Khorne Daemonkin vs Tyranids – 40K Battle Report

I managed to play two weeks in a row, which is no small miracle these days. I brought along the same list as last week to continue giving it a run to iron out the details.

Khorne Daemonkin – 1,500pts

Blood Host Detachment

Slaughtercult Formation

  • Soulgore: Chaos Lord – Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Power Fist, Lightning Claw
  • Possessed (9)
    • Possessed Champion
  • Rampage: Berzerkers (10) – Icon of Wrath, Plasma Pistol x 2
    • Skull Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
  • Vengeance: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Redemption: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino

War Engine Formation

  • Soulgrinder – Harvester Cannon, Iron Claw, Warp Gaze
  • Maulerfiend – Power Fists x 2, Lasher Tendrils

So, lots of power armor backed up by a few daemonic engines.

The Game

We rolled up the Maelstrom mission Deadlock, start with 6 cards and count down. I chose sides and my opponent setup first. The Zoanthropes went on my left with the Flyrant to the right and everything in between centrally. I setup mostly on the left flank to avoid the Flyrant and take cover on my advance down the left flank. Tyranids went first.

The Tyranids advanced but most things were out of range. The Carnifexes did take out a Rhino (first blood), but that was about it. They also scored two objectives: 3-0.

My army advanced slowly. I pulled some objectives near me so I couldn’t extend too far. Plus I knew charges were a long shot at this point, so no sense putting myself more in range of all the shooting. My Soulgrinder did manage a 10″ charge into the Gaunts and completely whiffed. It was fine. He was tying up the shooting so I could hit it with wave #2. I scored two objectives plus Ascendancy: 3-4 my lead.

The Tyranids reserves refused to arrive and with half his army (roughly), in reserves that was tough. Still, he had no shortage of bodies. The Flyrant continued its flight to annoy me and gunned down a handful of Possessed. The Carnifexes unloaded into the Berzerkers and got a handful there. The Soulgrinder combat continued. I think he picked up another point this turn: 4-4.

I took Feel No Pain this turn and Rage + Furious Charge. The Possessed with Soulgore (Chaos Lord), moved up to aid the Soulgrinder. My Maulerfiend advanced on the Zoanthropes. My disembarked CSM squad unloaded into Carnifexes but the Venomthrope’s shrouding shrugged off 3 of the 4 plasma wounds. Berzerkers fired as well and more saved plasma. Maulerfiend got into the Zoanthropes but they tanked the wounds. Soulgore and Possessed cleared out the Gaunts in their combat. The Berzerkers charged the Carnifexes – I needed to hold them back and tie up more shooting, and put a few wounds in while losing some of their own. I had two cards to kill stuff in close combat and pulled an objective: 4-7 my lead.

Berzerkers vs Carnifexes

The Tyranids reserves again refused to arrive and that pretty well determined the game. Soulgore and Possessed rolled into the Zoanthropes to destroy them and later Soulgore broke off and hit another unit of Zoanthopes – when they finally arrived, and killed them off. Soulgore did go down to the drop pod thing Tyranids have though. I continued to rack up the points by killing units (Khorne cards), and snagged more objectives. The turn #4 arrival of reserves let me cherry pick my combats and outmaneuver the bugs. I summoned a Blood Thirster on turn #4 who soaked up lots of shooting and went on to take out a Trygon. The final score was 15-10, a victory for Khorne.


I felt bad about the terrible reserve rolls by my opponent but it is the gamble you take and putting so much of your army in it can either go perfect or just ruin your day. Had they come in sooner then I’d have been hard pressed to hold up to the volume of fire the Tyranids had and deal with them in close combat.

As with last week, my list proved very resilient. Most of the turns I had Feel No Pain and making 3+ saves backed by a 5+ FNP makes it hard to remove the Marines in volume, even when wounding on a 2+. I didn’t find the general lack of mobility much of an issue either. The thing with a close combat army is you’re springing forward with charges and then consolidating out so you gain a fair bit of extra movement.

The Possessed finally did something. In both combats they got the AP3 close combat attacks and when each model is throwing 4 attacks at S6 on the charge it’s pretty nasty. Soulgore was also on a tear this game and the unit as a whole did most of the heavy lifting.

I think this is definitely list I’ll keep around.

  • St3v3

    Hey Thor! Nice write-up as usual. I do wish you would post your opponent’s list as well so we could get a better picture at what you are up against, but I guess this has already been discussed on here earlier. ;)

    As a new(ish) KDK player I have a question – how do you handle the summoning and subsequent movement/charge of a Bloodthirster? Read a lot about this on the interwebz and there does not seem to be a unified opinion on this. People seem to think that you summon (say on turn 4), change flight mode (turn 5) and then charge (turn 6). Is this how you play your thirsters?!

    I find this extremely unwieldy (and have gone so far as to model my Daemon Prince without wings!) and hard to believe but it really is not written well in the book.

    • I will try to get better about my opponent’s list. From memory, it was:

      Flyrant – Twin-linked Devourers x 2
      Carnifxex (2/Brood) – Twin-linked Devourers x 2
      Carnifex – Twin-linked Devourers x 2
      Zoanthropes (3)
      Zoanthropes (3)
      Termagants (10)
      Termagants (10)
      Tyrannocyte (3)

      Where I play we’ve all agreed that when summoned you can choose how you enter play, gliding or swooping. So, the following turn you could assault if you came in gliding. The rule stating that flying monstrous creatures (FMC), enter swooping is for deep strike reserves. Since the summoned unit is not in reserves, it’s just appears, forcing it to enter swooping doesn’t make sense. We all also feel that being forced to come in swooping and wait two turns before you can assault is just not the intent either.

  • I know the pain of failed Reserves. Lost a game in a Tournament a couple of months ago that way. All four of my Units in Reserves (including my Knight) failed to show up until Turn 4. One Deep Striking Unit even Mishapped and went into Ongoing Reserves, so didn’t arrive until Turn 5!

    Deadlock is a particularly painful Mission for that to happen in, too. Once you fall behind in that one, it’s really hard to catch back up.

    Still, nice to see Possessed actually getting to do some damage :)

    • Usually if I put more than one unit in reserves it’s bound to go poorly. I don’t think I’ve quite had the same bad luck though you mentioned.

      You really do have to push hard those first few turns with Deadlock. My opponent was a bit more concerned with killing me though and less with the cards.

      Possessed with FNP are pretty tough. As long as they can make it through the first two turns (when they don’t have FNP), then they tend to stick around. I do like sticking my Lord in there too since there’s another character for challenges, unlike Spawn or Hounds, his other common entourage.

      • Yeah, I’ve had some truly epic runs of bad luck over the years. I should do a blog post on them at some point ;)

        I usually hop my Lord over into one of my Bike Squads if I think I’m gonna want someone to soak a Challenge, but that’s definitely another point in the Possessed’s favour.

        Also, because the Possessed are fairly durable, I tend to use them as a tarpit sometimes, so they end up not doing much damage, even if they are doing actual work for me.

        • Spawn are a favored tar pit unit of mine. Where the Possessed can really shift a combat, good mutations and S6 on the charge, I’d rather use them in that capacity. Then again, I’ve been running 9 of them instead of 5 too.

          • Yeah, I just haven’t been able to get past the sheer cost of the Possessed to run more than a minimum Unit of them.

            Also, this BatRep reminded me of something I realized a little while ago: One of the reasons I really like DK is that it plays a lot like how I want my Nids to play.

            • As in, balls to the wall aggressive assault? That’s why I like them anyway ;)

              Possessed are not cheap but, in theory, you get what you pay for. That’s the theory I’m currently testing with the larger squad but I’ll need more than two games to determine that.

              • Yep, right up in their face aggression. Before DK, it was hard to do that without Allying a couple of things together and ending up with a lot of tax Units weighing it all down.

                • Agreed. It’s why I really enjoy the codex. Assault armies in 7th are up against a wall but KDK manage pretty well considering.

  • Glad you had a fun game and the list is working out for you. Do you feel there is anything you could sub in or out with it?

    • Thanks.

      Eh, this list is working pretty well as-is. I’ll be creating some other lists though, another hobby of mine, and playing around with other units. I’d like to work out a faster list. The faster list probably won’t be quite as durable but speed is extremely useful in Maelstrom.

  • Great game. Thanks for the write up. Reserves is a double edged sword. Putting important units in reserves are really hit or miss.

    • Thanks.

      I think more often than not I’ve had reserves bite me in the ass than help me.

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