Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands – 40K Battle Report

I pretty much ran the same list I’ve run the past few weeks for my Khorne Daemonkin but I tweaked it a bit. I dropped the Soul Grinder for a Defiler. The choice was purely for being WYSIWYG. Next month is a big 40K tournament and I won’t have a Soul Grinder by then – was using the Defiler as a proxy. So, I wanted to play with models I do have and might be using for that tournament.

Khorne Daemonkin – 1,500pts

Blood Host Detachment

Slaughtercult Formation

  • Soulgore: Chaos Lord – Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Power Fist, Lightning Claw
  • Possessed (9)
    • Possessed Champion
  • Rampage: Berzerkers (8) – Icon of Wrath, Plasma Pistol x 2
    • Skull Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
  • Vengeance: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade
  • Redemption: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade

War Engine Formation

  • Defiler – Twin-linked Heavy Flamer, Reaper Autocannon, Battle Cannon, Power Fists x 2
  • Maulerfiend – Power Fists x 2, Lasher Tendrils

I had to also do a little tweaking to work the points like dropping the Berzerkers down to 8 and removing a power sword from an Aspiring Champion.

From memory, the Iron Hands list was.

Iron Hands

  • Captain – Bike, Thunder Hammer, Shield Eternal, Gorgon’s Chains
  • Techmarine – Bike
  • Command Squad – Bikes
  • Assault Marines (10)
    • Sergeant – Power Axe
  • Assault Marines (10)
    • Sergeant – Power Axe
  • Scouts (5) – Shotguns
    • Landspeeder Storm – Assault Cannon
  • Scouts (5) – Shotguns
    • Landspeeder Storm – Assault Cannon
  • Scouts (5) – Shotguns
    • Landspeeder Storm – Assault Cannon
  • Vindicator
  • Predator – Tri-las

The Game

We got The Spoils of War Maelstrom mission where you can score your opponent’s cards for objectives. I won the roll but let Carl setup and go first. I figured he didn’t have a ton of fire power I was concerned with and going second is rarely a bad idea where objectives are concerned.

Here’s our deployment.

Seeing as he had way more mobility than me I decided to keep my units together to force him into a wall of bodies if he wanted to assault.

Turn #1

The Vindicator fired on my center Rhino, got a penetrating hit and blew it up. The Vindicator did kill a Possessed behind it and the Rhino’s explosion killed off two more. Some days 3+ saves are hard to make. Another Speeder moved up on my left and unloaded into Berzerkers, killing off around half. Otherwise, Carl maneuvered around to score Supremacy (3pts), plus first blood for a score of 4-0.

Top of Turn #1
The Defiler fired on one of the Assault Marine squads and scattered way off with the battle cannon. The reaper autocannon did kill one off though. Between the Marines in the left Rhino with plasma guns, and the Berzerker’s plasma pistol, the Landspeeder on the left was destroyed. The Berzerkers then charged the Scouts and killed them. The CSM in the center fired on the Storm there but the rolls weren’t with me. My Maulerfiend tried to charge it but missed the 9″ charge he needed.

Turn #2

My center CSM squad came under fire from the Command Squad and a Storm, failed morale and ran. The ASM (Assault Marines), on the left charged my Berzerkers. The Berzerkers held their own and won combat but the ASM stuck. The other ASM squad charged my Rhino and glanced it to death. Carl pulled two points for objectives: 6-0.

Top of Turn #2
I had enough points to summon a Blood Thirster, amazingly, so I did and also took Feel No Pain. I summoned the Thirster behind my core force for safety. My CSM on the left rapid fired and killed off half the ASM squad there, the one who destroyed their Rhino. The Defiler jumped into the combat with the Berzerkers and ASM. He didn’t do much, bad rolls, but I continued to slowly grind down the ASM. Soulgore (Chaos Lord), and Possessed charged into the Command Squad. In some more epic rolling, the Possessed only got in two wounds, both of which were saved. Soulgore put a wound on the Captain in the challenge and then the Command Squad killed off my Possessed. Oh, my Maulerfiend charged a Storm and smashed it. I scored three points this turn for something: 6-3, Carl’s lead.

Turn #3

I’m really fuzzy on what Carl did this turn. It was mostly close combats at this point. Soulgore managed to tank the Command Squad and Captain while doing nothing in return. The ASM and Berzerker/Defiler combat continued. Carl picked up some more objectives, 9-3.

I threw everything I could into that Command Squad. Both CSM squads went in as well as the Blood Thirster. I didn’t want to give up Slay the Warlord and I also had cards for killing in assault. The Thirster did a Heroic Intervention to get at the Captain but only put in a single wound. I can never roll 6’s with the Axe of Khorne. Between Soulgore and the CSM, I think, three Bikes went down and I lost nothing in return. My Berzerkers and Defiler finally cleared out the ASM on the left. My Maulerfiend charged the Vindicator but completely failed to destroy it.

I had enough points in my hand with cards to have gotten back into the game but I barely failed on every single card. We had to call the game unfortunately, the store wasn’t staying open as late as usual, so a loss I guess? It’s hard to say. At this point I had Carl on the ropes and had board control. However, not knowing what cards would be drawn by Carl makes it hard to say how it would have played out.


No surprises with how my list worked out; pretty much on par with the other test games. It tends to get pounded the first turn or two and then once the Blood Tithe is built up it lashes back with a vengeance. Getting the Blood Thirster on turn #2 was pretty amazing as well. Having assaults so early let me gain some points quickly and then the free points from the Blood Host added up. The list has proven to be pretty solid. The lack of speed in this game though really hurt. A few times I pulled cards for objectives I couldn’t reach but Carl could and so he stole objectives from me twice in the game.

I’ll definitely keep this list around but I need to get a new 1,850 list ready for next month’s big 40K tournament. As much fun as I’m having with this list, I won’t be scaling it up. I won’t have the time to get my Possessed conversions done and painted, which rules out the Blood Host detachment. I will have to go back to a Combined Arms Detachment but with what I’ve learned hopefully I can make it work this time.

  • ming2005

    Awesome and good to see the game. Your force is looking pretty awesome too. The painting is very bright and crisp, offset by your opponent’s mere lack of primer. I’d like to recommend you re-base though – get some really cool themed resin bases from somewhere and really set your army off to the next level!

    Blood for the Blood God!

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, Carl isn’t known for getting things painted these days. Hell, often he’s proxying half his stuff ;)

      I will be re-basing some stuff but sticking with my snow theme. All the ones with the terrible snow flock will get redone to the more realistic snow technique, which will help a ton. The more worthy models, like HQs and such, I’ll consider something more elaborate. There are some very nice bases out there from 3rd party companies for sure.

  • I know the feeling on the Axe of Khorne. One of the highlights of the Tournament I was at last weekend was my JuggerLord decapitating a D-thirster right off the bat in their Combat, because it was the first time I’ve ever rolled a 6 with an Axe of Khorne that wasn’t saved :D

    That said, it wouldn’t have actually killed the Captain off here, because Shield Eternal (boooo), but it would have at least denied his FNP.

    • Damn. That’s an impressive kill. I’ve managed a Wraith Knight once upon a time.

      Oh, I know. Carl is one of those guys who makes 6+ FNP saves like it’s a 2+ armor save though. If I could have at least denied that then the odds would have been even :)

      • Necron Players seem to be the worst for that. Feels like they’re always making at least 2/3 of their RP rolls, no matter how bad the nominal odds are.

  • Phil Morris

    Another nice battle report… always enjoy reading these!

    • Thanks.

      I’m trying to get better with these too. I was aiming to get a board shot after each player turn so you could see the flow of battle. Hopefully it helps make these reports easier to follow that way.

  • I felt like you had the upper hand in the battle but it’s really hard to tell how the game would have gone. The tactical objectives and the dice are flicker. Great write up, as always. You’ve got a great format for your bat reps.

    • The first two turns I took a bit of a pounding but by the end of the 3rd I felt really good about where I was. He had a solid 6pt lead on me but had I killed an IC in close combat, that Command Squad, I would have gotten D3 points, plus another D3 if I killed off three units (potential was there in the Command Squad + Captain + Techmarine), and I had another card for D3 if my Mauler destroyed the Vindicator. So, a 9pt hand (in theory), but who knows what Carl would have drawn. He was getting light on units to do things with by then…

      It’s funny as I feel my bat reps are bland. However, I write them the way I prefer to read them: straight forward and to the point. I don’t like reading 3,000 words in a report so I do my best to avoid that. At the same time it’s just a very bulleted list of of events really. However, it seems some of you like them so who am I to question? ;)

      • At times I like more intricate and in-depth bat reps with lots of tactical insight and stuff like that. But most of the longer bat reps are just more words with out offering much more. No, quick and to the point is much preferred.

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