloodletters (10)
    • Blood Reaper
  • Cultists (10) -Autoguns, HeavyStubber
    • Cultist Champion – Shotgun

Heavy Support

  • Forgefiend – Hades Autocannon x 2
  • Defiler – Battle Cannon, Reaper Autocannon, Twin-linked Heavy Flamer, Power Fists x 2
  • Hellscream: Helbrute – Power Fist, Multi-melta

The Game

My opponent Brian got side choice and to set up first. He deployed pretty aggressively with his tanks up front screening the infantry. I did likewise and then stole the initiative.

Khorne Daemonkin: Deployment
Things advanced and the Defiler took out five Marines from the Assault Squad in the back with its battle cannon. My Forgefiend glanced one of the Predators. I had drawn a bunch of objective cards for stuff I was already at and netted 4pts.

His retaliation was brutal. My Forgefiend went down and my Defiler lost its battle cannon, got immobilized and was down two hull points. His Death Company Dreadnought showed up in a Drop Pod on my left flank near my Helbrute and Marines but missed its melta shot on my Helbrute. Brian got first blood and an objective, 4-2.

Terminators and Bloodletters both arrived from deep strike. I put my Terminators near the board center to go for objective #6. I put the Bloodletters in his back line to squeeze units between them and the Terminators, hoping one of my two units would get to that objective. Termintors glanced a Razorback with their Reaper Autocannon and the Defiler did likewise with it’s Reaper on a Predator. My Helbrute charged the Dreadnought and got a shaken result. In return the Helbrute got immobilized and stunned – failed Daemonic Possession. Somehow I managed another point.

This is where I lost the game, though his opening salvo in shooting on the first turn was the precursor. The Bloodletters were whittled down with shooting and charged by his Assault Squad and destroyed before they could swing. The Termintors lost two of their own to shooting. My Helbrute got destroyed by his Dreadnought and the Defiler took another hull point.

Bloodletters vs Blood Angels

From there on out I basically continued losing a unit a turn. I lost my forward pressure and tried to consolidate my position in my deployment zone where I was near a lot of objectives but it wasn’t happening. I did manage to summon a Blood Thirster on turn #4 but it was too late. He had drawn some good cards and jumped up in points to around 8 to my 5 and when the game ended after turn #6 he had a 10-5 victory.

Game Wrap-up

Some times you have to do some stupid stuff to reinforce something you know. The list I ran was nothing like what I’ve had success with using Khorne Daemonkin. I basically threw what has worked out the window to experiment and paid for it. My lack of mobility really nailed me in this game where he had so many fast units. It let him setup the charges he wanted against the targets he wanted, which is what my lists normally do. His tank presence backing up those fast units worked out well and with my anti-tank stuff taken out early it let him pester my units all game long. He had a good list that outclassed my own.

Still, it was a good game and I had fun. It was the least value I got out of the Blood Tithe as well. I managed to get Feel No Pain once and then the Blood Thirster. My list just lacked the killing power to draw points and most of my points came from my own destruction, which isn’t the best way to generate points as you’re replacing losses and trying to hold on instead of pushing an advantage. Lesson learned.



  • First off I am loving how I can ask for a battle report on Twitter and then it shows right up, not a coincindence at all that.
    Secondly ouch. Just ouch. You really got hit hard there, but that is part of the problem with experitmental lists. Looking foward to seeing how your final list looks. Glad to see the termis and deflier getting some play as well.

    • Yeah, your timing was impeccable today :)

      The Termies I’ve used a few times and generally had good luck with but in this list not so much. I find they work better when I have enough fast threats to draw attention from them.

      The Defiler, I love the thing but rarely does it work out for me. It’s one of those units I love and want to work but it just never does :(

      • I have heard the souldgrinder is better in pretty much everyway but have never played either (or a game since 2nd edition).
        Love seeing two painted armies battle it out though.

        • It’s hard to deny the value with a Soulgrinder. He’s cheaper, has AV13 and Skyfire. Downside compared to a Defiler is the lack of It Will Not Die and Fleet but for the points you save, and AV increase, it seems more than worth it.

        • Wait a second. Did you say you haven’t played a game since 2nd edition?

          • Yup. Maybe one game in 3rd but that was it. Everyone in my area stopped playing. :(

            • Wow. So despite not having played in a lifetime, you are still in the hobby collecting and painting? You have my respect for that.

              There’s no local gaming stores around that play 40K?

              • There was a hefty break in between my times modelling but I have always kept the interest.

                I temd to only go for more relaxed games plus I don’t currently have an army. That is why I am building my thousand sons.

                • Ah, gotcha.

                  Warhammer 40K really strikes me as a game that you never fully lose interest in, at least to those who fully embrace all elements of the game: hobby, army creation, playing and the social element. I’ve seen so many people leave the game for one reason or another to later return to it. It’s a system that just has a magnetic draw to everyone who has ever played it.

  • Lucas Massa

    Very nice! I’m eager to try a Khorne Daemonkin list on the table, for a fun game.

    • They’re a lot of fun to play. I haven’t even thought of running anything but these guys since getting the codex.

  • Sometimes experimenting with a wacky or suboptimal list can be fun and pretty rewarding, as you can find out new synergies, and maybe start using units that on paper look lame, but acrually work pretty well

    • No argument there and I love experimenting with stuff as playing the same thing repeatedly can get old quick. I just wish in this particular game that it held up at least a little bit better against those Blood Angels though…

  • I don’t consider 10-5 a loss…more of a strategic retreat! Nice bat rep as always thor. Great to see you smashing into other armies on the tabletop with the khorne guys!

    • Mr Greggles will be applying for the position of Thor’s spin doctor ;)

    • Thanks.

      That’s the Ork mentality talking ;)

      “Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we
      die fighting so it don’t count. If we runs for it we don’t die neither,
      cos we can come back for annuver go, see!”

      • Of course! I feel khorne is exactly the same way.
        1) Did I get blood?

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