Khorne Daemonkin vs Eldar – 40K Battle Report

This past Wednesday I busted out the Khorne Daemonkin again. After the past few weeks of playing my Chaos Space Marines and losing every game, including at a tournament and going 0-3, I needed to reacquaint myself with the Blood God.

My list was nothing amazing but I was trying out a few things. First, Possessed. I have some models I’m going to be converting into Possessed so I should probably play test with them a bit, right? Second, was trying out an MSU style with Khorne again. I tried it before and didn’t have a ton of luck but I like to give something more than one shot.

Khorne Daemonkin – 1,500


  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince): Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor, Ichor Blood (left over points)
  • Herald of Khorne: Juggernaut, Exalted Locus of Wrath


  • Possessed (10)


  • Bloodletters (8): Instrument of Chaos, Banner of Blood
    • Bloodreaper
  • Bloodletters (8)
    • Bloodreaper

Fast Attack

  • Chaos Bikes (5): Plasma Gun x 2
    • Champion: Meltabombs
  • Flesh Hounds (6)

Heavy Support

  • Deathcry (Helbrute): Twin-linked Lascannon, Power Fist
  • Hellscream (Helbrute): Multi-melta, Power Fist
  • Maulerfiend: Lasher Tendrils

The list is really a big deviation from my norm. I had no units of Chaos Space Marines and no Rhinos. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that. I’ve come to realize that if I’m going to make Khorne Daemonkin work for me then I can’t play them like I play my Chaos Space Marines and so I’m forcing change on myself with my lists.

The Game

My opponent was Pat and his Eldar Wraith Host. Pat reached out on the Maine 40K Facebook group we have to play a game. I guided him to Crossroad Games, where I play, and he came out. Pat had not played in 10 years and really wanted to dive back into the game.

I had a spare set of Maelstrom cards and Pat was all for playing a Maelstrom mission so we jumped in. I decided to just play the standard one, Cleanse and Control, where you have three cards in your hand.

I got to setup first, putting most of my fast assault units on the left flank with both Bloodletter squads deep striking. Pat setup spread out a bit. He then stole the initiative from me. Pat had not played in 10 years and made a crucial game roll…it would be interesting.

On the left side a Wave Serpent moved up and dumped out the five Wraithguard with d-scythes. Those Wraithguard promptly roasted 5 of my 6 Hounds. It would have been all but he didn’t have the range to cook the last one. On the right his Serpents maneuvered a bit, as did the Wraithknight, and they unloaded into my Maulerfiend who made all but one save, taking a glance. Pat had a card for an objective he was on and scored: 1-0.

On the left I flew my Prince up beside the Wraithguard and the Bikes moved up a bit and unloaded, killing 2 of the 5. Ghostwrath, the Daemon Prince, then charged and killed those remaining Wraithguard. On the right my Maulerfield moved up a bit centrally and my Helbrute got into multi-melta range of a Serpent but had no luck. My other Helbrute, in the center of my back line, got a glance on a Serpent if I recall this turn. The Possessed with the Herald moved forward in the center to get an objective plus first blood: 1-2 my lead.


Pat backed off the left where the Prince was and hammered into my right flank and center. More Wraithguard with d-scythes jumped out in the board center and toasted 9 of my 10 Possessed. On the right that Helbrute went down to fire from the Wraith Knight and Wave Serpent. I think Pat picked up a card this turn, it’s all fuzzy: 2-2.

The Orks were used to proxy Possessed.

The Bloodletters didn’t want to arrive this turn. My Prince advanced on a Wave Serpent while the Bikes behind him secured an objective. Possessed lined up a suicide charge on the Wraithguard. The last Possessed and Herald of Khorne died to overwatch but it let my Prince charge into those same Wraithguard untouched. Blood for the Blood God! Ghostwrath whiffed a bit and only killed off two Wraithguard with no wounds in return. My Maulerfiend had charged his Wraithlord (warlord), and put a wound on him.


From here things got messy, which Khorne loves. My Maulerfiend was charged by the Wraithblades trying to bail out the Wraithlord but the Maulerfiend downed the Wraithlord before the Wraithblades could drag him down. Probably the most worthwhile thing my Maulerfiend has done in a very long time.

My Prince had broken through the center and smashed down two Wave Serpents and the earlier Wraithguard before getting shot down by the Wraithknight. My Bikes had died off but not before getting me two objectives. Helbrutes were all gone and all had left at the end was a unit of Bloodletters. I then summoned 8 more, giving me two units of 8; the last units I had and would get. Those two units fought the Wraithblades. One unit died off while the other clung on as the game ended. The final score was 11-9, Pat won.

The Last Stand

Game Thoughts

First, Pat did extremely well for a guy who hasn’t played in 10 years. He had read the rules and told me he’d been watching battle reports to get his fix. It paid off. He only had a few questions about rules during the game and the pace of the game was hardly hindered at all. It was clear early on that I didn’t need to pull any punches and his victory was pretty clear he kept up on a game he had not touched in a decade.

As for my list, I was pretty pleased with it. Fighting a Wraith Host was tough with what I had. There’s just so much T6 that with what I had left which hadn’t been d-scythed was struggling to get wounds in. Losing the Possessed so early, S5 base, and the Hounds (tar pit unit), I was up against the wall. I had to keep my Prince away from the Wraithknight, my best tool in this game, so it was a struggle.

I’m still eyeing the detachment and formations but continue to struggle with them. My problem isn’t so much losing objective secured as it is not having access to some units I want. If I go for the Blood Host then I’m pretty limited on unit choices since I lack the models for many of the formations used to comprise the Blood Host. What I may try next time is either doing two Slaughtercults or a Slaughtercult and Charnel Cohort. We’ll see…

  • “5. Ghostwrath, the Daemon Prince, then charged and killed those remaining Wraithguard. ”
    Holy !($@&! that was risky. Did you absorb the shots with another unit first? I see you did that on the second charge. Really smart thor!

    I think once you start using that blood host, and get the bonus FNP everytime you summon something (or attacks/etc), it’ll really boost the army.

    • Yes, forgot to mention that in the report. That one remaining Hound went in first to soak up the fire. I’m brave, not stupid ;)

    • Forgot to comment on the formation bit.

      Agreed. The Slaughtercult gets that benefit, which is why I was considering running two of those, or I could do one large one. Then it falls into the Blood Host detachment where at the start of every turn the army automatically generates one Blood Tithe point. More points to spend and generating two benefits when the points are expended is hard to ignore.

  • Vilicate

    Just out of curiosity, what units are you worried about not having access to with the Blood Host?

    I’d understand more if you were running Heldrakes, but your reports don’t have many (any) of those in it.

    Keep it up though, I really appreciate the run through of the army in so many iterations – normally I’m all over playing with just the “Decurion” style detachments (GW really needs a name for these formations of formations), but you’ve definitely been making me look at the CAD as worthwhile. Also, I wasn’t even looking at the Daemon Prince, after reading a couple of these and seeing that they ignore unwieldy….that makes the special axe even better.


    • The Heldrake is one I’d miss for sure. I take him maybe 50% of the time, you may have missed those reports. Bikers too. I just need one more Bike and I can do that formation but it doesn’t exactly scream as a must-have formation either. I’ve also been eyeballing the Skull Cannon as well and that’s not in any formation.

      I’m the other way. I’m so used to CAD that doing anything else just seems like a handicap even though I know it isn’t.

      I love the axe. When I run two Princes I give the non-warlord one the axe and the warlord gets the armor. They work in-tandem really well together that way.

  • Sounded like a fun game. It’s hard to deal with loads of T6, or that is at least what my opponents say after running into my Nurgle bikers.

    • haha, Nurgle Bikers! Yeah, it’s tough when T6 is the lowest toughness in the entire army.

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