Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands…Again

I’ve played Carl and his Iron Hands a lot over the past few months and every time it’s interesting. Carl, like myself, always messes around with lists so it’s rarely ever something I’ve faced before, which is great.

This report will be brief. I’m lacking the energy for writing up something of my usual length but I took a bunch of pics during the game, though less than I should have, so I may as well put something up here. I almost stayed home last night instead of going out, being drained from being sick and our recent loss in the family. However, I knew it would be good to get out so I did.

The Game

We played a 2K game. I’m going to be honest, I don’t like 2K games. I personally feel the sweet spot for 40K right now is around 1,500. Running a 2K game in 7th is akin tor running like 2.5K – 3K under 6th or 5th. I’m not a fan of big games for a few reasons. Anyway, we played the Tactical Escalation mission from Maelstrom of War.

I knew it was going to be a rough fight from the start. Carl had himself 3 x Dreadnoughts, 3 x Ironclad Dreadnoughts, 3 x Venerable Dreadnoughts, 3 x Vindicators. The rest of his list will filled with Scouts in Landspeeder Storms and a Tech Priest. I play Khorne Daemonkin, as you know, and busting open a ton of armor is not really the forte of Khorne.

The opening moves of the game saw me keep my distance to try to utilize what little ranged fire power I had, namely a Land Raider, Defiler and Helbrute. Carl slowly plodded the Dreadnoughts at me to get his melta weapons in range. Eventually his line reached mine but I really had little to work with. My list had two meltabombs in it for my squads and then the Defiler and Helbrute to handle melee. The Defiler did try to get at the Ironclads but he got immobilized by overwatch by the Ironclads and the Ironclads tackled him the following turn.

The game was close and in my favor for a while. After turn #2 I had a lead of something like 4-1. I was working on trying to outmaneuver the slow moving walkers to hit his lines where I could actually do some damage. I wasn’t doing much damage but was holding up and getting points. Carl started to close the gap and then had one amazing turn where he got himself 8pts. He had spent three turns trying to get Domination (hold all objectives), and finally managed it to take the lead. By then my army was broken and battered and there was little left to do.


Despite his army being a great counter to my own, it was still a great game and an interesting one. I enjoy facing something that really makes me think about how to approach it. I couldn’t just slam into a ton of Dreadnoughts and expect to win so I had to think outside the box and use my army differently than usual. Games like this really let you see the weakness of a list and that’s always beneficial.

I did experiment with the Skull Cannon this game by summoning two of them. It’s the only thing I could summon that shoots, hence the choice. It’s an AV12 chariot that shoots a S8, AP4, large blast that ignores cover. They were used to great effect to remove the Scouts, perfect for the task. They also put a few hull points on Dreadnoughts over a few turns. Nothing amazing but I can see the potential of this unit.

What do you do when you face a list that you know is damn near impossible to overcome?

  • Wow Six dreadnoughts..that sounds like a greggles list. Of particular trouble would have been those ironclads…those are serious nuts to crack, and now they have 5A base! (4 base + two CC unless you take the hurricane bolter).

    Concentrating on the scouts seems like it would have been a smart play. I think maulerfiends would be your best counter vs them.

    • Nine Dreadnoughts but yeah. The problem with the Mauler is the lack of attacks compared to these guys. The Dreadnoughts were in squads of three, apparently an SM thing now (yipee or some-shit). So, take on three of those things at once and they swing before the Mauler, bearing in mind WS3 on a Mauler, and it’s not gonna work. My Defiler knows as just two of them on the charge smashed him in. Then again, Deathcry (my now famous Helbrute – the Knight killer), charged two Dreadnoughts on his own and took both out and only lost an arm in return. I know more Deathcrys…

      SM Dreadnoughts are just crazy now. They went from mediocre to holy-shit-must-have in this codex.

      • Wow…three iron clads in a group…do they have to stay in the group? I need to read my codex hahaha

        • Yep, Dreadnought squadrons. Loyalists get all the cool stuff.

          /signed Bitter Traitor

          • The only thing you have going for you right now is that heldrake. It’s the terror of the skies again now that DA get rerollable 2+ jinks.

            • Sad but true.

            • Helldrake is so over-powered, how am I supposed to use my 2+ re-rollable cover saves with that cheese in the game (sarcasm).

          • *solemn bitter fistbump*

  • Codex Chaos Space Marines is really showing its age when compared to the all new Space Marines. I can’t wait for a new book to drop. Can one hope for Christmas?

    • I’ve had pretty good luck with CSM overall. It is getting up there in age though. I’ve been playing Khorne Daemonkin lately, brand new codex, but it’s thin and simple material compared to the other 7th codices.

      • I like the CSM codex, I have and still enjoy it. I haven’t tried KD yet. I lack Khorne daemon models and I’m generally not really that into daemons. I think it could be fun, but it just not my cup of tea.

        • Understandable. KD just really suits my style well, aggressive and lots of melee.

          • That’s my playstyle too. I guess I really should like Daemonkin but I … eh I don’t know. I like mixing marks, dirge casters and sorcerer too much.

            • I’m with you on all but Sorcerers. I love them in all senses but the game; just never have much luck with them. Mixing marks is great as well as having the Icon of Vengeance. Always took that on my CSM and despite it being for any mark in the CSM codex, it’s not an option for KDK.

              KDK does not replace CSM by any means. It’s a more focused way to play but that focus comes at the cost of options. I’ll probably start toying around with CSM again and take a break from KDK. Missing using my Obliterators and Nurgle Spawn…

              • Per Hagman

                Noooo! I love your report of KDK, to few of them. Keep playing KDK at least from time to time for me ;)

                • Oh, I’m not stopping playing KDK by any means. I’m just going to mix it up now and then so I can play with my other toys I can’t use with KDK.

  • Per Hagman

    Great report and it seems you meet one thought opponent. In those cases when I know that I´m more or less 100% sure to lose, I focus on the small victories like taking out the general or a special unti or something like that. I remember playing against eldar and losing big time but in the end I did managed to destroy his knight and that was a victory for me :D I really like your views of the daemonkin so I´m looking forward to more post, both short and long :)

    • Good point. I often do the same and just go for the moral victory.

  • I will hold back on the tears over the need for a new CSM codex…
    At least you managed to enjoy the game, so that is something. Despite how horrible the armies can be if the players are still fun then everything can be a laugh.
    I know I guy who got big into Knights when they were released and bought three. After two games he felt bad about using them…

    • I’ve had plenty of games where I got destroyed but had a good time because of the player. I’ve also had games I won but wouldn’t play again because of the player. As I said in the other article, it’s really all down to the players as to how much fun something is going to be.

      All Knight armies really aren’t any fun to play against and at least that guy came to see that quickly enough.

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